Class of 1951

April 2014

Dear Classmates, Spouses, and other readers,

Greetings to you from Ray Lundquist, who once again, is subbing for Dorothy Johnson Lutz, who has been on sabbatical this year due to health issues.  I saw Dorothy and her husband Paul at a Gustavus concert on Feb. 15 at which time she assured me she would be well and fit to write the class letter in the fall of this year.  I can assure you that this was good news to me since trying to replace Dorothy is a huge challenge.

Since I am still chair of our class Annual Fund, I am giving you an update of our most recent results.  Figures are currently $81,131 and 60 contributors.  My goal for our class is still to attain $100,000 which we did last year.  Our total number of contributors last year was 110 so the goal is to increase by 50 during April-May 2014.  It would be marvelous if some of you, numbering 62, who did not give to the fund would do so this year.  None of us should say “I’ll do it next year,” since we’re all in our 80’s.  Let’s contribute while we can.  As a doctor friend mentions to me frequently, “Please remember Ray, that when you are in your 80’s, every day is a blessing and you should try to live accordingly.  And when reach your 90’s, every day is a gift!”

If I am as fortunate as my three older sisters, I’ll be blessed, since my sister Rachel will be 96 in May, Mickey will be 95 in September and my sister, Betty “BJ” Lundquist Lornell ʼ44, was 90 in November 2013.  All three are widowed and live independently in senior residences in Edina, New Ulm and Cape Cod, MA.

I want you to know there is a real sense of exuberance and positive feelings concerning the selection of Rebecca Bergman as our new Gustavus president effective July 1, 2014.  By the way, she likes to be called Becky, so I'll refer to her as such in the following paragraph.

Becky is age 57, a daughter of a Lutheran pastor.  She graduated from Princeton University with a degree in chemical engineering and studied in a doctorate program in material science at the University of Minnesota.   She is married to Thomas, who is the chief of neurosurgery at Hennepin County Medical Center.  Dr. Thomas is also part of the U of M medical school faculty.  They have four children, two of whom are Gusties.  A son, who graduated in 2007 and is now an electrical engineer and a daughter who will graduate this spring.  Becky has been a member of the Board of Trustees since 2007 and has been chairwoman of the board's Academic Affairs Committee, which means she knows many of the faculty members.  Comments I have heard, as well as read, ring with elation at the choice of Becky.  Becky has been a vice president of Medtronic Corp. for 26 years and has always been involved in research and technology.  She believes that her 26-year Medtronic career meshes beautifully her new direction, stating “My job there has been to create future products and strategies” and adds, “At heart, I’m a futurist.”  She feels that Medtronic and Gustavus are two “mission-driven organizations filled with people who believe in what they do.”

At the March 19 Gustie Breakfast, the program consisted of Glen Lloyd, Director of Alumni and Parent Engagement interviewing five students regarding their experiences at Gustavus.  One of the students was Britta Johnson, the great-niece of Dorothy Johnson Lutz.  One of the questions asked to the students was how they felt about the choice of the new president.  They were very enthusiastic and felt it was certainly the tenor of all the students they knew.  One commented that they particularly liked her background in research and development.  Another felt it was such a plus for her to have children who attended Gustavus, as well.

I would say that we are almost 100% retired, but we certainly have an exception in Dr. Dennis Lofstrom.  In a letter from Dennis, he indicated that he and his wife Paula have been very involved in fundraising for a new pediatric hospital in Tanzania.  As of now, there is not a hospital devoted to the health needs of children and their families in Tanzania.  Currently, there are 18 million children under the age of 14 years without healthcare.  This hospital would be equipped as the only hospital for seriously ill children in the entire country.  Much of Dennis and Paula’s time has been spent visiting churches and individuals for fundraising.  This hospital is also a part of the mission and ministry of the ELCA.  The overall name for the program is International Health Partners-U.S.  Any donations to this program should be sent to:

International Health Partners-U.S.

Attn:  Joyce Zemel, treasurer

1811 South 39th Streeet, #36

Mesa, AZ  85206

My two big interests at Gustavus are music and athletics.  Lorraine and I attended the Christ Chapel Christmas ConcertThe theme was "Holy Wisdom, Holy Words:  The Gates of Eden Are Open."  I marvel at the talent of all these some 350 students involved in the program.  I have to admit, I would have difficulty in determining the talents of the three choirs that performed; they all sound very, very good to me.  The other concert we attended was the homecoming of the Gustavus Wind Orchestra on February 15.  The Wind Orchestra had made a ten day tour of Eastern Europe in Jan.-Feb. I thought it was an excellent concert and Dorothy's niece Britta was a member of the Orchestra playing flute.  My niece, Karrin Meffert-Nelson, who directs the second Wind Orchestra, played a clarinet solo, which I, of course, felt was outstanding.  I think the whole audience felt the same.  Classmates, Bill and Marilyn (Barnes) Robertz, as well as Dorothy and husband Paul, were also in attendance.

We always knew the Gustavus Wind Orchestra as “the band.”  In 2003, Doug Nimmo felt "Wind Orchestra" was a more appropriate name since all the instruments require wind.  Lorraine and I plan to attend the Spring Concert of the Wind Orchestra and choir on May 9th which will also be Doug Nimmo’s last performance.  I feel Doug has done great work at Gustavus and will be missed.

As for sports, you have to give the Gustavus women a lot of credit.  The women’s swimming and diving team won the conference title and recently placed 8th in the national competition, which says a lot since many of the 400 Division III schools have swimming and diving teams.  The women’s hockey team placed 2nd after the St. Thomas team and were aced out of the national playoffs by St. Thomas.  It was the first time in 10 years that they have missed the playoff.  They were however, recently invited to a tournament held over Thanksgiving weekend.  The four team tournament includes the four best and Gustavus was included.  Plattsburgh, who won the national title this year, Middlebury and Elmira, currently rank 1, 2 and 3 in the country, with Gustavus being 4th.  St. Thomas lost both games in the recent national tournament.  The women’s basketball team made the playoffs but also lost to St. Thomas, who I feel should be in a Division II program since they have 6,500 students.

The Gustavus men placed second in hockey with, of course, St. Thomas being the champion.  They also kept us out of the national playoffs.  The men’s basketball team had an amazing event occur on January 27.  It was a very cold, snowy night and Gustavus and Macalaster were the only teams that did not cancel their games.  What I’ll always remember was Gustavus scored 17 points in the first half and were behind by 10 points at the half.  In the second half, they came on strong, scoring 61 points and winning by a big margin over Macalaster.  I would like to have a video tape of Coach Mark Hanson’s (ʼ83) half-time talk to the team.  The Gusties only have one starting senior on the team so future prospects look good.  A 2003 Gustie graduate, Eric Butorac, made headlines when he and his tennis partner went to finals of the Men’s Doubles at The Australian Open.  They lost in the finals, but it was an amazing feat to come so close to an international championship.  Eric has a reputation of being a Division III tennis player who has become so successful in the professional ranking.  By the way, the Gustavus men and women’s tennis teams are considered the teams to beat in the MIAC conference, which is nothing new.  So much of Gustavus’ winning ways are credited to Steve Wilkinson, a winning coach in every way.  He is officially now retired but is always on the scene to give advice as needed.

A good friend to many of us, Lloyd “Ole” Bergman, died this past January 28th.  He was a 1950 graduate, the husband of our classmate, Bonnie Seaberg Bergman.  The funeral was held to a full church at Wayzata Community Church on February 1.  It was a service of special remembrance and celebration with outstanding music and soloists, as well as the Zuhrah Chanters, of which Ole was a member.  Ole loved music and that was such a meaningful part of the service.  His grandchildren gave eulogies, as well as his son, Steve.  Ole was the only attorney I ever had and he was so helpful in making financial plans for Lorraine and me which involved establishing a trust that has been so valuable.  Ole was a joiner of many organizations and I will take credit for referring him to the Big Brother program, in which he became so very involved. At the funeral reception, Dwight and Carol (Matson) Holcombe together with Adolph ʼ54 and Mary Gail (Nelson) Carlsted and Ted Stoen ʼ50, met for coffee which was very special.  If everyone had a memory like Dwight, dementia would not exist.  He reminded me of several events from the mid 1940s which we had participated and which I had forgotten.

Don Wulf, classmate and a good friend, is a man of quotes.  Every letter I receive from him includes quotes.  He lives in Sacramento, CA with his wife, Barbara Lunstead Wulf ʼ50.  I thought I would include “The Daily Dozen for a Great Day,” which came from Don and which I find very meaningful.

  • Appreciate every day—itʼs a gift and an opportunity!
  • Have an attitude of “gratitude” and “gladitude” every day, all day long!  Attitude always precedes both accomplishment and failure!
  • Seek wisdom and a positive attitude every morning!
  • Every day you have a choice to be ordinary or extraordinary!  If it is to be, it is up to me!
  • The choices you make today determine the choices you can make tomorrow!  Choices point to destiny!
  • Anger damages relationships!  Never let the sun go down on your anger!  Love life, do no harm, do no wrong!
  • Treat family like friends and friends like family!  If you can’t say something nice, don’t say it!
  • All of life, all the time, is all about relationships!
  • WIN—What’s Important Now!  First things first!
  • Your health is your wealth and your wealth is your health!  Smiles enhance—even your health!
  • Nothing you can desire compares to wisdom!
  • The Golden Rule:  Do unto others as you would want them to do to you!  Love family, it is forever!
In closing, I’d like to include some warm words I received from a student, concerning my gift to The Annual Fund.  Lindsay Ortlip ʼ15, said, “Thank you for investing in Gustavus.  Your gift to the Annual Fund supports my education and other programs that enhance my ‘Gustie’ experience.”

With that, I will say blessings to each, Happy Easter and best wishes always.

Ray Lundquist

1951 Class Vice President and Annual Fund Chair

Campus News

Rebecca M. Bergman Named 17th President of Gustavus Adolphus College

The Board of Trustees of Gustavus Adolphus College has elected Rebecca M. Bergman to be the College’s 17th president.  Bergman is the first woman in the 152-year history of the College to be named president and will succeed Jack R. Ohle, who is retiring after serving as president of the College since July 2008.  Bergman will officially take office July 1, 2014.   Bergman, who has served on the College’s Board of Trustees since 2007, has spent the past 26 years at Medtronic, Inc., including the last 14 years as a senior executive.  She currently serves as Vice President of Research, Technology, and Therapy Delivery Systems for the company’s Cardiac Rhythm Disease Management (CRDM) business, where she leads a research and development team of scientists and engineers.

Travel with Gustavus - Exploring Luther’s Reformation – Oct. 4-16

Journey on an educational tour focused on Luther’s Reformation with prominent Lutheran scholar, Gustavus professor emeritus of Religion Rev. Dr. Darrell Jodock.  Travel to Germany and Poland from October 4 to 16, 2014 to learn about the life and teachings of Martin Luther, along with the ongoing significance of his theology.  The trip is open to Gustavus alumni, parents, friends, and non-Gusties.  For more information, please visit or email Professor Jodock at  Registration deadline is May 31.

Upcoming Events

April 16 – Twin Cities Gustie Breakfast featuring Marcia Bunge, professor in religion

April 29 - Chicago Chapter Gathering

April 30 – 34th Annual MAYDAY! Peace Conference

May 30-31 – Reunion Weekend

June 1 - Commencement