Class of '55
January 2005

Dear Classmates,

Our Christmas tree standing in the corner is beginning to look…well…forlorn.  But several inquiries at Christmas time about where to stay for the reunion requires a prompt response.  As you know, the 50th class reunion is fast approaching.  Be sure that your new calendar is marked for May 27, 28 and 29.

If you come by air, there is shuttle service from the Twin Cities International Airport to St. Peter called Land To Air, which may be reached at 1-507-625-3977.

You may stay in the Pittman Hall dormitory, which is located up the hill from Wahlstrom Hall.  There are sinks in each room and down the hall separate bathrooms for women and men.  Sheets, blankets and towels will be provided but no toiletries or hangers.  Very basic.  The good news is that it is free of charge; the bad news is that it is not air conditioned, but windows do open and if the forecast is for hot weather you can bring a fan.

With any luck perhaps somebody will serenade us.  The rooms will be on the lower floors for easier access.

If you have questions, you can call or email the Alumni Relations Office at: 

1-800-487-8437 or

We have” a very good record” as a class of participating in the Alumni Fund.  This year we also need to express our support of the special gift, the 50th Anniversary Endowment Scholarship.  So think about the three-year pledge arrangements that George Torrey suggested.  Think in addition to cash, of stock, real estate, bequests in wills, IRA designations, lottery proceeds, etc.  Let’s do our class proud.

Sincerely yours,

Carol Roberg Lind

1955 Guest Letter Writer