Class of '55
May 2005

Dear Gustie Classmates from 1955:

Time for your monthly “update” from your reunion committee and designated writer.

I just read in today’s morning Minneapolis Star Tribune that Police Chief McManus is going to ask for a license for “beggars.”

This note I hope beats that deadline, as I don’t need another license, especially for that distinction.

The committee did meet last week with Alumni Director Randall Stuckey ’83 and if I was a farmer, which I am not, I would say the “Hay is in the Barn.”

The Alumni Office has been outstanding and impressive in doing everything possible to make our weekend enjoyable; they are cooperative, organized and very compatible to our needs.  I am sure you also noted this in our other mailings from Gustavus.

One of the things the Alumni Office is providing is some copies of a CD made of a choir recording from our era when Eugene Casselman was our director.  Dick DeRemee had given a CD to Randall Stuckey and he said he would reproduce the CD for all who want it. 

In closing, lets make it a great weekend with an excellent turnout and a fun time for everybody.  We’ve enclosed another registration form for those who might need one (if you’ve already responded, please disregard it).

Speaking for the committee, we have had a great time and hope the results on May 27 and 28 speak well for our efforts.

I told you earlier I was not a farmer and believe me I am also not a cook―but―the big weekend, “the proof will be in the pudding!”

Sincerely your committee,

Don L. Swanson

Carol Roberg Lind

Dick DeRemee

Joanie Bonn Wright

P. S.  Here is a list of those that have reserved as of April 29, 2005:

  • Jim Bristol ’55
  • Marie Snyder Bristol ’55
  • Paul Carlson ’55
  • Mary Carlson
  • Dick DeRemee ’55
  • Lucy Fogelstrom DeRemee ’56
  • Eugene Frisk ’55
  • Beverly Peterson ’53
  • Richard Hansen ’55
  • Marie Hansen
  • Nancy Hagberg Johnson ’55
  • Jerry Johnson
  • Arlo Lien ’55
  • Patti Monk Lien ’55
  • Robert Jacobson ’55
  • Cleo Miller Jacobson ’55
  • Richard Lundborg ’55
  • JoAnn Johnson Lundborg ’56
  • Herb Mattke ’55
  • Victor Schlefsky ’55
  • Nancy Schlefsky
  • Don L. Swanson ’55
  • Nancy List Sebo ’55
  • Ralph Sonday ’55
  • Arlene Waxlax Sonday ’54
  • Charles Swenson ’55
  • Dean Swenson ’55
  • Elaine Swenson
  • Char Sodergren Tangwall ’55
  • Art Tangwall ’54
  • Jean Swanson Thompson ’55
  • Merrill Widmark ’55
  • Marlene Haugen Widmark ’58