Class of ’53

April 2013

60-Year Reunion ― May 31 – June 1, 2013

People of the Class of 53:

It is time to get serious about our 60th reunion on May 31-June1, 2013.  You need to make your reservations for a place to stay if you are coming for the banquet on Friday night and live further from campus than Mankato.  Most of you have not yet sent in your life script* and best memory from GAC* contributions yet.  About half of you have not sent in a donation to the Annual Fund yet.  This has been a tough winter but spring is coming.  The Twins play their opening game at Target Field today.  So get with it.  We need action.   Thank you.  I'm done haranguing.

Gotta share an old memory of Gustavus.  This is a Lenten tale so it fits the season.

It was Ash Wednesday in 1952 and four of us decided to attend the Ash Wednesday church service at First Lutheran Church in St. Peter.  We convinced our roommate, Dexter, to come with us.  Dexter had never, to my knowledge, been to an Ash Wednesday service, much less a communion service.  The service was in the evening so it was dark outside and the lights were dimmed inside the church making for a very solemn atmosphere.

Communion was served at the railing at the high altar of the church.  Everyone knelt and received a wafer and then a small cup of wine.  Dexter was safely positioned between three of us so he could observe the ritual and know what to do.  There was soft organ music playing and otherwise it was very quiet, very dark, and very serious.  The wafer comes and Dexter handles that OK.

Then comes the wine.  The server gives him his small cup and Dexter holds it for a moment and observes the people on either side of him quietly drink their wine.  Dexter places the cup to his lips and lets out a very large “slurp” as he sucks dry the wine from the cup.

The sound breaks us up.  I feel the altar rail shaking from my other roommates who are trying to contain themselves without laughing out loud.  Thankfully, our communion table ends quickly.  We move quickly down the side aisle and straight out of the church so we can explode in laughter once outside.  One of us actually drops to the ground laughing so hard.  Dexter is bewildered.  “What's so funny?” he asks.

How can we explain?  It is one of those times when something not usually so humorous hits your funny bone and you just can't control yourself.  The harder you try to contain yourself the more you have to laugh.  And if the people around you catch the spirit, everyone is soon out of control.

Our church now usually serves communion by intinction, the routine where you take your wafer and dip it in either the wine or grape juice−so I don't think of Dexter so much anymore.  But now and then we revert to old practices and get the cup and the memory of Gustavus and Dexter comes flooding back.  Hopefully God has a sense of humor and tolerance for young college males.

*I tell you this tale so you will be flooded with memories of your own of some good times at Gustavus and that you will rush to your computer, or writing desk with paper and pen, and get this memory down on paper.  Send this to me so we can put it in a book of memories for our reunion.

*And when you are done with your memory, take a bit of time and write out a short history of your life path after you left Gustavus which you send to me to include in our Life Script book for the reunion.

Remember that we will gather for our reunion banquet on Friday evening, May 31st,

5:00 p.m., in the Campus Center dining rooms.  Simple program so there is plenty of time for mixing and greeting.  We will have oversized name tags.  All the college dining facilities are handicapped accessible.

You should be getting information from the Alumni Office soon about registration, housing, Saturday schedule, etc.

I said at the start of this letter that there would be no more haranguing.  Sorry, I lied.  If you have not sent in a gift to the annual fund this year, do that at the same time you mail off your memories and life script to me, it will get doubled if you send it in by April 30!  (See below.)

Thank you on behalf of Marv Larson and myself as your class co-agents (whoops – we are now officially called class officers).

Tom Boman

1231 Maryland St.

Duluth, MN 55811

Rounded Rectangle: Gustavus is excited to announce that due to the generosity of a group of dedicated alumni, all gifts this spring to the Gustavus Annual Fund will be matched, dollar-for-dollar up to $100,000!  Make double the impact on the Hill today through April 30, 2013.  Visit

Campus News

Upcoming Chapter Gatherings

National Chapter events for alumni, parents and friends have been taking place throughout the 2012-13 academic year and have focused on the College’s pillar of “Teaching and Learning.”  Please save the date for the event in your area.

Apr. 4 – Atlanta  - 5:30 p.m., The Carter Center

Apr. 12 – Portland – 7:00 p.m. – Portland Trailblazers Game

June 5 – St. Cloud – 6:00 p.m. - Le St. Germain Suite Hotel

June 6 – Willmar – 6:00 p.m. – The Oaks at Eagle Creek

July 9 – Duluth – 6:00 p.m. – Northland Country Club

July 10 – Grand Rapids – 6:00 p.m. – Sugar Lake Lodge

July 18 – Sioux Falls – 6:00 p.m. – Callaway’s

Aug. 19 – Rochester – 6:00 p.m. – Rochester Golf and Country Club

On His Watch:  John S. Kendall at Gustavus

Dr. John Kendall ’49 served Gustavus as a faculty member for 23 years and as president for 10 years.  Rev. Dennis Johnson ’60, also a former president of Gustavus, wrote a book about the record of John Kendall as a professor and as a president.  As such, it is a study in leadership.   It is about a man who came up through the academic ranks to lead one of America’s best colleges.  It is about his preparation for that office and his hopes once he occupied it.  It is about passion, purpose, leadership and heart.  It is also about issues still at the core of higher education today.

Former First Lady Joanne Kendall will host a book signing in the Twin Cities on April 14, 4-6 p.m., wine, coffee and appetizer reception with a program at 5:00 p.m., Loring Green West, Fireside Room, 1235 Yale Place Minneapolis.  Please reserve a space by calling 800-487-8437 or email

Christ Chapel Cited as One of the Most Beautiful

Here is a link that includes the Gustavus Chapel as one of the thirty most beautiful college chapels in a survey of schools across the country.  Take a look at some of these beautiful chapels including our own Christ Chapel by going to

Alumni Travel Opportunities

2013 Pearls of Central Europe

Experience Central Europe with Gustavus professor emeritus of history Dr. Tom Emmert from September 10-21, 2013.  This 12-day Gustavus study tour combines learning, exploring, leisure, lecture, food, and arts with special touches, all led by a faculty expert.  The journey is focused around three showpiece cities of Central Europe:  Prague, Vienna, and Budapest.  For more information, contact Tom Emmert at:

U.S. Civil War Study Tour

Experience Antietam, Gettysburg and Washington D.C. with Gustavus Alumnus and Pulitzer Prize-winning Civil War Historian Dr. James McPherson ’58 from October 20 to 26, 2013. Dr. McPherson’s vast and insightful knowledge will bring to life all the drama of events at Antietam and Gettysburg.  With unquestionable authority and skillful narrative, he will explain the momentous issues of the time and why the Civil War still resonates today as a “second American Revolution.  For more information, call the President’s Office at 507-933-7515.

Twin Cities Gustie Breakfasts

Engage with other alumni and learn something new about your alma mater at the monthly Twin Cities Gustavus alumni breakfast.  Please join us at the American Swedish Institute (2600 Park Ave, Minneapolis), on the third Wednesday of each month at 7:30 a.m.  Cost is $10.  Upcoming breakfasts include:  April 17 – Scott Moe ʼ95, head men’s and women’s golf coach and May 15 – Tim Kennedy ʼ82, vice president for marketing and communication.

Books in Bloom

Books in Bloom is an initiative of the Gustavus Library Associates (GLA) that pairs books and other library materials with floral arrangements, by sponsoring several of the blooms!  Each sponsorship directly supports the Folke Bernadotte Memorial Library's (Library) acquisitions.  What an investment in resources for current and future students and faculty!

Last year’s Books in Bloom highlighted 30 different books/media and attracted over 500 people, some coming to campus for the very first time!  In 2013, Books in Bloom will be held May 3-5.  To see a visual presentation of Books in Bloom, go to and type Gustavus Library Associates in the search box.  It will lead you to a gorgeous slide show of blooms and books.  Then contact Gustavus Marketing/Communications Office at 507/933-7550 with your commitment to sponsor, or partially sponsor, a bloom for 2013.  All designers and sponsors are invited to an opening reception from 5:30-7:30 on May 3.  Great wine and snacks!  Good company, too.