Class of '57
November 1999

Dear Classmates:

Well, the Royal Affair of 1999 is now history. It was held at the Raddisson South Hotel last Saturday night. There were over 1200 folks there and an estimated $250,000 were raised. With that many people, I didn't get to see everyone, but I did see John "Buddy" Peterson and his wife, Nancy (Johnson ’58); Heather (Peterson) Davis, Carolyn (Lund) Sandvig, Martha (Banke) Curtis all of whom I talked to. I also caught a glimpse of Dick Hinquist. Good old Ma Young ’33 made over 4,000 cookies for the event. There were three kinds-one of each kind for everyone at the table. She was WCCO's Good Neighbor last week and the Star Tribune ran a huge article about her on Saturday morning complete with a colored picture of Evelyn in her kitchen-with the cookies. (Someone had taped the article to the inside of all the doors of the bathroom stalls! Funny!) It was such a fun party! Paul Majors of Channel 11 News and Dr. John Najarian were our "auctioneers" for the live auction-they were a riot! People were nuts-the bidding went out of sight on most stuff in both the silent and the live auction. (Clem was bidding on a Granlund sculpture until I told him it was the same one we had!!) We came home empty handed. Better luck next time.

I'm so glad I am a Gustie and am fortunate enough to live close enough to St.Peter to go down when I want to. Yesterday (Sunday) I rode down with some friends to hear an organ concert in Christ Chapel. The fellow that gave the concert was from the class of '82-Tim Strand. I met him through music circles a few years back and we became good friends because of our common heritage. The concert was great! Charlie Hendrickson was there-if you recall he built that marvelous instrument. I had a fun chat with him.

I must tell you how wonderful the Chapel looks after being refurbished. It is a little strange to look out the windows toward the valley and see the valley! Johnson Hall has been torn down and now you can't even tell where it used to be!

A while back, I had written a blurb about the new Student Union. (It must have gotten lost somewhere in the shuffle). The old kitchen facility and the dining rooms were so badly damaged by the tornado, that they made the decision not to repair it, but to enlarge it and make a new one. It is wonderful! You will have to see it to fully appreciate it, but all of the food stations have their own names. "Hello Wok" of course serves up Chinese and other international food. "Cyclone Pizza" (aptly named) is self-explanatory. "Taste of Belgium" serves up containers of waffle dough which you then pours into the waffle maker yourself. Those are just a few. The dinning room itself is bright and airy with many smaller-sized tables and chairs. You just have to see it! I'm not good at explanations.

In August, Phyllis Holmberg Olsson, Anne Russell Johnson, and Connie Wold Rome and I met for lunch at Rosedale. Lunch lasted for a long time and we had a ball. Now Connie and Anne have gone back to Arizona, while Phyllis and I are basking in one of the warmest Novembers in Minnesota history!

I brought Phyllis down to Gustavus with me to attend a GLA membership tea in September. It must have worked cause she joined! Ha!

I did give all the class news to Judy so we’ll hear from her in this letter too, but since then I did get Claudia Christianson Nimrichter's e-mail address and we did touch bases once. I just got a computer in August. It is lots of fun-but very frustrating!! I have taken several classes, but sometimes they only serve to get me even more confused! I'm really getting good at click and drag (I spend a fair amount of time playing solitaire!). I have an e-mail address. I will give it to you and maybe you could send me news that way. (Remember the Alumni Office keeps a listing of people from each class and their email addresses posted on their web page: Anyhow, my address is: Hope to hear from you.

In a couple of weeks Clem and I go down for Christmas in Christ Chapel. Then, on December 9, I go for the St. Lucia Day celebration. I will write about that in my next letter. You should try to get there if you have the chance.

I was quite upset after seeing our class standing in the annual Fund drive. Guess you all have to do what you have to do, but please, please remember Gustavus with something. It was a pretty significant part of our lives and helped shape who we are today. Of course, my kids call me "Mrs. Gustavus" but I do love that place and all of the wonderful people I have met there through the years. Gusties all over the world have a common bond-it's not just me. If it were, Gustavus would not be the dynamic place it is today. It takes all of us to make a difference.

Time to get off this thing and move furniture. I am having my carpet cleaned this afternoon. Shoot, Clem will have to take me out for supper!

Hope to hear from you soon (and send $$$ Gustavus)!

Thanks in advance-till next time,

Marlys Mattson Nelson (Clem, too)

1957 Co-class Agents

To my classmates, 1957, one and all:

I'm feeling a bit "at sea" realizing I'd better get this letter on its way. I didn't attend the class agent’s meeting in September and phonorama passed me right by. However, I've had several small instances of inspiration from a few classmates that make me think we really must stay in touch. It's so much fun!

Bev Bloomquist Todaro wrote a letter announcing the retirement of Chaplain Jim Ford ’53 from the House of Representatives and, lo, today it made the front page of The Pioneer Press. I wrote an answer to her, threatening to use our letters as material for the class letter since it had not been written yet. Then Jinny Field flew into St. Paul/Mpls. and we had lunch and great conversation at The Good Earth in the Galleria―along with a few hundred other folks I might add. Don't people ever eat at home these days?! While waiting for our name to be called we strolled down the way and looked into Dick Hinquist's shop, Hobo. And he was there! I look in each time I'm there and rarely see him. Again, words exchanged and another reminder that we shouldn't lose touch.

Jinny could write a book. Her life style in retirement is an inspiration. While working on an adobe Habitat for Humanity house in Taos, she met Andrea from Romania, 16 years old and going to Arm and Hammer United College in New Mexico. Andrea was lonely and lonesome for home, but now she has a surrogate mother and will be spending Thanksgiving and Christmas with Jinny. Add to that several Elderhostel trips including the Antartica and Sorrento, Italy. Jinny knows how to make an art out of living!

Bobby Wahman and his wife, Sharon, joined Elsa Cornell (Eckhoff) ’61 and me for supper after the Nobel Conference. They were looking forward to an Elderhostel in Greece very soon. They also talked of the lake cabin they enjoy with their grandchildren―I think the children's parents show up now and again as well.

Wallace and Ellen Johnson from Two Harbors are enjoying their nine grandchildren, some are living in St. Paul and some in Massachusetts. Wallace's father, Bill, celebrated his 100th birthday in good health last spring.

Nancy Irgens Derauf, don't you know I need news from you along with your pledge payment to make these letters somewhat interesting?! That goes for all of you. A thought occurred to me after talking with Jinny. How about each of you sending me a note or giving me a call (regretfully, I don't have e-mail) to tell me a little of your life style these days. Even the little things are noteworthy, e.g. I've just now returned from St. Martin's Table (books and food) where I volunteer as a server―all tips go to feed the hungry. In fact, I enjoy hearing of the day-to-day comings and goings. What do people do when they are retired? I know one thing, most exclaim how busy they are! Maybe this could be the title of a book for the likes of a Studs Terkel. Claudia Christianson Nimrichter is travelling alot she says. Where to? Her e-mail address: Verlin Carlson has retired from his work at local mental health centers―Verlin, you must have done two retirements. One more retiree I know something of―Gene Sandvig. When I'm right there at your elbow, Gene, you can't get by with modest silence! He's just back from Budapest having attended an ISU Conference (International Skating Union) and Ann Arbor, MI, where he wallpapered his daughter's house. Some have said, "All work is dignified and important." Gene lends dignity to all that he does. Incidently, he and his sons-in-law, one a professor, the other an orthopedic surgeon, re-roofed our cabin this past summer. And! He fell off the roof for the ???th time! Carolyn calls him God's favorite Norwegian.

Three people who are most certainly not retired: Bruce Johnson in Prunedale, CA, has added locksmithing to his electrical business, Service Associates.

Arne Walker is in his 42nd year of serving at-risk youth removed from their homes by the court in Gatlinburg, TN. He also serves on the board for Mountain Hope Good Shepherd Clinic. Their task? Helping the working poor. And, Bob Jensen, what is it you "practice before Tax Court?" I'm assuming it is law?And now, announcing…ta - ta ta ta - ta - ta! There is a Golden Gustie from our class elected to the athletic Hall of Fame―J. Gary Gustafson. It was such fun seeing his kids, Ruby, his wife, his sister and brother. He had an entourage trailing him.The communique from the alumni office, June 25, 1999, reported two deaths from our class. John D. Danielson died in Watertown, MN, date unknown. Wendell R. Hilding, Minneapolis, MN, died on June 3, 1999. We extend our sympathy to all family and friends.Know that we count on you for $$$$$ and for news! Neither is more important than the other. I am including my address and phone so that you can contact me. Who knows who will be outrageous enough to call and chat! Keep trying. I'm a busy retiree and in and out of here. The alumni office will add whatever campus news is relevant and appropriate.Happy sailing, hammering, excercising, flying, reading, needlepointing (Veda), painting (Denny)! Remember I want to know what you are all doing with all of that retirement time!

Judy Erdman

1957 Co-class Agent

240 McCarrons Blvd. NorthSt. Paul, MN 55113

Phone: 651-488-8442