Class of '53
October 2002

The Amazing Class of 1953 Scholarship Endowment Campaign

An amazing thing happened last week.  We hit the $1,000,000 mark in our scholarship endowment campaign.  One commitment in an estate plan and we had met our goal.  How's that for terrific?  So we thought we had better go for $2,000,000 so the rest of us could get in on the action.

Let's talk about the scholarship endowment gift.  The idea is that you do two parts.  One part is to make a gift now so that a student (or bunch of students) can have a Class of ’53 scholarship beginning in the fall of 2003.  The second part is to make a commitment from your estate plan to the scholarship endowment.

The estate gift could be a promise of some percentage of your final estate when you pass beyond the pearly gates.  Or, it could be the proceeds from an insurance policy.  Or, maybe a fixed amount makes sense.  Whatever fits.

A very popular plan is to specify a percentage of whatever is in the estate when the final distribution takes place; what's left could be a lot or a little, depending on circumstances.  To take an example:  Give the kids and grandkids 80% of what's in the estate and the other 20% is divided up between your church, Gustavus, local community arts association, and your other favorite charity.  You design your best plan.

What Dwight Jaeger and Dick Engwall, the gift co-chairs, and the people at Gustavus would like to know is what you plan to do.  If you plan to make a provision in your will to leave, say, 5% to the Class of ’53 endowment, the folks in the Gustavus Advancement Office will want to know what that gift would be worth if your estate has the same amount then as it has now.  Of course, things will change.  But the planning people have to start somewhere.

Enough of the gifting information.  You will be getting a call from one of your classmates sometime in the future about this and wouldn’t it be great if you had thought it out. There are good and honest people at Gustavus to help you plan and answer questions.

The Reunion

Time to start your weight correction program in anticipation of the phenomenal Class of 1953, 50th class reunion!  I recommend daily doses of chocolate chips as a good way to begin the process. 

You recall that the dates for the reunion are Friday, May 30 and Saturday, May 31.  Memorial Day is May 26 so the famous Memorial Day holiday is the weekend prior to our class reunion.  That should make it simpler for many of you to do the usual family events connected with the Memorial Day weekend and then pack up for Gustavus the following weekend to spend with your classmates.

All normal reunion events are held on the Gustavus campus so if you are coming from any great distance you need to plan your accommodations in, or around, St. Peter.  The Alumni Office provides free lodging in Pittman Hall for everyone in our class.  This is an attractive option for those of you who still hanker for bunk beds, community bathrooms, and long trips down the hall in the middle of the night when nature calls.  For the less adventurous, book something at one of the local motels or something in North Mankato (about 10 miles south on #169).

Reunion chairs Mary Edlund Rehwaldt (phone: 952/456-9152 (Apple Valley) or 845/626-7441 (New York until Nov. 12); e-mail: and Marvin Larson (763/545-0646; e-mail: are busily plotting out the schedule of events for the reunion weekend.  They are pleading that you will send them your bright ideas of what you would like to have happen.  That's why both their e-mail and phone numbers are listed above.  Just pick up the phone and give them a call or log on your computer and send an email.  In fact, send them an e-mail even if you don't have an idea but would like them to know that you read this letter.  They promise you a response.

Good Stuff from Class Mates

Irv (Bud) Nelson continues as a visitation pastor at Salem Lutheran, St. Cloud, MN.  One day on his way to visit a parishioner he took a wrong turn and landed in Peru where he quickly recovered his bearings and decided to visit the "Lost City of the Incas."  (Seems improbable but that's how the editor translated his writing.)

Miriam Zimmerman Giannone says she is still fiddling around and spreading the great fun of music.  She enjoys her four children and eight grandchildren and appreciates her Gustavus education more every day.  How's that for a commercial.

Marianne Colberg Keswani loves retirement since it gives her enough time to visit kids and grandchildren who live a long way from St. Peter.  She hopes to be around for the 2003 reunion.  Bet she is not staying in Pittman Hall.

Dick Engwall, the M.D. who has personally tried out most medical procedures in the last decade, reports he has an amazingly good bill of health.  That's terrific news since he is giving Dwight Jaeger a major hand in our gift campaign.

Cliff Dotseth floats between Palatine, IL, and some secret place in North Carolina.  Since some of his kids live in North Carolina and some in Illinois that makes sense.  By the way, the Golden Gopher football team just beat the Illini in the Metrodome.  The game was played a day early so the Twins could be home in the quest for another World Series title.

Lois Bratt Genis just returned from a great Gustie reunion in Naples, FL.  The other big news is that she has a new grandson from Russia.  Details to be available for the asking at the reunion.

Inga Nelson reports that she is still working.  If the stock market keeps going down a lot more of us will be back working.

Jo Anderson Linnes is an ESL tutor for any age through the Mayo Clinic and IBM.  She probably gets lots of computer programmers as clients.

Marguerite Olson Pratt attended something that looks like (her writing) varmlandsjubilut (sp?).  Since she saw some Gusties we can assume that it was a Swedish something.  On a sad note: She reports that her traveling days are over due to terminal cancer.  She sends God's blessings to all.  (Editor’s note:  This note was sent to Gustavus some time earlier.  We have now received word that Marguerite died on July 27, 2002.)

John Parsons was caught by a Phonorama caller and reported that he is now semi-retired, but still teaches some driver education for a commercial firm.  Bet he has all-white hair (if any hair remains) from the driver ed.

Dave Holmes reported that he was gathering with the ordination class of 45 years ago in Mesa, AZ.  Wait until Garrison Kiellor gets wind of this.  He'll add it to his pastor’s retreat in Orlando, FL in his News from Lake Wobegon.

Glen Sandquist checks in that he will definitely be at the reunion.  And Alden Wickstrom, who hasn't been back to Gustavus for 50 years, is thinking about attending.  Way to go guys!

And that is a good note on which to end this part of the class letter.

Good Stuff from the College

Welcome Class of 2006

Approximately 690 new students arrived on campus this fall keeping the total student enrollment just over 2500.  There are many interesting opportunities for first year students even before school starts with a community service immersion experience in the Twin Cities, a cultural study in Paris and a wilderness experience in the Boundary Waters.

Gustavus named a “Best Buy”

The Fiske Guide has again named Gustavus one of forty-three “Best Buys” in the country.  This is based on an exceptional investment of tuition money for an exceptional education.

Hello Walk Online Community is featuring several discussions this fall including Nobel Conference Director Tim Robinson discussing nature vs. nurture, and Political Science Professor Don Ostrom discussing the upcoming elections.  Join the conversation by going to <>

Gustie students start new community service initiative called the AMIGOS program.  The 65 Spanish speaking volunteers serve the growing Chicano-Latino population in St. Peter by providing after-school tutoring, teaching ESL classes to adults and serve as big partners.  This program is in addition to the other on-going and one-time service opportunities that 75% of students participate in while at Gustavus.

Building a Great Gustavus Campaign was launched to the public on Saturday, September 7.  Since the tornadoes of 1998, the campaign has raised $77 million toward a $100 million goal.  The focus of the remainder of the campaign is on funding renovations in Old Main, growing endowment, and increasing gifts and participation in the Gustavus Alumni Fund.  Your personal financial support  and your leadership are needed and greatly appreciated.

Minnesota Legislature Cuts Financial Aid

Due to cuts with the Minnesota State Legislature, Gustavus lost $400,000 in money for student employment.  The college continues to work hard to meet financial needs of students since nearly 80% of Gustavus students receive financial assistance.  This includes $14 million from the colleges own budget.  Your support of the annual fund goes directly to help these students and is especially needed to help make up the financial gap for these current students.

Christmas in Christ Chapel is December 6 & 7.  The theme this year will be songs, stories and legends from Scandinavia.


Hey, I'm looking for volunteers to take a crack at writing a class letter to inspire classmates to attend the reunion.  The work is great.  The pay is outstanding.  The editors are forgiving.  Drop me a line and let me know.

National Politics

The Iraq situation continues to be troublesome.  Pray for enlightened and wise leadership.  Let your congress people know how you feel.

The End

Cheers.  Have a good fall.

Tom Boman

1953 Class Agent along with Bobby Krig

            Phone: 218‑724‑2317