Class of 1951
60-Year Reunion

April 2011

Reunion Dates- May 27-28, 2011

Dear Classmates and spouses,

One classmate said about a fellow classmate, “She’s a good egg.”  Wow!  What a wonderful bunch we still are!  The more I think about our classmates, the more excited I get about our 60th reunion!

I’m looking forward to seeing some of you at the annual Gustavus Heritage Partnership luncheon on Saturday, May 21.  Get on their list by making a planned gift or starting an endowment.  Please send a gift soon so our class participation soars!

Wasn’t the last guest letter neat?  I laughed a lot as I read it.  Each class letter by the guest writers this year has been a blessing!  Thanks again to the writers:  Marilyn (Barnes) and Bill Robertz, Ray Lundquist and Marilyn Street Turner and Marianne Ostrom Kjolhaug.

It is wonderful being in contact with more classmates than usual due to preparations for our 60th reunion.  We are looking forward to that event at the end of May.  There is a lot of Gustie “glue” to help renew our friendships.  Each of you is very important for our sense of community.  If you cannot join us, please send news and a few prayers.

The girls on the committee and those who wrote guest letters would like a goal of 100% participation in the Annual Fund!  Ray Lundquist’s Annual Fund goal is $60,000 since it is our 60th reunion.  Can we make all of them happy and reach both goals?

I just renewed my membership in the Friends of Linnaeus Arboretum.  There are more than 160 Friends (  There’s a coupon for 50% on a book at the Book Mark plus other specials!

The Gustavus Association convention in April was great as usual.  Richard Leider ʼ66 helped us think about our purpose in life.  He will also be the first seminar speaker on Reunion Weekend − Friday, May 27 at 2:30.  Hope you can arrive by then as he is terrific!  Leider said that Dr. Reusch (Betty’s dad) was the professor who turned his life around.  It was great to see Ray and Lorraine Lundquist, Lloyd Stivers and Art and Dorothy (Conrad) Gaard (back from Australia!)  Art quipped, “We are now canen-nites!”  (The Bible spells that differently.)

At the banquet, Adamʼ11 said, “I’m thankful to Gustavus.  I’m blessed by this community.”  Grady St. Dennis, “The church needs the college!”  It would be great if your church could join the Gustavus Association of Congregations.  Bishop Jon Anderson of Southwest ELCA district said, “You’d be stunned by how many ways faith is a part of (students’) lives!”  As bishop he serves on the Board of Trustees.  He said, “I’m becoming more and more a GUSTIE every day!”  (He’s a St. Olaf grad.)

In February, over 1,000 Gusties and friends packed 250,000 meals for “Feed My Starving Children.”  It was a two-day hunger event, “Good Food for All,” sponsored by Thrivent, at Gustavus.  “When you’re done with that (packing the food), you’re going to bless the meals you prepared.  People are going to live off this meal for the day.”  The Gustavian Weekly, February.  There were also opportunities to learn about hunger and to write letters to congressional representatives and senators.

I asked a student if there was anything she wanted to say in my class letter.  She said, “It’s too expensive.  I’ll have a lot of debt when I graduate.  I know a lot of kids who would like to come to Gustavus, but they can’t afford it!”

We are indebted to Marilyn Barnes Robertz for a lot of information on our classmates, since she phoned them.  Our committee is trying to contact everyone before the reunion and more classmates will be calling, so if you haven’t received a call yet, you can expect one!  Marilyn will see to it that I get on the ball and call soon.

I heard that Marilyn Street Turner is flying in from Santa Rosa, CA and Marianne Ostrom Kjolhaug is driving down from Duluth.  They are converging on the home of Marlys Akerson Chase in Edina, MN.

Rosemary Schwartau Langsjoen, Tinley Park, IL would like to come.  Marion Odberg Olson, Beachside Drive, Minnetonka, would love to attend, but needs a ride!  She still plays clarinet in a band and at church.

Bonnie Seaberg Bergman, Wayzata, hopes to come.  Gerry Erickson Thompson will come from her B & B which is open for friends and family.  It is in a beautiful location high above Lake Superior near Silver Bay.

Lorraine Widmark Nelson, New Brighton, MN hopes to be at our reunion.  Carolyn Peterson Ruggles says they hope to come.  Their granddaughter, Chloe Radcliffe, is in many productions at Gustavus.  News Flash!  From the Gustavus Weekly:  “Forensics #10 in Nation”

The Gustavus Forensics team traveled to Kearney, Neb. April 2-4 to compete in the American Forensic Association’s National Individual Events Tournament (AFA-NIET).  Last year, the team competed in the same tournament and earned its first ever top 10 national ranking.  With the help of Chloe Radcliffe’s individual championship, the first ever earned by a Gustavus competitor, the team took 152.5 points to claim 10th place for the second consecutive year.

Joan Gustafson Sifford, Longville, MN (They winter in Florida), said they hope to get to the reunion.  Kay Araskog Bertoch and her husband, hope to come for the reunion all the way from Richville, MN.

Louise Borg Bergmann is active in music.  Adele Lund Brown moved to Seal Beach, CA.  Louise and Adele hope to travel together to St. Peter.  Mildred Janzen Balzer is hoping to come from Pennsylvania.  Her new, self-published book, Heldin:  Coming to Terms, weaves the story of a young Mennonite lady.  Millie has taught English in Ohio. She and her family lived in Swaziland where she was a nurse for six years.  Our sympathy to Millie as I just learned of her husband, David, passing away.

Louise Norberg Bergstrom ʼ50 enjoyed her 60th reunion so much last year that she wants to help us celebrate Vern’s 60th.  Marie and I were missionary kids together in Tanzania.

I hope more widows and widowers join us for Friday and Saturday of Reunion weekend!  You are very welcome!

Donn and Donna Larson are coming from Duluth.  Dwight and Carol (Matson) Holcombe are coming from the North Shore!  I saw Eileen Eckberg at Mount Olivet Church.  She will be here!

The new Nelson Cultural Center planned at the American Swedish Institute is named after our deceased classmate, Carl Nelson.  His vision included space for Gustavus.  President Ohle describes it as a new base for outreach to Gustavus alumni, prospective students and their parents, friends of the college…  If Carl’s widow, Leslie Nelson, is able to come to our reunion, I hope she brings photos.

Denny Lofstrom continues to raise money for building a hospital in Tanzania.  He and his wife gave 67 presentations in various parts of the United States (website:

Back in Tanzania:  Lofstroms have about 30 mango trees on the hospital property.  So many mangos fell from the trees that they made mango juice and mango pies. 

October 2010 – Denny Lofstrom:  This year we will also co-host one of the sessions on mission medicine at Mayo Clinic.  Then…we’ll host a session at a conference called, “A Taste of Tropical Medicine.”  (Look for them at the Nobel Conference every October!)

Denny sent an email from the hospital he is involved with through International Health Partners in Tanzania, “Sometimes we become impatient with the seemingly slow pace of progress, then when visitors exclaim, ‘You’ve done all this from scratch in just four years?!’  We reevaluate and realize progress is being made every day, every week, every month because of your help and continuing support.  Thank you.”

One of their medical visitors from the U.K. wrote “I have not yet spent two weeks at this amazing place and am already blown away by it.  What a welcome from Denny, Paula and Mary Ellen and from the incredible staff at the clinic.”

Lois (Anderson) and Ken Quist were in St. Peter in March for the funeral of her sister, Hildur Swenson, who was 103 years old.  Hildur ʼ30 died in her own home near the campus.  I know that she gave generously to the Chapel Endowment.

Marie (Schafer ʼ52) Benson reports on her and Stan’s travels to two other continents:

“I promised to send you another letter after we traveled to Africa from mid-December to mid-January.  As we complete the Epiphany season and anticipate Lent this week our church calendar unfolds towards Easter.  Our last trip home to Africa went well.  We met many friends and family as we spent Christmas with son Todd, Betsy, Luke and Ellie in Kampala, Uganda.  As we entered the new year we flew to Tanzania to see many friends of our years of work there as Lutheran missionaries.  That is the summary of our safari but now to flesh it out—   First the negatives of world travel for us octogenarians:  It is not easy at this age.  The traffic in the major cities is difficult.  We had learned in November, in Korea, that Seoul is a city of 18 million people to which I add there are 18 million vehicles on the streets 24/7—not a major exaggeration.  Kampala where we spent most of our time only has one or two million people but same is true of the traffic as in Seoul.  In home town Arusha, Tanzania, we found the same to be true on the major streets, the other streets are bad—and there are approximately a million inhabitants there.  It comes out in my discernment that the world is overpopulated.  Will let the sociologists bring about a solution to those problems and get on with the good stuff we experienced.

Then we were off to Tanzania to the “homeland.”  Not many of our age group of missionaries remain in Tanzania.  Stan had a final celebration his 83rd birthday…

We had our flight from Uganda home to St. Peter on January 15.  When we arrived we were told that we should have stayed in the tropics because of the severe winter we are having here in Minnesota, but it was wonderful to return to our warm home.”

Thanks, Marie, for your email!

Since Betty Reusch Anderson-Oussoren is Stan Benson’s cousin, Marie said that they saw Betty and her son, Neil, who had a fabulous trip back to her roots on the mission field in Tanzania.  Betty climbed around with a broken ankle!

Paul and Kiko Nakamura (Christmas card), from Gardena, CA where Paul is pastor of Lutheran Oriental Church.

“The family is still going strong.  Everyone is healthy and under Paul’s ministry.  L.O.C. just celebrated its 35th anniversary.

Joy was able to come home for Paul’s 84th birthday, in July.  She was able to see a few friends during her stay in Gardena and had a good, relaxing visit.  She still makes her home in Fremont, Nebraska, and enjoys the life style there.

David is well and is keeping busy.  He’s still trying to stay physically active, playing tennis and basketball.

Paul took a three month sabbatical, during which time, in July, Paul and Kiku were able to go to Hawaii for the 91st birthday of Paul’s brother, Charlie.  It was a good trip and it was great to see family and friends.”

Louise Borg Bergmann included on her Christmas card:

Significant (to us) events and activities during 2010.  Louise:  Resident Musician, Annual Retreat of the Southwest California Synod, Women of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (WELCA); member, Ventura County Chapter, American Guild of Organists (AGO); substitute organist at congregations in Ventura County; Planning Committee and co-musician-to-be for the Women of Ascension Lutheran Church, Thousand Oaks, CA, Annual Retreat, this February; member of Ascension Lutheran Church Book Club; Bone-Builder Exercise Group; weekly, supervised physical therapy sessions; Doctors, doctors, doctors!”

Florentine Peterson Anderson…“died peacefully on March 25…Survived by husband of 53 years, Don, a daughter, son and five grandchildren…Flo was a woman of faith with a friendly smile.”  Star Tribune.  Florentine and Don had told me several times in 2010 how much they were looking forward to our 60th reunion!

It was fun to talk with “Hessie,” Lois Hesselroth Hoveland on the phone.  I thanked her for calling classmates before our 25th.  We reminisced about our 50th when she came with Pat Pool Hasse and June Siem Wick, both of whom are probably cheering us on from heaven!

Hessie sends this message, “I wish I could come and chat with everyone!”  She loves phone calls (952-698-3884) and notes 1301 East 100th Street, Room 307, Bloomington, MN  55425.

Armajean Albers Jannach is retired.  They spend summers in North Carolina and winters in Florida.  She enjoys bridge, art, gardening, reading and their grandchildren.  She wrote, “I think it is very special that I still get a birthday card from G.A. roommate of two years, Marianne Ostrom Kjolhaug and that I can look at a Paul Granlund ʼ52 sculpture of St. Francis every day.”

Text Box:  Geri Johnson Reimer entered “Daisy in Clover,” a wonderful portrait of a dog with soulful eyes in the Alumni Invitational Art Exhibit at Gustavus last January.  She does portraits of pets on commission.  She and her husband still live in Hugo, MN.

This picture at the right was taken last December on St. Lucia Day at the luncheon in Alumni Hall.  Pictured left to right are:  Marlys Akerson Chase, Dorothy Johnson Lutz, Edna Spaeth Granlund ʼ50 and Mariann Ostrom Kjolhaug.

Fred Tidstrom:  “Will try to come!”  (from Ashland, WI)  Excerpts from the Tidstrom Christmas letter:

“As Ellenanne and I approach our 82nd birthdays in 2011, the more we believe in the birth of Jesus, the more we realize God’s love!

I stay active as a “community Navigator” (tells others where to go):  President, Wisconsin Innovative Network, Lake Superior Chapter; “Author” and vice president of a foundation dedicated to growing our students and community!

We enjoy being parents and grandparents and are proud of all our five children and ten grandchildren and communicate regularly via telephone, email and visits when possible in their busy lives.

         Each year becomes more precious.  We wish you all a Merry Christmas and the faith and courage to rejoice in a New Year.

         Touch all the bases and stay in the game!  [Believe in Jesus and the damnation of doubt will vanish from this world and the next]  Love, Ellenanne and Fred.”

On a sad note, we have two deaths to report:

John Bloom, passed away on April 11, 2011 in Fallbrook, CA.  He worked as an accountant for 40 years.  He is survived by his wife of five years, Marjorie; daughters, Susan ʼ78, Marcia ʼ81 and son, Ronald and their families.  He was preceded in death by his first wife, Arlene (Hansen ʼ52).

Art Adamson (Eden Prairie) died on Easter Sunday, April 24, 2011.  Art was a retired district marketing manager for Federated Mutual Insurance Company.  Art is survived by his wife of 58 years, Amy (Wampler ʼ54) and three sons, Paul ʼ77, David ʼ81 and Stephen.

Our sympathy to their families.

The Engineered Origami art exhibit was made doubly meaningful for me as I watched my granddaughter (dance major) and her friends dance around the great blue heron and other fantastic origami in Hillstrom Museum in April.

Our granddaughter, Alyssa McGinty ʼ12, is in New Zealand, she writes on her blog, “The tales of one swarthy group from Minnesota, USA as they explore the land of kiwi (the bird and kiwi the fruit), but not Kiwi (the shoe polish).  Go figure.”

What do Gustavus students do when a category 5 cyclone is due to make land fall the next day in Northeast Australia?  They help with sandbagging!  The storm prevented this astronomy class from seeing the Great Barrier Reef according to Ellery Peterson’s (ʼ49) grandson, Blake ʼ12.  He said it was a great trip, anyway!

Someone should volunteer to write up the couples who met at Gustavus long ago.  Marilyn (Barnes) and Bill Robertz are celebrating their 58th wedding anniversary.  Carol (Matson) and Dwight Holcombe; Lois (Anderson) and Ken Quist; Dorothy (Conrad) and Art Gaard are three more couples that could write up their stories for us or the Quarterly!  Hint!

Did you see the photo of Denny Lofstrom (on p. 44) in the last Quarterly?  Also, inside the back cover was a large photo of Anna Johnson ʼ12.  She is as nice as her photo.  I appreciated her kindness and patience with my library visit last year!  You can feel good supporting Anna and other through your gifts to the Annual Fund!

My brother’s granddaughter, Katie Eiden ʼ12, told me she couldn’t walk in a straight line for two windy October days!  She told me that her science books were very expensive this fall!

At the end of May our class endowment was $69,437.  Funds distributed were $3,236 for use by Gustavus.  From the endowment report 2010:  “And Professors, Too.”

“I went to Gustavus, joined the Peace Corps, and came back to teach.  The same sense of community that was here when I left was still here when I came back.  That made me happy.”

-Steve Mellema, physics

“When you see the students volunteer at soup kitchens, start clothing drives, and work with underprivileged kids as much as they do, you know you’re teaching at a pretty special place.”

-Richard Leitch, political science

Over 850 moons have phased in and out since I was born (about 81 years ago).  I’ve always been fascinated by the moon!  Now that you have all reached the “exalted age” of senior citizens, you can turn your attention to coming to our 60th even if it won’t be a full moon.  It will be at apogee.  I took astronomy from Prof. Kaufmanis, but I don’t remember that term!

News from the Gustie Breakfast on campus in February with vice president for enrollment management, Tom Crady.  We have students from 49 states.  The Admission staff has been working till the early morning hours because there are about a quarter more applicants (over 4,000) this year for the 700 openings.  Forty of those are reserved for transfers.  Gustavus has no plans for expansion so there are 660 spots for freshmen.  Gustavus graduation in four years is very high, 81%.  The retention rate is also high at 87%.  We are fourth in the nation in graduates in physics who go on to earn their Ph.D. in physics.  Wow!  These students have their own desks and can confer with their profs every day.

The new class structure (in place of Class Agents) has five positions.  Our class has the following officers:

President and Communications Chair– Dorothy Johnson Lutz

Annual Fund Chair and Reunion Chair/VP – Ray Lundquist

Recruitment Chair – John Norman

At our 65th Reunion in five years, a new slate of officers will be voted on until then these three people would like you to volunteer to help them.  Please join any of the committees listed above.

Since I’ll be writing up the news for the Quarterly, starting soon, I’ll need news on your volunteering, traveling, etc.  If you cannot come, please send news for sure!

Marianne Ostrom Kjolhaug’s dad would be proud of us for hanging in there in 2011.  He wrote his usual class letter for his 60th class reunion!  He and my mother knew each other because they were class agents for years.  They both helped their classes celebrate their 60th and here Marianne and I are involved in our 60th!

Marie Schaefer Benson requested prayers for her husband, “Babu (Stan Benson).”  You’ll have to ask her about that Swahili title.  Stan has been in the hospital and will go to Rochester to see an oncologist about his leukemia.  I’m sure they will come to part of the reunion.  Stan wants us to sit at a table and tell stories of our lives.  There will be plenty of coffee around!

I am so thankful for our guest class letter writers.  They really made us feel welcome!  The reunion committee has been hard at work.  What a lovely time has been planned!  The seven member reunion committee:  Ray Lundquist, Chair; Gordy Sandbaken, Jim Whitney, Wayne Ripley, Lloyd Mathews, Marilyn Barnes Robertz, Dorothy Johnson Lutz.

If I didn’t include everything you would have linked in this letter, please forgive me.  Our son flew home unexpectedly for a few weeks from the earthquake zone in Japan.  He was having trouble sleeping because of over 200 after-shocks and several more strong earthquakes.  The bed kept moving!

Haven’t registered yet?  You still have plenty of time, just send in your form, or go online at or call 1-800-GUSTIES (487-8437).

Since we’ll have a post reunion letter as the famous 60th anniversary class, please jot down your memories and hand them to me.  Thanks!

The last event on Saturday will be the Gustavus Symphony Orchestra at 8:00 p.m.  The concerto competition winners will be featured.  These are stunning every year!

There is no class like the Class of ʼ51.  Come and celebrate the end of May!  There is a “Land to Air” bus from the airport to St. Peter.  Ask if they will drop you off at campus.  The number is:  1-888-736-9190.  There is a city transit bus (507-934-6070).  You can phone upon arriving.  If you need a ride up the hill call me at (507-934-2769).  There are no taxis.

The weather at the end of May could be perfect or hot or cold.  The areas where we eat might be cold from the air conditioning.  Also, the campus has grown so bring walking shoes!

The following people have already registered for our reunion, so it will be the largest 60th Reunion in Gustavus history!

Last Name

First Name



Guest Last

Guest First

Guest Maid





























Warren "Bud"



































































Lisa and Hailey




We hope you can come!  Let us know if there is any way we can help you.

Sincerely yours,

Dorothy Johnson Lutz

1951 Class Agent

Dear Classmates,

I’m sure Dorothy explained in her letter the new class structure adopted recently by the Alumni Board of Directors.  Out of that structure, I, Ray Lundquist, became the Chair of the Annual Fund.  Fortunately, our class has had a fine record of giving and I feel that will continue with your help.  I am very gratified to see where we are right now as to the current 2010-11 Annual Fund.  As of March 11, we have given $52,909 and the percentage of giving is at 47.4%.  Our undesignated goal is to reach $50,000 in gifts and 60% participation.  Special thanks to all who have given thus far and to those that haven’t, I sincerely hope you will consider giving a gift and for us to exceed our goal.  It is a great cause!

In regard to the banquet on Friday night, May 28, I’m going to ask each classmate to share a special highlight or occurrence that happened to them in the last sixty years or a special memory of our four years at Gustavus.  In my January letter, I said there would be two, but due to other happenings at the banquet and all, share one or the other.  The banquet will be the one time to hear from you as well as to remember you.

Also, mentioned earlier you will be hearing from a committee member as to any questions you might have regarding the weekend.  Marilyn Barnes Robertz and Dorothy Johnson Lutz will be calling the women classmates and Wayne Ripley, Gordy Sandbaken, Bob Smith, Jack Norman and I will be calling the fellows.

Since I am a sports fan, I want to commend our Gustie women athletes, who have had a marvelous year.  They won the conference championship in swimming, are currently in the Final 4 of hockey, Division III and are ranked currently #7 in the Division III tennis.  The fellows have done well also, but the Gustie women have really excelled.  Go Gusties!

Best wishes to each of you and now we will hear from Jack Norman, Chair of Student Recruitment.


Dear Classmates,

Gustavus has created the Gustavus Recruitment Network (GRN) as an entity made up of alumni and friends of the college to help recruit high-quality students.   GRN will support the efforts of the Admission Office, Alumni Office and the Church Relations Office at Gustavus.  We, as alumni, can volunteer through GRN to identify and encourage potential students to become acquainted with Gustavus and select GAC as their first choice.

The recruitment of high quality students is the lifeblood of Gustavus, a private religious-based liberal arts college which offers its students a unique and respected college education.  You are asked to support the GRN which is a growing and evolving group of Gustavus alumni. Some of the tasks include calling on accepted students to follow up on their commitment to Gustavus or volunteering at an Admission Fair in your area.  These are some of the methods which could be used to identify and follow up on potential students who have shown an interest in Gustavus.

Although the college uses many tools to recruit potential students, we, as alumni and friends, can create a valuable network to assist and broaden this scope.  We ask for your support and ideas to make the Gustavus Recruitment Network an effective organization to help strengthen GAC for many years to come.

I, John Norman, have volunteered to chair the student recruitment effort for the class of 1951.

Campus News

Alumni Association Awards Announced

The Greater Gustavus Award is the highest award given to those, who by deed, have notably advanced and aided Gustavus Adolphus College.  Walter Youngquist ’42, Eugene, OR, chair emeritus, Department of Geology, University of Oregon, and consulting geologist, was selected as the 2011 recipient of the Greater Gustavus Award.  Youngquist has established five different endowed funds at the College and is the recipient of a Gustavus Distinguished Alumni Citation in the field of geology in 2002.  Walter’s father, Walter Youngquist ’16, received the Greater Gustavus Award in 1953.

Distinguished Alumni Citations recognize outstanding and exceptional professional achievement, such as unusual honor accorded to the individual in his or her field of endeavor.  Named as 2011 recipients are John “Jack” Bergman ’69, St. Francisville, LA, lieutenant general, retired, United States Marine Corp., in the field of military service; Robert Brown ’83, Rochester, MN, John T. and Lillian Matthews Professor of Neuroscience, Chair of Department of Neurology, Mayo Clinic, in the field of medicine; and Mark Thomsen ’78, Henderson, NV, professional operatic tenor, in the field of music.

The First Decade Award recognizes early professional achievement to one female and one male in the 10th Anniversary Class.  Selected were Kirsten Cullen Sharma ’01, New York, NY, clinical assistant professor, New York University Child Study Center, New York University Langone Medical Center, and Jonathan Poole ’01, Washington, DC, special agent, violent crime branch, Diplomatic Security Service, U.S. Department of State.  The Awards will be presented at the Alumni Banquet on Saturday, May 28.

Sesquicentennial Award

In 2011–2012, Gustavus will celebrate its 150th academic year.  The Board of Trustees has established an award in honor of this Sesquicentennial anniversary to recognize individuals who have made a significant difference in the life of the College.  The award, called “The Sesquicentennial Award,” will acknowledge and pay tribute to living alumni, parents, friends, and retired faculty and staff who:

  • Through actions in their personal or professional lives, have advanced the status of Gustavus as a premier liberal arts college;
  • Have set a new precedent in the ways they supported and advanced the mission of the College as an institution dedicated to preparing students “for fulfilling lives of leadership and service in society”; and/or
  • Have brought particular dignity or honor to the College.

Please submit nominations online at .  For more information about the Sesquicentennial Awards, visit .

Chapter Gatherings

This year President and Kris Ohle have traveled to many parts of the country and made 15 stops in various cities, in order to reach out to all of our alumni and bring them an update from the College.  There is still one more on the calendar, so if you live in the Chicago area, please mark your calendar for – Friday, April 29.

Summer will bring another round of picnic gatherings – so please mark your calendar if you live near one of these locations:

Mankato, MN – May 31

Rochester, MN – June 1

Sioux Falls, SD – June 6

Fargo, ND/Moorhead, MN – June 7

St. Cloud, MN – June 8

Apple Valley, MN – July 12

Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN – July 13

Long Lake, MN – July 14

Duluth, MN – July 26

Grand Rapids, MN – July 27

Brainerd, MN - July 28