Class of '53
April 2004

Celebrate.  You are finally getting a letter from your class agents.  But there is a reason for being a mite tardy in getting this publication to press.  We (the vast editorial staff that manages this publication) were awaiting information from the financial aid office at Gustavus for the name of the brilliant student who has become the first recipient of  “The Class of ’53 Scholarship”.  A few days ago came the information:  Megan Strom.  A sophomore from Cedar, MN.

I checked in my somewhat aging Rand McNally atlas for the location of Cedar in Minnesota and there was no such place listed.  Perhaps Cedar is like Lake Wobegon of the Prairie Home Companion fame.  It is located at the exact spot that two survey lines meet and due to inaccuracies in the survey the land is not on any published map.  But we hope that Megan puts Cedar on the map and we will all be very proud.

Another report on our scholarship program is that the deferred gifts portion of the scholarship now is almost exactly at the $500,000 mark.  That’s terrific but it also means that there is still room for those who missed the opportunity to put something in their estate plan for the class of ’53 scholarship.  As you may recall, we had set a goal of $1,000,000 for the scholarship, but fortunately did not set an exact deadline on the goal.  That’s good because there is still time to participate.

Putting something in your will for the Class of ’53 is quite easy.  Think of an amount, or better yet, a percentage of your estate, that you would feel good giving.   Then jot that down on an addendum to your will and notify on the gifts the people at Gustavus of your intention.  I personally like the percentage figure.  If the stock market continues to recover and my wife and I live responsibly, GA will do just fine.  If the market tanks and we spend every last dime and the check to funeral home bounces, GA will adjust. 

One last argument for putting something in your will for Gustavus.  When I was serving on the Board of Trustees we noted that every time someone left a goodly sum of money to the college to be paid upon their demise, they lived healthily to be close to 100.  So, go for the long life.

I have some information that the Alumni Office sent me quite some time ago (December 23 to be exact – their idea of a Christmas present I would guess) that has news about our classmates.  But like good wine, the news gets better with age.

Moose Malmquist has found a heritage spot for his retirement in Scandia, MN.  In fact, he lives on Scandia Trail North.  Scandia is so small that there only are two addresses on Scandia Trail, one north and one south.  Anyhow, Moose serves on the Scandia Planning Commission, an indication that Scandia has big plans for the future.  He is also the President of Gamelaardon (sp?) Board of Directors, a Swedish heritage museum, and a trustee at Elim Lutheran Church.  Good for you, Moose.

Cliff Dotseth has a permanent address in Palatine, IL but spends springs in Swansboro, NC and summers in Menominee, MI.  Good work Cliff; keep moving with the seasons and you’ll live the long and good life.

Helen (Forsgren ’54) and Rod Hokenson never let up travelling after the 1,500 mile round trip to Gustavus last May-June.  Late in June and early July, they made a 4,400 mile motor trip to Colorado, Montana and back via Minnesota, with reunions on both sides of their family (at Boulder and at Malta, MT).  After a couple weeks rest, then it was off to Detroit Lakes and Fargo for additional family gatherings.  In October, Helen was in the Bay area of California with daughter, Stina (they sang a duet in church, even, and went whale-watching―such fun!) and Rod drove off the other way to visit grandson, Mike, in New Hampshire, to watch him play goalie for the Laconia Leafs (Jr. B Hockey) against the Connecticut Whalers.  Like the children of Lake Woebegon, Rod found Mike is above average, in fact he is currently the league leading goalie in New England.

Remember at our reunion Rod was videotaping the Golden Agers Class reunion, some of you will recall the reports that you all looked great, and the campus shows up in all its splendor.  He will be happy to share the results in a VHS video, edited to capture the essence of the proceedings.  Contact him for details at: (or, or call 517-263-0546.  Those who attended and others will find it of interest, Rod believes.

Charles Leistico says hello to Bobby Krig and Moose Malmquist.  He writes from Arlington Heights, IL and reports that he attended his granddaughter's confirmation from Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Santoga, CA.  Great excuse to get to California for a bit of sunshine and warm weather and bask in the accomplishments of the grandkids.

Janet Christenson Carlson checks in from Creek Line Drive, Minnetonka, MN.  Nice sounding name that makes one think that it is possible to canoe down the creek to Lake Minnetonka from her place.  Her email address is: so I suspect that you just drive down Creek Line Drive, count off cabins until you get to cabin 3, knock on the door, and Janet will be there to welcome you with a cup of coffee and a sweet roll.

Dick Lindholm leaves a short note to report that he has wed Eunice Wiener.  The event took place in late summer of 2003.  Congratulations Dick!  Be sure to bring her to the next reunion.

Lois Bratt Genis writes:  “What a great 50th!  Congrats to the committee for a superb planning job.  Hope to get back in the future.  Husband Dan is feeling right at home as an adopted Gustie.  Invitation still open in Naples, FL.  We are in the telephone book.”  OK, if anyone is driving through Florida looking for a friendly rest stop, give them a call.

Marge Kaus Jenkins writes:  “Thanks to all who did a great job of planning our 50th reunion last May.  It was a marvelous success!  So good to see returning classmates and Gustie friends.”  The committee accepts your thanks and is willing to sign up to plan the 60th.

Amaryllis (Samuelson) Reeves writes:  “Have always valued my Gustavus heritage and degree.  The 50th class reunion this past spring was a very enjoyable event―well-planned and executed.  Hats off to those people who made it all happen.”  Even more reason to have the committee start thinking about the next big one.

Well, that’s the news.  A few other people sent in address and e-mail changes but did not add any news or give the editor of this publication something to work with.  So next time you get a chance, send some interesting information about yourself and your adventures to Gustavus, or to me: or give a call:  218-724-2317.

After 32 years in one address, we are moving―but in Duluth.  Our son and daughter-in-law and three grandchildren now living in California, are moving to Duluth and they want the old homestead.  Our present home has 3,500 sq feet plus basement; the new one has just less than 2,000 sq feet and no basement.  The Salvation Army sends a truck out every Friday to pick up a load of downsized stuff.

If you get nostalgic for Gustavus, drop the Alumni Office a note and ask them to send you one of the recruiting videos the college uses or get one of Rod's reunion tapes.  When it arrives, put on some popcorn, get a cool one from the frig, settle back and think about the good old days.  And when the show is over, go to your desk, take out your checkbook, and send off a gift to the Class of ’53 scholarship.  That will really make you feel good.

Some of you will likely take up the college invitation to return as guests of the college for the 50-Year Club.  Everything is on the house.  Not a bad way to spend a weekend.  Keep an eye open for other class of ’53er’s.  Give them a hug for all of us.


Tom Boman

Editor of the award winning Class of ’53 newsletter and co-class agent

Bobby Krig

Chief of fund raising for the Class of ’53 and co-class agent

Campus News

President Peterson to be inaugurated

Dr. James Peterson ’64 will be inaugurated during a ceremony in Christ Chapel on Friday, April 16.  Other inaugural events scheduled April 15-18 include a symposium featuring Rev. Dr. Martin Marty, tree dedication, Gustavus Association of Congregations meeting, G.I.V.E. community service day in St. Peter, music concert, art exhibition, and an alumni reception preceding the Nobel Symphony Concert at Orchestra Hall in Minneapolis.  A complete schedule of events is posted on the Gustavus web site.

50th Anniversary Alumni Fund Closes May 31

The 2004 Alumni Fund will close May 31 with a goal of 50 percent alumni participation. Thanks to everyone who has already participated with a gift.  If you haven’t given, please think about sending a gift along with your news in the enclosed gold envelope. Gustavus alumni have a long tradition of strong alumni participation.  Help maintain our national ranking by participating in the 50th anniversary year of the Alumni Fund.

Alumni survey

An alumni survey was sent to 2,000 members of reunion classes.  Approximately 600 have responded as of April 1.  Questions on the survey consist of how well Gustavus prepared them for employment and graduate education, activities involved in while at Gustavus, personal growth skills, alumni events and services, and overall satisfaction with the College.  Results of the survey will be included in the Fall Quarterly.

Winter sports summary

Women’s basketball finished third in the MIAC and advanced to the semifinals of the MIAC playoffs. Men’s basketball won the MIAC regular season and playoff championship titles before losing to eventual national champion UW-Stevens Point in the NCAA national tournament. Men’s hockey posted a third-place finish in the regular season and advanced to the semifinals of the MIAC playoffs. Women’s hockey finished second in regular-season MIAC play, but won the post-season tournament and earned an automatic bid to the NCAA tournament. Men’s swimming won its third consecutive MIAC championship and completed their season by finishing ninth at the NCAA championships. Women’s swimming won the MIAC championship and completed their season by finishing 13th at the NCAA championships. Men’s nordic skiing won its first-ever MIAC championship and finished fourth at the NCAA Central Region meet. Women’s nordic skiing claimed their third consecutive MIAC title and completed their season with a fourth-place finish at the NCAA Central Region meet. Gymnastics posted a 6–1 dual meet record and a second-place finish at the National Collegiate Gymnastics Association (NCGA) West Regional. The women’s indoor track and field team finished second and the men fifth at the MIAC championships. 

Did you know …

●Nearly 80% of Gustavus students graduate in four years, compared with 56% of students from other Minnesota private colleges; the national average is 17%.

●There are seven choral ensembles and 23 instrumental ensembles, two jazz, four woodwind and three brass ensembles.

●More than 40 percent of Gustavus students volunteer through the Gustavus community service center on a regular basis.

●For student safety, the campus is well-lit, there is 24-hour Safety and Security patrol and escort service, residence halls are locked 24 hours a day, and there are blue light emergency phones throughout campus linked directly to Safety and Security.

●And looking back -- during the college’s early years, students were awakened by a bell at 5:45 a.m. and all lights had to be out by 10:30 p.m.

Upcoming events

  • President Jim Peterson ’64 Inauguration – April 16
  • Association of Congregations Meeting – April 17
  • G.I.V.E Community Service Day – April 17
  • Reception for President Peterson and Nobel Symphony Concert in Minneapolis - April 18
  • Phonorama - April 25-29, Central Lutheran Church
  • Cec Eckhoff Society Reception – May 1
  • Class of 1954 and 50 Year Club Reunions – May 28 & 29
  • Commencement – May 30
  • Alumni Fund closes – May 31