Class of '56
September 2005

Golden Anniversary Class

Reunion dates – May 26 & 27, 2006

Hello from Faye Reber!

I’m back!  It’s been years since you've heard from me in this form.  Six months ago when hearing from Jo and Carolyn about this―it seemed so-o-o-o-o far away.  But August just crept up on me.  So here goes.  In the months coming up, you'll hear from Nancy Lea Roberts, Vonnie Anderson Casserly, Bob Erickson, Kay Rethwell Moline and Bob Erdman.

Reunion dates are Friday and Saturday, May 26 and 27, 2006.  Hope you plan to stay one or better yet two nights, as events go on all day long.  It's not too early to plan ahead with reservations, as graduation is the same weekend so there will be a lot of demand for rooms.  Complimentary housing will be available in college dormitories.

I hope you’ve been considering your Anniversary Gift.  The Class Gift will include all gifts, pledges and future estate intentions.  Currently, we have $7,375 dollars contributed to the Class of 1956 Endowed Scholarship.  If you desire more information on estate gift planning and how charitable contributions can benefit the school as well as your heirs, an informational meeting can be arranged.  Classmate Clyde Allen (952/888-2735) or Gustavus Fund Director, Jim Isaak ’86 (800/487-3863) will be happy to assist you in this.

The Anniversary Gift Committee is meeting September 10, 2005, on campus to make plans for a fun get-together.  Here also is a list of those that we know are planning to attend (as of August 1, 2005) our Golden Anniversary Reunion on May 26 - 27, 2006.  This list does not reserve you for the reunion―that will come out next April, it just gives us an idea of who at this point is planning to attend.

  • Clyde Allen
  • Dick Bergman
  • Joan Krantz Braun
  • Carolyn Jens Brusseau
  • Ramona Amundson Burns
  • Keith Carlson
  • Lynn and Bev (Runez) Carlson
  • Mary Andreen Carlson
  • Reuben Carlson
  • Vonnie Anderson Casserly
  • Dick Chilkott
  • Donna Lindquist Chommie
  • Jo Cipra
  • Phyllis Sletten Dalager
  • Roger Delgehausen
  • Lucy Fogelstrom DeRemee
  • Mimi Johnson Eisele
  • Dick and Char (Swansson) Erickson
  • Bob Erdman
  • Melba Johnson Gevik
  • Beverly Matson Gustafson
  • Ruth Hanson Haberman
  • Corrine Rhyne Holm
  • Jim and Joann (Gould) Knapp
  • Joan Lindall
  • JoAnn Johnson Lundborg
  • Kay Rethwill Moline
  • Roger and Helen (Sandgren) Munson
  • Kent and Carol (Lindberg) Musser
  • Moon Mullin
  • Charles "Dewey" Parrish
  • Paul Piche
  • Vonnie Kettner Propp
  • Faye Reber
  • Don and Nancy (Lea) Roberts
  • Joanne Johnson Satter
  • Barbara Carlson Ulven
  • Alan Westberg

Carolyn and Jo would really like to hear from you saying:

1.   "Put me on the list of attendees, May 26, 27, 28, 2006"

2.   "My technology/talent/skills will fulfill my secret ambition to produce a presentation of College Days."  Maybe with favorite photos that classmates send in.

3.   "How about an art exhibit/show by talented classmates.  Let me organize it."  (Last year Jackie Carlson ’55 presented a fabulous exhibit of fiber, metal and glass works.  It brought raves and provocative conversations.)

You can reach Carolyn and/or Jo at:

Carolyn Jens Brusseau

(651) 774-7351

St. Paul, MN 55117

JoAnn Johnson Lundborg

(509) 548-6574

Leavenworth, WA 98826


News from Classmates:

Charles “Dewey” Parrish, Beaver Dam, WI, writes that he and Pat spend time in Destin, FL often seeing Gusties and teaching friends from Grand Rapids.  Golf anyone??

Mary Swanson, Washington, DC, was in Minnesota this summer and had a visit with Ruth Hanson Haberman, Ramona Amundson Burns, and Vonnie Anderson Casserly.

Donna Lindquist Chommie, Bismarck, ND, is thankful for her good health and happy to report that she is still working full-time as a realtor with Bianco Realty, Inc.  She plans on visiting her son, Michael, and his wife in Zimbabwe, Africa in the fall.  Her son works for Population Services International.

Bob Erdman, St. Paul, reports that Judy (Lund ’57) left for Romania on July 10 and will not be returning until after Thanksgiving.  She is living in a family house in Transylvania with a caretaker family and Romanian orphans; and is teaching English.  Bob continues with coaching grandkids’ basketball, mentoring coaches and running his basketball camps at Gustavus.

George Hieber, Monroe, WA, writes that he is semi-retired from engineering/surveying.  He is now working two days a week at a golf course starting/marshalling.  George has lowered his handicap from 19 to 11 and came within three shots of shooting his age, 70!  His wife, Harleen, retired a year and a half ago, but decided to go back two days a week nursing at a convalescent hospital.

Sid Puppe, Lilydale, MN and his wife, Sue, have returned to Minnesota and Big Sandy Lake from Florida.  One of the highlights of the winter was attending the Marco Island Gustie luncheon boat cruise and choir concert with Roger and Helen (Sandgren) Munson and Dick and Char (Swansson) Erickson.

LeRoy and Ruth (Swanberg ’57) Sanders, Willmar, MN, writes, “we’re back in Minnesota after spending three months in Ft. Myers, FL, along with several other Willmarites.  We meet lots of other Minnesotans down there, especially at Twins games.  Back here Lee continues to teach 55 Alive, does some subbing for the school and we both deliver Hot Meals on Wheels and volunteer in several capacities at church.  We enjoy traveling and did a wonderful trip to Nova Scotia this past year.  We do not lead an especially exciting retirement but we do enjoy it and take on different projects along the way.”

Ron Schneider shares this message, “Concern about lake and stream water quality compelled us to have our watershed designated an official watershed district by the state of Minnesota in April ’05.  The same concern motivated me to serve on the Spicer (pop. 1,000) city council.  It’s difficult to limit the extent of impervious surface when there is so much residential and commercial development.  But with planning we can reduce the negative impact on our wetlands, lakes and rivers.  So join Clean Water Action or some other water quality group and make a difference!”

It’s so great to see our classmates still being so active and involved in important endeavors.  Remember we want to get a great turnout for our reunion so call a few friends and remind them that our 50th anniversary is next May!

Looking forward to seeing you at our reunion!

Faye Reber

1956 Guest Letter Writer