Class of '53
April 2003

Dear Classmates,

Being a part of the small group who have met periodically during the winter to plan our rapidly approaching 50th anniversary celebration has been a fun and meaningful experience for me; an enjoyable opportunity to renew friendships, share memories and trade tales of our comings and goings over these past fifty years.  To be sure the road has at times been rocky.  We have been tested and at times bested.  There have been tough hills to climb, rivers to cross, and burdens to bear, but when I ponder our collective musings, I again realize how special our undergraduate years at Gustavus really were and how important our friendships have remained.  Having spent much of my life working for and with small church related colleges, I know first hand just how unique and valuable those Gustie years really were.  The lessons learned there helped us in our search for ways to begin chasing our dreams and aspirations, gave us a solid place to stand during that life long journey and now provide us a sense of peace and thankfulness for the many blessings which God has so graciously showered upon us (despite our tendency to occasionally claim credit for some of them).

Just think of the changes which have occurred since we collected McGarvey coffee labels to buy the first TV for the “Ranchereno;” used 25 cent meal tickets to buy a “Gustie special” in the basement of Uhler or donuts from Maggie on his late night dormitory food run; had our first plane ride on our Youngstown football trip (also my first trip out of state except for a North Dakota sojourn by car to visit Grandpa in 1933); took the Games of Low Organization class from Lee Krough; 8:00 a.m. swimming from Vic Gustafson ’42, who tried to drown us all during the final; enjoyed a tap beer and a hot beef sandwich at Wally’s for 35 cents; watched in fear and awe when Prof. Glass wrote different sentences with each hand at the same time on the blackboard during our first lecture in Bio 101, being struck with J. Luke Creels silver haired elegance (even though he called me a jack pine savage) when reading Frau Lippo Lippi and Dr. Edgar Carlson’s deep and challenging chapel sermons.

We need you there to tell us your stories and to again share friendship and memories so please do plan to come to our reunion on May.  Fifty years has forever changed our world and certainly all of us (except Denny Raarup who still looks as young as he did in ’53).

So long for now.  Thanks for the opportunity to write this letter and thanks to Tom and Bobby for all the class letters they have written over the years.  Hope to see you in May (we will have name tags).  I say goodbye with more than a little embarrassment when discovering that it’s hard to make a comeback when you haven’t been anywhere.

See you at the reunion,

Jim “Moose” Malmquist

1953 Guest Letter Writer

Editor’s Note:  It is with much sadness that we inform you of the death of Annette Boman ’88, daughter of Tom and Mary Boman.  Annette passed away on March 25, 2003 from an acute form of leukemia.  She was a gifted medical researcher at the University of Minnesota, Duluth and is survived by her husband and two small children.  Our sincere sympathy to the Boman family.

Campus News:

Dr. James Peterson Named 14th Gustavus President

James Peterson ’64, president and CEO of the Science Museum of Minnesota in St. Paul, was selected as the next Gustavus president.  Peterson is married to Rev. M. Susan Pepin Peterson ’65, senior pastor at Gloria Dei Lutheran Church in St. Paul.  They have two married children including Erika Peterson Eklund ’94.  Jim will start his official responsibilities at Gustavus in July 2003.

Alumni Fund Closes May 31 – 1000 new donors needed

The Alumni Fund closes May 31.  Gustavus alumni are trying to again be the best Lutheran college in percentage of alumni annual giving.  The goal is to reach 45% participation this year.  If you have already given, THANK YOU!  If you have given in the past and not yet this year, Gustavus students need your support again.  If you have missed giving, Gustavus needs only 1,000 new donors to reach the goal.  Give online at <> or call 800/487-8437.

Campus Focuses on Peace

Three annual conferences this spring discuss peace.  Conflict Resolution: International, National, and Local was the theme of the annual student-run “Building Bridges” Conference in March featuring Nobel Peace Laureate Oscar Arias Sanchez, former president of Costa Rica. The Association of Congregations Meeting will feature. Protestant leader Lyle Schaller to talk about the future of the church and the changing role of laity and church staff. And the annual MAYDAY! Peace Conference in April is titled, “World Religions: Waging War or Promoting Peace?” featuring keynote speaker Krister Stendahl, emeritus professor of divinity, Harvard University, and former bishop of Stockholm, Sweden.

Gustavus Band 125 Year Celebration

What started as 13 silver instruments in 1878 has evolved to the Gustavus Band, which is celebrating its 125th anniversary in May.  Highlights for the weekend will include the performance of the 100+ member alumni band and the commissioned work, Of Wind and Wood, by composer Steve Heitzeg ’82 which will be premiered by the current Gustavus Band.

Men’s Basketball Team National Runner-up

The men’s basketball team lost a heartbreaker in the NCAA Division III championship game 67-65 to Williams, on two game-winning free throws in the final seconds of play.  Gustavus was the first MIAC team to ever make it to the championship game.

Celebration of Community Service

The Community Service Center at Gustavus is ten years old.  Since its creation, students participating in community service and service learning in the class room has dramatically increased.  Currently 60% of the student population participates in some sort of community service program while at Gustavus.  The annual G.I.V.E. (Gusties In Volunteer Endeavors) day of community service will be a time for alumni and students in Minnesota to gather at Gustavus to celebrate and serve, while alumni in other cities will also be doing service projects in their own communities.

Upcoming Events

  • Milwaukee, WI, Symphony Orchestra Concert – April 2
  • Pasco, Washington, Jazz Lab Band Concert – April 2
  • Cheney, Washington, Jazz Lab Band Concert – April 3
  • San Francisco Bay, CA, Campaign event – April 4
  • Cary, IL, Symphony Orchestra Concert – April 4
  • Seattle, WA, Campaign event featuring the Jazz Lab Band – April 5
  • Duluth, MN, Campaign event – April 10
  • Association of Congregations Meeting – April 26
  • Phonorama – April 27-30, May 1
  • 125th Anniversary of the Gustavus Band – May 3 & 4
  • G.I.V.E. Day and 10th Anniversary of the Community Service Center – May 10
  • 1953 and 50 Year Club Reunion – May 30 & 31
  • Alumni Fund Fiscal Year Closes – May 31
  • Commencement – June 1