Class of '52
January 2002

Dear Classmates:

It's Tuesday morning, January 8, 2002 as we're writing this and your reunion social/program committee is alive and well, meeting at Mt. Olivet Lutheran Church.  We are planning for our Golden Anniversary Reunion on May 31 and June 1, 2002.  Activities will begin on that Friday with a Reunion Seminar at 3:00 p.m. and end with a coffee/social hour following the orchestra concert on Saturday.

We have been concentrating on the memorial service for deceased classmates (which is scheduled for Friday at 5:00 p.m.) and on the evening reception and banquet which will be held following the memorial service.

Forty-eight of our classmates are deceased.  The plan is to have their names read and a candle lit in honor of each.  To make it more meaningful we would like to have the candle for each individual be lit by someone who was a good friend or had a particular relationship with that individual.  Look over the enclosed list and if you see someone for whom you would like to light the candle, please so indicate on the tear sheet at the bottom of the page and mail it in.

We're sending along some remembrances we recalled during our meeting.  We're sure you have many more.  Bring them with you!

Be assured your reunion committee is working diligently to make certain you will have a great time when you attend.  Gustavus will also do everything they can to make your return a pleasant and memorable one.

For the reception and banquet, we have kept two things in mind:  First, the formal program will be brief, (but entertaining) and secondly, there will be plenty of opportunity for "R & R"‑remembrances and re-connection.

Many of you have been to previous class reunions and enjoyed the camaraderie and the sharing of memories of the years we spent together at Gustavus, but remember this will be our 50th!  It only happens once in a lifetime!  It will be spring in St. Peter.  What a great time to get together.  Plan to be part of the fun!

Barb, Red, Paul, Al, Lois, Gloria


Mid-morning coffee at the canteen

LeRoy Carter's pep band at basketball games

Exchanging greetings on "Hello Walk"

Joe's after football games

Fraternity/sorority initiation night

Smooching at Wahlstrom before the 10 o'clock curfew with "Hokie" hurrying everyone along

"Ma" Young's enthusiasm at basketball games

Hubert Humphrey speaking at Chapel

The chapel bells ringing when Truman upset Dewey in November, 1948

Two Aquatennial Queens students at Gustavus‑Ruth Tolman & Lee Jaenson

Required chapel with assigned seats and a visit with Edgar if you missed too many

Zweiner to Norman for another Gustie touchdown

"Maggie's" food deliveries at night

The crowning of Joan Onkka as Homecoming Queen

Evelyn Anderson's production of "Hamlet" and "Medea"

Commencement 1952

Freshman Orientation‑Kangaroo Court on the Steps of Old Main

Homecoming parades

Fraternity/sorority spring banquets

The bloomers, with "Merry Christmas" written on them, swinging across the chapel stage

Hitchhiking to the Twin Cities

Bob Ek elected student body president

LSA activities

Walking down to First Lutheran for Sunday morning services

Haldo's violin talent

Watching outdoor hockey games

Smoking in the pit behind Wahlstrom

Dedication of the Bernadotte Library

The Ugly Man contest

January 2002

Hi!  Happy New Year!  Here's an option you might want to try!

"In the end we shall have had enough of cynicism, skepticism, and humbug,

            And we shall want to live more musically."                        ~Vincent Van Gogh

I'm not sure we can attribute that to the master.  It was part of a Christmas card with very contemporary art, but I thought it worth offering.  Now for the "rest of the story…" (as Paul Harvey would say).  You have read, I hope, the main thrust of this January letter written by the social/program committee.  I just want to add a few notes of classmates from the Fall Phonorama calls.  I'll be brief.

Class News

Dexter Linman and Rod Johnson and Anne (Ekberg x55) both write that they'll be at the reunion.  Dexter did something that even Tiger Woods hasn't done‑shot his age, 70, last summer on the golf course.  I assume that's for 18 holes, Dex.  Ruth Gustafson Jette writes to me, and I love her letters.  They live in Las Vegas and enjoy their 12 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren.  Their daughter, Joy, just adopted three foster children.  She writes, "We are greatly blessed!"  Marv Granath and Barb planted 3.5 acres of trees in a wildlife area they are establishing near their country home outside of Dassel.  He's active in the Elder Learning Institute at the University of Minnesota, and they travel fairly often.  Last year they took two grandchildren and their daughter and husband to Sweden and Norway. "Grandpa got to show the kids he really can talk and read Swedish," says Marv.  They're coming in May.

I had a nice visit with David Kenyon.  Casa Grande, AZ is Emily Kemp Sunes' and Orrin's winter home, but all their family resides in Montana where a grandson guides fly fishermen.  Elmer Sterner and Martha, Glen Oman, Paul Lindau and Jo (Runez ’53) plan to join us in the spring.  Paul illustrated a children's Halloween book entitled, The Pumpkin Who Survived Halloween.  It's delightful!  Look for it in bookstores.

More attendees for the reunion ‑ Roger Sifford and Janet, Paul Swedberg and Carole have written that they'll be there.  Paul went to Norway with Chuck Jacobson ’53 in September.  Marilyn Bodin Wahman and Ruth Peterson Larson get together occasionally with some other Gustie women.  Twylah Lundquist Benson continues to teach at Thiel College in Greenville, PA.  That college is Lutheran affiliated.  I think it's wonderful!

If you saw "Peter Pan" at the Children's Theater, you saw Jean Carlson Doane's and Charles' grandson perform.  They moved to Florida in ’95.  Bill Erickson is still building airplanes, two now and Vern Johnson plays a lot of golf.  Bill Holm ’65, Gustie and renown poet, was the guest speaker for Ona Lee Wittman Iverson's Friends of the Library group in Sioux City, IA.  If you've never read his books, you've missed something special and in person he's even better.  She and Roger enjoyed an Elderhostel in Lutsen.  Three great-grandchildren for Marv Anderson and Jeanne‑the years pass quickly, don't they?

Wally Drotts is preaching regularly, has seven grandchildren, and lives on a golf course.  But you didn't say that you're playing, Wally!  Climbing the Great Wall in China was surely an adventure for Eloise Seagren Sward.  They also visited Korea.  Marold Strand has retired and Jeanne is active in Stephen Ministries.  You didn't mention coming in the spring‑please do.  I called Helen Anderson Bagne in Austin.  During our good visit she told me she had graduated from St. Olaf, and I'd forgotten that or never knew.  Yet she supports Gustavus generously and loyally.  Pretty impressive, right?  John Bloom and Alene were literally walking out the door on their way to Arizona for the winter when I called.  Should have stayed, John‑some days it's warmer here!  Hope you're having a great time!

I also had a wonderful visit with Mary Iverson Anderson.  We hadn't talked in a long time.  Before I leave "Class News," a heartfelt THANK YOU to all you callers:  Lee Nelson Zopff, Ruth Lundquist Zahler, Lois Sletvold Ringquist, Lois (Carlson) and Ron Johnson, Dick Brown, and Paul Ellofson.  Bless their big, Gustie hearts!

Now some sad news to report.  Last year I spoke to Janet Schnabel, and she told me that Gene is in St. Cloud Vet's Hospital.  This year Ron Johnson called, and Janet told him that he's now been there for one and a half years.  I know you remember him as a really neat guy.  I certainly do!  And I always enjoyed talking to him during Phonorama.  Some of you may already know that Roger Pearson died last summer.  I'm not sure that I've written about it although I don't know any details.  Finally, I was shocked last week when Paul Elofson called to tell me that he had talked to Floyd Schultz ’51 at a Lions’ Convention and learned that Bob Ek was killed in a ski accident on January 7 this year in Canada.  What a loss!  We all were looking forward to seeing him at the reunion, such an upbeat guy from our days on campus until now.  He will be missed.  I'd been trying to reach him for something the committee wanted him to do at the reunion.  I couldn't understand his phone being disconnected.  Now we know why.  To all their loved ones we extend, I know, our deepest sympathy and caring.  The list grows longer as the years roll by.

Please, please, please send in your alumni surveys and your pledged gifts!  Thank you!  We're big on participation, you know!  Your reunion committee is working hard!

No matter who you are say a prayer this season.

No matter what your faith say a prayer this season.

No matter how you celebrate say a prayer this season.

There are so many ways to celebrate faiths,

There are so many faiths

To celebrate life.

No matter who,

No matter what,

No matter how...

You pray.

Let's say a prayer

This season,

Together, for peace.

~Mattie Stepanek, age 11

Take care!  Be safe!  Be well!

Barb Eckman Krig

1952 Class Agent

Deceased Member - Class of 1952

  • Elaine Zuidema Anderson
  • Neil Anderson
  • Donald F. Andrews
  • Harold T. Balas
  • Rosemary Weaver Blewett
  • Larry B. Brynell
  • Marvin 0. Carlson
  • Dean Eggen
  • Robert L.O. Ek
  • Elaine Jacobson Erickson
  • Duane L. Flogstad
  • John Greenfield
  • Carl Griep
  • James R. Gustafson
  • Shirley Glowe Hanson
  • Charles A. Haycraft
  • Paul L. Hedin
  • Richard J. Heltne
  • Richard C. Hennemuth
  • Joanne Ekberg Hobin
  • Luverne R. Jaeger
  • Donna M. Johnson
  • Robert 0. Johnson
  • Mary Anderson Knips
  • Jack Koktavy
  • Knute Lokkesmoe
  • Niels Lumholdt
  • Georgia Gustafson Lundquist
  • Leonore Johnson Mahne
  • John W. Nelson, Jr.
  • Dennis Nordling
  • Bernice Johnson Olson
  • Marvin H. Olson
  • Margaret Berry Paulson
  • Roger H. Pearson
  • Mary Schwartz Petersen
  • James R. Peterson
  • Mary Edbloom Preston
  • Robert Reinertsen
  • Roger Severinson
  • Lloyd 0. Shervheim
  • Arland J. Siebrecht
  • George Sjodin, Jr.
  • Joanne Akerson Steele
  • Gordon R. Swanson
  • Maurice Warner
  • Richard Wittenborg
  • Joyce Lindholm Wold

I plan to be at the Memorial Service for the class of 1952 on Friday, May 31, 2002 at 5:00 p.m. in Christ Chapel, Gustavus Adolphus College.

It would be meaningful for me to light the candle for ___________________________ at this service.

Signed  ______________________________________

Please return to the Alumni Office, Gustavus Adolphus College, 800 West College Avenue, St. Peter, MN  56082 or email: