Class of '57
September 2001 A


It’s 5:00 a.m. and I couldn’t sleep thinking about you, our class reunion, and my last class letter, which is due in Randall Stuckey’s office September 30th.  Randall, of course, is the person that took over for Cec as Alumni Director.  I think the proper title for Randall now is Director of Alumni Relations.  So, a quick letter to all of you before our Class Reunion 2001!

There is an old saying that I often wondered about?  “The world isn’t much concerned about the struggles on the high sea, only if you get your ship into port.”  Well, for wild-eyed athletes and coaches, this saying may mean winning at all costs.  However, the real people of the world, class agents included hopefully, have a different take on that quotation.  Like, the struggle on the high seas and the joys, too, are what life is all about—the process has always been more important than the end goal—for sure, more exciting.

It’s always good to hear from good friends, high school and college classmates, and especially if we’ve been able to keep some kind of communication going.  SO. . . many thanks to those of you that let us in on a few of your life happenings.  I only wish I had known some of you much better as a Gustie classmate.  The information I received was well written, clever, full of adventure and often demonstrated a sincere concern for others.  I only wish I had enough talent, time and energy to write about all of your accomplishments in your professional fields, your families and important organizations you’ve supported.  You are a good bunch!

Paraphrasing a card I read. . .

I missed a couple of school buses when I was a kid.

I’ve missed a few meetings.

I’ve missed the point; and I’ve missed way too many baskets in my day.

Yes, I’ve missed enough things in my life to know better than to make a big deal about them!

But, missing you at the Class Reunion, well!  Now that’s serious!!

I’ve just talked with Harvey Davis on the phone pleading with him to MC our Friday gathering on the 21st.  He had just MCed a banquet for 190 hockey players, one of which was the husband of Kristi Yamaguchi.  Both of us were history teachers and Harvey said something I could relate to immediately.  Just recently back from Rome, he said, “Erdy, think if we could have made those kinds of trips before we taught history.”  I think I mentioned before, Harvey was a wonderful teacher!  We’re lucky to have him as our MC!

As Pastor Ahlstrom ’34  reminded many of us:  "Live life to the fullest!"  Come to the Class Reunion!  The mortality rate of the human beings on this planet Earth is 100%.  And now to the Class of 1957 from Judy. . . .

This is 5 a. m. on another morning!  I am often up at this time, but not writing the class letter—reading is my most common activity at this hour.  Bob and I will be heading Gustavus way in a few hours to attend the class agents’ meeting.  So this will be quick.  I never cease to wonder at how time races on, with me racing to catch up!

At the top of our class notes is our visit with the Deraufs just recently.  We were on our way to my family reunion in Chicago so stopped in Madison, WI to spend time―their B&B welcomed us royally.  They were about to depart for Norway to a family reunion, this one a very special one!  It was the 350th anniversary of Nancy’s Great-great-great---?-Grandfather’s arrival from Germany to Norway to take over a copper mine somewhere in beautiful fjord country.  I’m glad to report Nancy is looking great after her bout with encephalitis, although recovery is slow.  And I walked away with two beautiful original watercolors.  I now have them framed―two Nancy Deraufs hanging on our walls!!  I will have photos of them at our 45th one year from now.  And, by the way, Dick, too, is looking great after his experience with a melanoma.

I have a few notes sent to me by the Alumni Office: 

The first is an article, it doesn’t say where from, about Gary Gus.  He was inducted into yet another Hall of Fame—the Old Timers Football Association.  Was that this past August, Gary?

Ramona Lovold Hawkinson writes about her travels—to Norway in ’96 and last summer to a Melin family reunion in Spicer, MN.  I was at that one, Ramona!  Ramona’s mother and mine are sisters in the Melin family.

Carolynn Erickson Townsend has an e-mail address that incorporates the names of her two new grandsons, Loren and Jesse.  Good idea!

Barbara Bredsten Stephens is now retired and planning to move to Sonoma wine country.

Dick Gastler is a member of Duluth’s Public School Endowment Fund.  He substitutes teaching history.

There is an article in the Mankato Free Press recently about Charles Hendrickson’s pipe organ company.  Does it have a name, Charles?  I wish I could quote the whole article—it goes into pipe organ history, etc.  Charles is president of the Associated Pipe Organ Builders of America, an organization of about 30 firms that account for most of the pipe organs built in the United States.  His firm’s “projects range from $40,000 organ refurbishments to the $1 million organ being built for a Twin Cities Lutheran church.”

Well, folks, I have come to the end of the information sent from Gustavus for this letter.  And I am looking forward to Bob’s reunion soon.  I will also be attending the Nobel Conference in October, celebrating 100 years of the Nobel prizes.  Gustavus figures mightily in my plans for the future, short term and long term—I’m thinking of course of our Reunion next year at Homecoming time.  Put it on your calendars for sometime in September 20 & 21, 2002.  I will be calling you at future Phonoramas I hope. 

As I write I have been struggling with a new computer and I cannot find how to display the toolbar to underline, bold, show paragraphs, etc.  (Aha!  I have now fixed it!!)  You will not believe how many times I’ve had this thing back to the “shop” to fix something!  Frustrating!!  The good news is that I now have an e-mail address:  Yes, I’ll put it out there for all of you to use.  One of my big fears in making this decision is that it will take too big a chunk of my time, like junk mail, just plain other mail, etc.  But, who knows, maybe I’ll just love it and become a nerd-techy-type.  Fire away!  I’m looking for ideas for our reunion next year.  It’ll be great!

After seeing Marlys at our Class Agents’ meeting last Saturday, we have decided to send this letter now and she, too, will send a letter this fall.  I’ll be in touch during Phonorama.  And remember to send me ideas for our Reunion Happening sometime within the next 12 months!!

  So long for now,

  Judy or