Class of 1952

May 2014

Dear Friends of 1952,

One last hurrah before the school year closes and summer begins!  Last month I attended an alumni meeting of class officers at American Swedish Institute, and our new Alumni Director, Glen Lloyd, presided.  I wish you all could meet him.  His enthusiasm and energy are contagious!  Many of you are aware that the Alumni Office and program are undergoing a makeover.  You will hear more about these changes as time goes on.  Classes are very large now, especially compared to the size of ours back in 1952.  Therefore, it was necessary to ask class members to take the responsibility of various roles as class officers such as president, fund-raiser, communicator, etc.  I have not asked any of you to consider assuming those positions, and I am willing to continue acting as class agent which is now considered an outdated term.  If anyone would like to be involved at some level or take over my position, please let me know.  We can work something out.

Another emphasis in this approach is setting a new goal in fund-raising totals and donors.  Perhaps you will remember that in the past Gustavus consistently won national awards for their fund-raising efforts each year.  As was the case for many colleges and universities, those annual totals began to diminish, and we have not maintained those same high financial levels.  A new goal has been set:  end this fiscal year strong with increased participation to the Annual Fund.  This will likely result in a 1% - 3% increase in giving.  We can do it!  You have always been very generous in financial giving, and I believe that will continue.  If we can increase the number of donors, we'll be right there at the top.  Like me, I'm convinced that most of you believe that the education received by Gusties, ranks with the finest schools in the country.  We send our graduates into the world with knowledge and skills that will equip them to be excellent candidates in the areas they have chosen as their life work.  They also leave Gustavus with a sense of mission, to reach out into the world and serve humanity with compassion and purpose.  We, the alumni, continue to be a chief source of financial support, the recruiters of future students, and the mentors of current students.  Let’s keep up the good work!

Let us not only seek the Light; let us be the Light.

In April I wrote to you about another pertinent matter.  I told you that Jackie Neeck Peterson ʼ77, Advancement Associate Vice President at Gustavus, arranged a coffee date and introduced me then to Glen Lloyd.  He presented us with a project for our class which involved taking a number of students, one representing each ethnic group who has lived a limited life experience, on a cross-country trip to visit some of the highlights in this country.  The cost was estimated at $4,000.  During spring break they embarked on that trip.  I have no idea how the cost was finally underwritten.  Many of you contributed to the Annual Fund earlier this year when you had not been apprised of this particular project.  If, however, you are planning to make a donation before this fiscal year is closed, I would appreciate it if you would earmark it for "Glen Lloyd's student trip."  In case you have already made and earmarked that project, thank you, thank you very much.  You have contributed to a worthy cause.

A Swedish proverb - "Those who wish to sing, always find a song."

I hope you find your song this spring and then sing it loud and clear!  That’s what the birds do.  I’m sure you’ve heard them already.  No amount of snow and cold seems to diminish them through the winter months.  In these later years don’t let aging diminish you either.  It has been said,  "You can’t turn back the clock, but you can wind it up again."  (courtesy of our friend and classmate, Anita Wettergren Carter).  Delight in beautiful summer moments shared with family and friends or spent in solitude.

Joy and peace to all of you,

Barb Eckman Krig

1952 Class Communications Chair

Upcoming Events

May 14 – St. Peter Gustie Breakfast – Dan Mollner, professor and academic librarian

May 21 – Twin Cities Gustie Breakfast with Dan Mollner

May 30-31 – Reunion Weekend, including 50-Year Club lunch on Saturday

June 1 - Commencement

Gustavus Summer Smorgasbords

The Alumni and Parent Engagement Team is “on the road” this summer, and we are road tripping to see all the Gusties across Minnesota!  You will have a chance to meet the new Director of Alumni and Parent Engagement, Glen Lloyd, and hear what is new on campus and what is next for Alumni and Parent Engagement in the 2014–15 academic year.  There is no cost for these events.  The Engagement Team will provide brats, beverages, and paper goods – and in good smörgåsbord fashion, we ask that all attendees bring their favorite dish to pass.  The dates and locations include:

July 15 – Grand Rapids, MN

July 17 – Duluth, MN

July 22 – Brainerd, MN

July 24 – Fargo, ND/Moorhead, MN

July 29 – St. Cloud, MN

July 31 – Willmar, MN

August 5 – Mankato, MN

August 7 – Rochester, MN