Class of '53
June 2002

Dear Classmates,

The last weekend in May 2003, will be our 50th reunion from Gustavus!  You have to attend. 

The events are all on campus and the costs are fully covered by the college (of course, they are hoping that you will be so excited and pleased that you will rush home, contact your attorney, and change your will to leave something to the old alma mater). 

You can stay in one of the dorms for free (they are not air-conditioned) or you can contact one of the local motels.  If you go the motel route, you should do it now since they fill up fast; given it will be commencement weekend.

Events begin on Friday with a superb banquet and a short program.  There is something going on all day Saturday around campus with another fine banquet on Saturday night.  You can stick around for baccalaureate and commencement on Sunday if you wish, or start your trek home.

I talked with the class agent for the class of ’52, Barb Eckman Krig, and with our co-class agent, Bobby Krig, who tagged along with his wife for her big 50th this past weekend.  They both said it was terrific.  Bobby said the food was out of this world.

We need to get a 50th planning committee together to plan events since we can tailor events to our delight.  The planning meetings are usually held in the Twin Cities.  There will be staff from the alumni office so the group does not have to start from scratch.

If you would like to be on the planning committee, or have some good ideas for program, or talent you would like to hear, etc, drop me an e-mail ( or letter via U. S. mail:  2045 Woodland Avenue, Duluth, MN  55803, or call: 218/724-2317, or look for Bobby out on the golf links and tell him.

Some of you may now be willing to make some true confessions.  Who was it that put the paper clips in the chapel piano or rigged the panties to float gently out over the stage just as one of the pre-sems was about to give his first oration?

Do plan on attending.  You will be amazed how young you will look compared to the rest of us.

The Alumni Office reported that some of you have been in contact lately:

LeRoy Erlandson
Rodney Hokenson
JoAnn Gustafson Swanson
Chuck Leistico
Norma Johnson Hein
Charlie Hardt
Amaryllis Samuelson Reeves
Audrey Larson Chelberg
LaVonne Flom Schafer
Carol Leaf Nelson
Shirley Svendsen Thompson
Jean Olson Karl
Janet Lovold Hersch
David Lindenberg
Gordon Cook
William Mortensen

Thanks for keeping touch with the Alumni Office.  And for the rest of you, don’t forget to send in your gold envelope with a modest donation.

You will be getting lots more class letters this year (even with the postal rate increases) that will keep urging you to plan on attending the reunion.

Bobby said that he would accept no excuses for not attending.  In fact, he said he would personally stop by your house and bodily drag you down to campus if you weren’t signed up.  So now you have been forewarned.

Enjoy the summer.  Don’t start any forest fires.  Stand facing the sun (or with your back to the sun) so you don’t cast too large a shadow.  Pray for peace.


Tom Boman

1953 Co-class agent along with Bobby Krig