Class of '55
January 2008

Dear Classmates,

I have been asked to write the first class letter of 2008 and I have chosen to write it on Epiphany or the twelfth day of Christmas.  I was considering sending a CD along with me singing “The Twelve Days of Christmas,” but I had an “epiphany” and, fortunately for you, decided against it.  But I will take this opportunity to wish you all the best year ever and may we all have an epiphany of some kind, some time, in the New Year.

There was very little news passed on to me from classmates.  I thought seriously of going through the yearbook and making up some gossip that could be passed on through the grape vine.  At our “age” I’m sure we wouldn’t mind having someone…anyone…talk about us particularly if it had nothing to do with the shape we are in or what medications we are taking!  However, I am confident that whatever you all are doing, that you choose to keep to yourselves, is much better than anything I could dream up.

I did receive a note from Paul Vrudny that he is still officiating swimming and “like most others trying to exercise 3-4 times a week.”  (Speak for yourself, Paul.)  And he keeps busy going to grandchildren’s weddings.  (He obviously didn’t make the stipulation that they had to be 30 before they could date, as we did!!)

Betty Malmborg Malm sent a note about being the moderator of the Oxford debate in which Jerry Christianson and Ron Brown ’56 participated.  Patrick Mayhew, who went on to be Great Britain’s Minister to Northern Ireland, was one of the debaters from Oxford.  Betty also attended Gustavus Theater’s 75th anniversary celebration.  She was asked to read at the festivities as she had played Cinderella (remember?) in Mrs. Anderson’s staging of the first children’s play in 1954.  A week later, Betty was awarded a master’s of liberal studies degree from the University of Minnesota.  Way to go, Betty!  Thanx, you three, for your news…HELLO…PEOPLE…  We would like to hear from you!!

I will report on some of the activities of the Gustavus Library Associates.  We are just winding down with the tallying of results from A Royal Affair - Razzle Dazzle.  Besides having great fun, great food, great shopping, and great visits with great Gusties of all ages, we managed to take in over $200,000.00 for the Folke Bernadotte Library endowment fund!  If you haven’t been to one of these biennial affairs, you should try it…you’ll like it!  Also, GLA sponsors an Easter Bunny Breakfast (take your grandchildren!) and Author Day in the spring.

Just a note about St. Knud’s Day.  In Swedish tradition this is the day that Christmas ends.  It seems a long-ago Swedish King got sick and tired of his subjects celebrating Christmas for too long a time.  So he decreed that on the 13th of January everyone should drink up all the Christmas glug, eat up the Christmas cookies and cakes, and throw the tree out the door in one last grand party and…GET BACK TO WORK!!


Joan Bonn Wright

1955 Guest Letter Writer