Class of '54
October 1999



A GOOD 45TH PREDICTS A GREAT 50TH. Our reunion, dress rehearsal for 2004, was a good omen of what's ahead for us. Start with Friday evening at the Bloomington Radisson, Saturday-Sunday on campus. Toss in the cast of characters listed below and their trophy spouses. Mix such accents and dialects as Delawarian, Georgian, Pennsylvanian, Swiss German, Texan as well as Standard Minnesotan (See the movie "Fargo" if you have forgotten your Standard Minnesotan). So get to planning for 2004, gang, and the chance to hear such outstanding acts as college history by Vic Carter or top gong laughmeter by Pauline Wiemann. Here we were; I've used our stage rather than married names in order to help talent scouts find us.

Darrell Anderson ... Jim Anderson ... Mike Anderson ... Dianne Anglemyer ...
Don Arneson ... John Bjorkquist ... Gloria Brouilette ... Dick Brubacher ...
Rog Carlson .... Vic Carter ... John Chell ... Bob Gamm ...
Duane Goese ... Janet Hanson ... Rollie Herbst ... Dave Johnson ...
Gladys Johnson ... Lavern Johnson ... Dianne Johnston ... Paul Kaus ....
Jean Kirkvold ... Bob Lee ... Shirley Lund ... Betty Lundgren ...
Don Malm ... Dayton Martinson ... Grant Mooney ... John Myers ...
Augusta Nelson ... Dick Niemi ... Lois Norman ... Paul Olson ...
Marilyn Reiten ... Marlys Setterholm ... Al Slettehaugh ... Paul Vollan ...
Arlene Waxlax ... Elaine Wellendorf ... Pauline Wiemann ... John Wright CLASSMATES' NEWS: (Many thanks for your notes supplemented by my gleanings. But I need more notes from you; try writing a newsletter without news. So we're not having babies or fighting as much in the Job Jungle. So tell about your new bridgework or taking the RV to Wisconsin Dells. Anything.)

Jim Anderson continues to manage his firm, producing learning materials used by the federal and many of the state corrections systems

Mike Anderson, our man on the campus, has just retired from his professorship in biology.

Sharon Anthony Bowers has produced such pieces as a cover story on anger in the workplace for Trio magazine (Jan ’99) and Bottom Line Health (May ’99). She's interviewed for a program being aired on public radio networks on that topic; see: for airings in your area.

John Chell's ministry at Mall of America receives much attention.

Duane Goese, who wins the came-the-farthest-to-our-reunion, has retired from his career as data analyst for the Swiss health agencies.

Mary Jane Monson is counselor and school-to-work coordinator at Cook County High School in Grand Marais.

Marilyn Peterson Reaser "remains a retired English and speech teacher living the good life far from the madding crowds at the edge of the Black Hills"

Mary Lou Peterson Munroe volunteers for such causes as Meals on Wheels, a hospice respite program, and her home town, Portland OR's, Japanese gardens.

SLEUTHING: Alumni office needs addresses for Don Anderson, Gloria Keller Edman, Mary L. Jacobson, Natalie Lindgren, Marilyn Ulrich McGroarty, Donald Monson, Paul Peterson, Ivan Roettger, and Phyllis Johnson Wegner.

ALUMNI CHAPTER GATHERINGS HERE AND THERE. Should you be in the neighborhood, there are reunions planned in Boston on November 6; Chicago, December 11; Marco Island, February 5; Tucson, February 7; Phoenix, February 8; Sun City, February 9; Seattle, March 3; Bay Area, March 4; Los Angeles, March 5; San Diego, March 6; Denver, March 7. Contact the alumni office ( for details. They're an interesting way to catch up on our school.

REPORT FROM THE CLASS AGENTS' MEETING: The class agents sit at tables for six, the earlier classes at the front. (Closer to the toilets, easier to hear). But that's not so bad. Here's what has had me grinding my molars:

The awards for winning classes within our decades go on and on. The Class of 53 id this, 52 that, 55 another. Agents to the left and right of me stood to applause. I sat, albeit able to hear and near the toilets. Since then, I've figured out something. Our Class of 54 could carry home the decade trophy for the most significant award, our percentage of classmates who make a gift. If we hold on to the faithful, and we will, and if about twenty who have not been returning something to the college will add to that list, we'll be an award winner. So, forgive my preaching, but let's do it, let's get off our duffs and mail a pledge to GAC.

I feel better. Now let me convey some of the news I picked up at the meeting:

The academic year opened with an all-time record enrollment, 2490, 660 of them first-year students,. (In our less poplitically-correct era FYSs were called ffreshmen.) These students won't know Johnson Hall, a victim of the tornado, but they will have a new Student Center which houses the Evelyn Young Dining Room. (Evelyn, 66 years out of college, worked the room wonderfully at our reunion, remembering Gus's players, her food service workers.)

The college's reputation grows and grows. We're ranked among the best of national liberal arts colleges in U. S. News and World Report. (That, I can tell you, is a tough league to break into.; only four Minnesota colleges are in that circle..See also the inclusion of Gustavusi n Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine list of the top 100 values in private colleges. A large number of alums gathered on October 9 for G.I.V.E. (Gusties in Volunteer Endeavors), bringing their energy to the improvement of several Twin Cities sites. The Gustavus Library Associates Royal Affair on November 13 will again raise substantial funds for the collections. A three-concert series of organ recitals this fall will celebrate the extensive work done on Christ Chapel's pipe organ.

Most of all, our school, devastated in in 1998 by one of the worst catastrophes ever to hit a campus, is looking better by the month. New trees are sprouting, old buildings have been spruced up, new structures blended well onto the campus. A student body has been recruited which is of high quality and great desire to help build Gustavus. We are a part of a place which causes people increasingly to say, "You graduated from Gustavus.? That is an exemplary school."

Dave Johnson

1954 Class Agent