Class of '54
April 2001

Dear '54ers,

Wasn't it just yesterday that I got a letter off to you? And now the Alumni Office is reminding me that the next letter is due this week. Have they no mercy? How can three months zoom by in three days? But zoom it has. And our lives continue to unfold:

SYMPATHIES to Rhoda Roadfeldt Cocca of Altadena, CA, whose husband, Ted, died recently.


GREETINGS from Lewis Moon of Rockford, IL..."back preaching after leaving ministry thirty years ago..."

And from Valerie Olson Andrews of Kettering, OH, surely the winner of our Savvy Traveler Award..."whose most exciting trip occurred in 1999 when she and husband, Tim, visited Antarctica...and all seven continents..."

CONGRATULATIONS to Roger Hanson of Hutchinson, MN, cited in the Hutchinson Leader for being the featured artist in the Arts and Crafts Festival in that town. "...spending most of the past 20 years in Denver, Hanson has shown his paintings at galleries and exhibitions throughout Colorado..."

SURE DOESN'T SOUND LIKE RETIREMENT DEPARTMENT: Arlene Waxlax Sonday recently published The Sonday System, a curriculum for teaching reading, writing and spelling using multisensory structured phonics (

Carl Towley is beginning his third 3-year stint as regional director, Association for Clinical Pastoral Education.

Sharon Anthony Bower still fully engaged in her corporation, Confidence Training, Inc.


Reunion Weekend for the 50 Year Club and Class of 1951 is May 25 & 26. A schedule of events and registration material will be sent in early April. Homecoming 2001, September 21 & 22, will feature gatherings for anniversary classes of 1956, 1961, 1966, 1971, 1976, 1981, 1986, 1991, 1996 and 2001. Class reunions will be held in the Twin Cities Friday evening, and events will return to campus for activities Saturday. A schedule of events and registration material will be mailed in August. Complete schedules will also appear in the Spring and Summer issues of the Quarterly.

MAYDAY! Peace Conference, "Revisiting the Treaty of Traverse des Sioux after 150 Years," will be held on campus May 2, 2001. Speaker is Winona LaDuke, an Anishinabe from the Makwa Dodaem (Bear Clan) of the Mississippi Band of the White Earth reservation in northern Minnesota. She has become known as a voice for American Indian economic and environmental concerns throughout the United States and internationally. She was the recipient of the 1989 International Reebok Human Rights Award and in 1995 was named as one of "50 leaders for the future" by Time Magazine. She has published numerous books and articles, testified at government hearings and was Ralph Nader's vice presidential running mate for the Green Party in both the 1996 and 2000 presidential elections. For more information on the MAYDAY! Conference and reservations, call the Office of Public Affairs (507/933-7520).

NOBEL CONFERENCE® XXXVII, "The Second Nobel Century: What Is Still to Be Discovered?" will be held on campus October 2 & 3. What is next? What is still to be discovered? As the world embarks on the 21st century, these questions rise to the surface of popular speculation. Scientific frontiers of the mind and body, space, energy, and materials have expanded immensely during the past 100 years. Great thought and writing, the laudable pursuit of peace, and the ability to observe and participate in a global economic system have been stretched, challenged, and embraced. As we stand at a pivotal point between centuries, we can only imagine what greatness lies ahead, what contributions will be made for the well-being of all peoples on Earth. As we commemorate the first Nobel Prizes, given in 1901, Nobel Conference® XXXVII brings together five Nobel laureates, two respected science writers, and the secretary general of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences—the organization charged with selection of Nobel Prize-winners in physics, chemistry, and economics—to give us a foretaste of what the next big discoveries might be, as we look toward "The Second Nobel Century."

On Saturday, November 17, 2001, the Gustavus Library Associates will sponsor Delight in the Season¾ A Royal Affair, at the Radisson Hotel South in Bloomington, MN. The realized proceeds from this biennial event are designated for the library endowment. This will be the 13th Royal Affair and each event is unique in itself. The hallmark of our party is the expansive silent and live auction. We encourage you to participate by donating an item to the auction, volunteering in the preparation for the party, and/or attending the event. Invite your friends, fill a table and welcome the holiday season together. For more information, contact one of the co-chairs: Lois Allen 952-888-2735; Susan Wilcox 952-944-5972; Fran Engelsma 952-929-0671. You may also contact Dean Wahlund, Executive Director, Gustavus Library Associates at 1-800-726-6198.

Dave Johnson

1954 Class Agent

AND NOW TO TALK TURKEY: You know that Mike Anderson, Rog Carlson, John

Chell, Betty Lundgren Schlotthauer, Arlene Waxlax Sonday and I, surely a pretty representative group, have given a great deal of thought to a class gift which would continue for perpetuity. You know that the idea of a class gift for a specific cause is quite new for Gustavus, a departure from the concept of the Annual Fund. You know that we are drawing nearer to our 50th anniversary, the gathering, which draws more back to Gustavus than any other.

We worked closely with Gustavus staff, who convinced us that a carillon whose chimes will ring across the campus and valley, will summon the community to its festivals as well as its daily chapel, is a gift the college badly needs. We looked at our giving record over the years and were convinced that this commitment of $140,000 ($40,000 for the instrument and $100,000 for its endowment was within our capability. We envisioned our 50th reunion and what it would mean for us to attend the concert to be played on The Class of 1954 Carillon.

May 31, the end of this giving year is quickly approaching. We urge you to make your commitment to the class gift now. We know that there are as many financial circumstances as there are class members, but we believe that many of us will find it easiest to make a gift spread over the three years which remain before our reunion: by May 31, 2001, 2002 and 2003. We asked the Advancement Office to design such a campaign and they have responded by defining three levels of gifts. Please send your gifts to them.

CARILLONNEUR LEVEL: $5000 to be paid over the next three years.

CARILLON TOWER LEVEL: $3000 to be paid over the next three years.

CARILLON BELLS LEVEL: $1500 to be paid over the next three years.

CARILLON CHIMES LEVEL: an annual gift in support of the 1954 Reunion Class Gift.

Thanks for responding to this Carillon Call.

 Myron Anderson ( Arlene Waxlax Sonday (

 Rog Carlson ( Dave Johnson (

 John Chell ( Betty Lundgren Schlotthauer (