Class of '57
October 2000

Dear Classmates,

Well, it is that time again. I was down at Gustavus on Saturday, September 16 for our annual Class Agents’ Meeting, so now I am all fired up about Gustavus! (More than usual that is!) The drive down was beautiful. Some of the leaves were just beginning to change, but the contrast of the green trees against the golden cornfields was so pretty. I also learned a lot. Randy gave us some sample letters. One of them had the information that I put on the top of this letter so I decided to copy it. Another one was laid out as a newspaper I wish I were more literate on the computer so that I could do that, but alas even though I am a newspaper editor’s daughter, I cannot do that! Maybe sometime I will learn.

As I was thinking about all that has happened to and for Gustavus since the devastating tornado; the thought occurred to me that as God was not in the whirlwind of the Old Testament, God was also not in the whirlwind at Gustavus, but God was in the many kind acts and donations of time and money that have followed. The campus is just as beautiful. There are many new buildings and the old ones have all been updated. Because so many things had to be changed, some of the roadways have been changed to make way for the new athletic fields and new buildings. The parking lots have been reconfigured, which sometimes makes it a challenge to know where to park, but all the changes have been for the good. I don’t think there are many colleges that can boast of a dining room/cafeteria set up like the one at Gustavus. I have talked about that before, but you have to see it to believe it. Things have come a long way from the basement at Uhler Hall!

If you have access to a copy of US News and World Report, you will find that alumni and friends are in the top tier of giving of the 160 colleges studied. Because of our giving, our students have many opportunities that just weren’t available when we were students. Over half of the students at Gustavus get some kind of financial aid. Our giving helps about 4% of that. But we help with some of the extras too. Students work with their professors on research (that part hasn’t changed only gotten better) and the students at our college are among the top 10 colleges invited to present papers at forums in their field. I am so impressed. With our giving, we are enabling current students to have the same, or better, opportunities than we did back in the ’50s.

I know that Clem no longer calls to "bug" you. But PLEASE, when a student does call, give them a good pledge. Or should I say, give them a pledge! Support them when they call. That is not an easy job. I can’t call and ask you for money. I can write about it because it is not as direct. When I looked at our record of giving, there were far too many zeros in the column. Let’s change that. The class of 1950 has had 72.8% participation in the Alumni Fund. That is remarkable! How about our class, topping that with 100% participation? It is a goal to strive for. I don’t mean for you to give so that you can’t eat a meal or buy your medications (you can tell I’m listening to political ads), but we can all spare a little and most of us wouldn’t miss it. You have till May 31 to get in your pledges.

Well, if you haven’t tuned me out by this time, I still have some news to write about too.

Clem and I went with our Pastor, Gary F. Anderson (class of ’63 and now on the board of Gustavus) on a trip to Germany and the Passion Play at Oberammergau. (Clem said he read the book and really didn’t need to go, but I prevailed). We went to a lot of places of Luther, too. A wonderful experience!

I went to the State Fair this year all by myself. Clem met me for supper. I’m sure a lot of you went too, but the only people I ran into were Gustie friends from other years, the Brubachers, and Del and Lorrie (Johnson ’48) Leaf. I am always looking for Gustie connections!

Bev Bloomquist Todaro just emailed me a picture of her new granddaughter. Bev lives in McLean, Virginia and the baby lives in Hawaii! How much further away can you be and still be in the US? I love this email stuff!

Gaylene Carlson Drew sends me stuff too, but for some reason, I am too dumb to be able to find most of it! One of these days it will come to me! Gaylene has retired and has gotten into her church’s Stephen Ministry program.

Bruce L. Johnson has moved to the Redwood country of California. He took his business; SERVICE ASSOCIATES, with him. He also added being a "locksmith" to the business as well as an electrician. That might be a good thing for Clem to learn. He has locked himself out of the car more times than he cares to remember! Ha!

Mary Schulke Downes is loving retirement. She is in touch with Ann Hanson Jackson, Pat Truhn Schumacher, and Ginny Field. She called Carolyn Erickson Townsend on her way through New York on her way to Spain and Portugal. Ooo, I bet that was fun! She works with Habitat for Humanity too. I know she sees Pat as Pat called me the day before she was coming a couple of weeks ago. I felt a twang of "I wish I could be there too"!

Speaking of Pat, she and husband, Bob, have taken many trips with their bank travel club. The bank does all the planning they just pack and show up. A great way to go!

Wayne and Jocelyn (Neufeld ’59) Palmer have both retired. They took a trip to Europe in June. (Hot there wasn’t it?)

Bernadette Anderson Galvin lives in Red Wing now. They are restoring a home that they bought there lots of work! Bernie, I talked to your sister at the meeting on Saturday.

Ted Granquist had retired and is living in Rochester, MN. He enjoys being a grandpa to Becca, Kristofer, and twins Joshua and Anja. He and wife, Barb, went on a hiking Elderhostel in the Austrian Italian Alps in May of this year and spent much of the rest of the summer at their cabin near Duluth.

Roger and Bev (Duncan ’58) Anderson retired in July of this year. They will be spending time at their home in Red Feather Lakes, CO and also Sun City West, AZ. They also plan to do some traveling. I am sorry that we didn’t get to Arizona at all during the time you were at Lord of Life, Roger.

Charlene (Lind) Olson has been retired for several years from teaching English in Mauston, WI. She spends time in the Boston area where 2 of her 4 kids live. Neat place! And Char you know how to push my buttons when you say that even though you don’t get back to visit Gustavus is a special place! I second that!

Wally Johnson writes that his family enjoyed Christmas in Christ Chapel. Their son, Steve, who just completed Luther Seminary, daughter Sue, who just moved to Woodbury from Massachusetts, and daughter Linda went with them all Gustie grads!

Ron Cadwell writes that his daughter, Molly, participated in the State High School tennis tourney and was inducted into the Columbia Heights Sports Hall of Fame. Their oldest daughter, Jennifer, is teaching tennis at Roseville High School. What happened to the swimming?

Gale and Lois (Wicktor) Falk went to Cancun this winter. Gale has a business called Northland Dock and Boatlift in Bemidji. Lois has retired form supervising student teachers at Bemidji State.

This is one I was happy to read I thought I had lost you. Wally! Wally and Carolyn (Alberts ’60) Holmquist have both retired and moved to Cave Creek, AZ. Beautiful area. We have been there. They are "birders" and enjoy the hiking in the area. Wally collects antique tools and is building antique reproductions in wood. (Might be a good item for the Royal Affair Auction next November 10, 2001? I am always looking!)

Laurel Western Peterson has retired from the travel agent business. She went on a two-month trip to Norway and Sweden and did some genealogy on the family. Oh what a great time!! Once again, I am jealous!

Well, I think I have covered everything. Let me know what I missed and I will put it in a later letter. One thing we should start thinking of is our 45th reunion coming up in two years. The reunion format has changed. They are now held on Homecoming weekend with banquets held on Friday night in the Twin Cities, and luncheons down at Gustavus on Saturday. The tornado forced the change and it turned out to be a good one. Would you like to help plan? Let me know. It is never too early to think about it.

Campus News:

The 2000-2001 academic year opened with a record enrollment of 2,510 full-time students (compared with the previous record of 2,490 set last year), including 675 first-year students. When students arrived on campus in early September they were welcomed by the newly completed Carlson International Center/Swedish House, a new outdoor track/soccer field, and a newly completed Courtyard Café in the lower level of the Jackson Campus Center. This new café offers specialty coffees, bagels, pastries, and sandwiches, and opens to an outdoor eating area on the Johns Courtyard between the Jackson Campus Center and Lund Center.

Gustavus Adolphus College is once again ranked among the best of all national liberal

arts colleges in U.S. News and World Report's 14th annual "America's Best Colleges" rankings. Gustavus is again in the top 80 of the overall quality listings for national liberal arts colleges. Ranked again in the second tier in the national liberal arts college category, Gustavus is one of only two Minnesota colleges included in the tier two listing and one of four Minnesota colleges ranked in the top 80.

Gustavus recently received the results of a comparative alumni survey that measures alumni responses to a series of questions about their college experience. The study provides comparisons to other groups of colleges including Lutheran colleges, member colleges of the Minnesota Private College Council and, most importantly, with large public universities. We will share with you results of the survey in class letters this year. A sampling of responses to remembrances of college academic life include the following:

· Alumni agree that professors often challenged them, but also personally helped them to meet the challenge. Gustavus alumni agree 78%, large public universities 38%.

· Alumni agree that a large majority of classes were taught by professors as compared to teaching assistants. Gustavus alumni agree 90%, large public universities 32%.

· Alumni remember a high quality, teaching oriented faculty. Gustavus alumni agree 61%, large public universities 25%.

· Alumni remember many small classes with fewer than twenty students. Gustavus alumni agree 50%, large public universities 9%.

Gustavus has received word from the Lilly Endowment that it was one of 20 awardees (out of a pool of 31 colleges and universities) of a $1,963,425 implementation grant. It is the largest program grant the College has ever received. The award will support a comprehensive initiative to more effectively carry out some key aspects of the College's mission statement and encourage theological reflection and moral questioning that forms character, shapes lives, and guides career choices. It will build upon the ethos and climate of Gustavus by supporting already-existing programs, adding new ones, and creating a center to coordinate and intensify those vocation-oriented activities. In doing so, it will provide students with the foundational tools necessary for a lifelong exploration of their calling and a lifetime of community leadership and service to others.

G.I.V.E. (Gusties In Volunteer Endeavors), a day of community service, was held on Saturday, October 7. Numerous sites were selected in the Twin Cities and alumni in other cities around the country participated in the event.

Christmas in Christ Chapel, Heaven and Nature Sing, is December 1-3. A ticket order form was inserted in the Summer Quarterly. Contact Office of Public Affairs at 507-933-7520.

Now I promise to say so long for now. I do get rather windy!! DON’T FORGET THE G FUND!

’Til next time,

Marlys Mattson Nelson.

1957 Co-Class Agent