Class of '52
May 2002

Dear Classmates,

Remember the times you've had here,

Remember when you're away.

Remember the friends you've made here

And don't forget to come back someday.

Remember the hills and valleys, the sky so heavenly blue.

For you belong to GA College,

And Gustavus belongs to you.

The road back to Gustavus may be long in miles from wherever you are, but in memory it's only 50-year miles away!  So pack your bags, fill them with the treasures you've carried with you all these years, and come on down to your favorite college on the "Hill" to join us in two days of reminiscing, renewal, reviewing, and re-entry.  You'll see friends whose names you thought you'd forgotten, friends with whom you've crossed paths often through the years, old Gus who's still standing, professors who may or may not remember you, Old Main that stands proudly at the crest. 

You'll attend informative and interesting seminars, eat food so good you'll hardly believe it in the fabulous Evelyn Young Dining Room, drink lots of Swedish coffee, walk down Hello Walk, visit new buildings not dreamed of 50 years ago, and worship with your classmates in the inspirational chapel!  It will be well worth your effort whatever that might be.  So come on down to Peter town!  We, the reunion committee, will be waiting to welcome you.

The committee has made plans to meet on the campus at noon tomorrow, May 7, to finalize plans for our wonderful reunion.  Wish you could join us!  We think you'll enjoy what we have planned for you, especially because we're giving you lots of time to meet and talk to your classmates and to revisit the campus.  We've worked hard to make it as special as possible, so don't pass up this remarkable opportunity.  We've had fun too.  If you haven't mailed your registration form to the Alumni Office, do so without delay!  PLEASE!  We're counting on you!

We're also counting on you to contribute to our class gift.  Whatever the amount, get on board and be counted!  You know that we're planning to endow a $25,000 scholarship for the college that will continue to give far into the future, long after the last of us is gone.  This will be our gift to the college, the college that molded our lives 50 plus years ago and to those who went before us to make it all possible.  It was our legacy, and now we must pass it on to ensure that young, new leaders with strong academic backgrounds, a faith strengthened by Christian values, and a commitment to service will take their places in a world that needs them so desperately.  PLEASE!  We're counting on you!

Spring has not yet come to Minnesota, but it will.  Just remember Robert Browning's words:

The year's at the spring

And day's at the morn;

Morning's at seven;

The hillside's dew-pearled;

The lark's on the wing;

The snail's on the thorn;

God's in his heaven -

All's right with the world.

The Alumni Office will add, at the end of this letter, the list of those who have reserved, to date, for the reunion.  See you in the springtime at GAC!


Barb Eckman Krig

1952 Class Agent

1952 Reunion Attendees as of May 8, 2002:

  • Anthony & Marilyn Almen
  • Shirley Huselid Anderson
  • Marie (Schafer) & Stan ’51 Benson
  • Ruth Peterson Bidwell
  • Arlene (Hansen) & John ’51 Bloom
  • Norma (Johnson) & Don Carlson
  • Paul & Donna Elofson
  • Jerry & Jean (Kirkvold ’54) Emholtz
  • Donn & Mary Erickson
  • William Erickson
  • Marion (Hier) & Kenneth Frederickson
  • Marv & Barbara Granath
  • Paul & Edna (Spaeth ’50) Granlund
  • Ihleen (Nelson) & Robert Gunderson
  • Christy Hansen
  • Harold & Ruth (Seashore ’46) Horton
  • Paul & Lois Johnson
  • Rodney & Anne (Ekberg ’55) Johnson
  • Ron & Lois (Carlson) Johnson
  • Vernon & Elaine Johnson
  • Lois (Oleson) & Roger Krantz '57
  • Barb (Eckman) & Bobby Krig '53
  • Ernest & Louise (Granath ’49) Lantto
  • Ruth (Peterson) & Robert Larson ’51
  • Paul & Joanne (Runez ’53) Lindau
  • Dexter Linman
  • Deane Lundell
  • Roger & Jean Magnuson
  • Clair & Ursula McRostie
  • John & Patricia Mielke
  • Elizabeth (Sampson) & Earl Nelson ’50
  • James A. Nelson
  • Nancy (Sanzenbach) & Ritchey Newman
  • Clint & Vynnette (Hanson ’53) Perkins
  • William & Marilyn (Larson ’55) Peterson
  • R. J. "Red" & Mary (Edlund ’53) Rehwaldt
  • Lois Sletvold Ringquist
  • Roger & Helen (Johnson ’55) Rotvig
  • Henry & Carolyn (Peterson ’51) Ruggles
  • Gloria Anderson Samelian
  • Irmgard (Meissner) & Hans Schulte
  • Patsy O'Connell Sherman
  • Marold & Jeanne (Youngquist) Strand
  • Paul & Carole Swedberg
  • Marilyn (Beschnett) & Vernon Tappan
  • Carolyn (Moll) & Marvin Tennefoss
  • Bob & Shirley Werness
  • Bev (Luckemeyer) & Jim Whitney ’51
  • Ruth Lundvall Zahller
  • Lee Jaenson Zopff