Class of '51
April 2002

Dear Classmates and all,

We're looking forward to our 51st anniversary and to seeing many of you back for the 50-Year Club reunion weekend.  It will be the weekend after Memorial Day this year.  Please mail or call 1-800-GUSTIES for reservations as soon as possible!

The seminars look fantastic, again.  We'll want to say a warm farewell to President Axel and First Lady Loreli Steuer.  They have both done so much for Gustavus.  They will be sorely missed!

I hope you can visit the Gustavus Arboretum and see the new wetlands preserve and a "teaching pond" near Uhler Prairie.

We were the pace-setters for 50th anniversary classes―as the next class studied our plans!  Weren't all those guest letters and Marilyn Street Turner's guest letter, this year, just wonderful!  Thanks to all of you:  writers, givers and attendees!  I'm still studying that Golden Anniversary book.

That looks like Ray Gullickson on the "old" library photo used on the Reunion folder you received.

Thanks to all of you who help with Phonorama each year.  Ray Lundquist is our "ring leader."  Thanks, Ray!  Didn't you love that photo of "Ma" Young with her rye bread gifts for you!

Lorraine Telander ’36 passed away last December.  We will miss seeing her at Gustie gatherings.

The Gustavus Adolphus College Association of Congregations convention was earlier this April.  The new vice president of church relations, Rev. Jack Niemi ’68, is married to Dave Hilding's cousin.  Jack gave a workshop, "What Does It Mean to be a Lutheran College in Today's World?"  Another workshop is "Meaning, Passion, Purpose―in Life, for the World," by Chris Johnson ’85, director of the Center for Vocational Reflection.

I think the students now are more thankful for gifts that help them attend college than we used to be.  I didn't realize that the professors really subsidized our education by their low salaries until someone told me years later.

Your gifts create a "sense of community."  You are no longer lonely and the students are no longer lonely.  Generosity is good for them and us!

Lutheran Brotherhood and AAL are still matching gifts.  The federal government has decreased its funding of higher education.  Please send or bring your gift by May 31, the "finish line" for the Alumni Fund.  We have to have a higher percentage this year than at our 50th!!  The college is striving for 50 percent participation (by all alumni) by the 50th anniversary of the fund, which will be 2004.

In a new ELCA publication is this quote from a young graduate, "When you come out of a Lutheran College, the word "service" should be stamped on your forehead.  They don't just teach you how to make a living, they teach you a way of life."

One of the nicest things that has happened to me as your class agent happened last December when I was calling from snow-bound Northern Minnesota.  Our classmate said it was a Christmas gift that I called her!  She was happy to give a gift to Gustavus!

Did you all see your class agent representing you as the "Class of the Year?"  (Winter Quarterly, p. 38)  I'm wearing the Norwegian sweater the committee gave me on your behalf.  Lots of people like it!

This year participation is the BIG goal.  Please remember to send whatever you can before the end of May―so how about TODAY?  We need you every year!

Scholarships, scholarships, scholarships―without them, deserving students can't afford Gustavus.  Over 70% got aid last year.  We need Gustie grads to carry on in this needy world of ours.  Please remember Gustavus in your will!  You can ask Gustavus for a form, if you like.

Please continue to pray for all at Gustavus and for jobs for the graduating seniors!

Elaine LaMirande Anderson has a granddaughter, Kristi Hermansen ’04 at Gustavus.  I wonder if she knows Don Lundberg's granddaughter, Molly Lundberg ’05.  Do they know Ken and Lois Anderson Quist's granddaughter, Genevieve Quist ’05?

I'll look forward to seeing many of you at Evelyn Young's 90th birthday party on July 25th at Mt. Olivet in Minneapolis.  Just think, there will be a loaf of her famous Swedish rye bread for each of us!  What a celebration that will be!  Evelyn is such an inspiration to me to keep on doing what I can for Gustavus!

It was a privilege to be able to go to Christmas in Christ Chapel again.  "A Celtic Pilgrimage" was very special.  Of course, we all sang "O Come, All Ye Faithful" with great "gusto" at the end.  The concrete floor actually shakes when the brass players join in!

Five days later found me at the Festival of St. Lucia.  I really missed it after I moved to the lake.  We sang "När Juldags Morgan Glimmar."  They still light the real candles in Lucia's crown!  Lois Anderson Quist was there all the way from Atlanta, GA.

I saw Ray Thompson sing in the Duluth-Superior Symphony Chorus when they gave Mozart's Requiem.

Don C. Johnson reminisced about his grandfather and father planting the cornerstone for Old Main.  He was the editor for our ’51 Gustavian with the three Swedish Crowns on the cover.  It was a great annual!  We talked about Dr. Arne Langsjoen ’42.  Don keeps in touch with people by email.

We visited Arne ’42 and Carol (Gaustad ’42) Langsjoen in early April on his 83rd birthday!  Arne is still his old, happy self in spite of his recent operation and heart attack.

Julanne Brown enjoyed our 50th anniversary cup and the photos from the reunion.

Please send news to the Alumni Office!  They like everything in written form―email or penned.

"Many, many thanks for the class ’51 mug and photos.  Gustavus has the greatest alumni relations!" wrote Reynold Malmer, Kirkwood, MO.

Ruth Holle Collard sent the information form and I noticed that June 1st will be their 50th wedding anniversary.  Congratulations!

Robert Smith, Minnetonka, wrote, "Wintering in Orlando again."

Elaine Johnson Carlson continues to teach ESL as a volunteer.

Dave Lindberg, Arlington Heights, IL, volunteers at the LSTC and the ELCA archives weekly.

Lois Anderson Quist, wrote from Atlanta:  "I was on campus the first week in December to visit our granddaughter, Genevieve Quist ’05 and also my sister, Hildur Swenson ’30.  We enjoyed the President's dinner and Christmas in Christ Chapel.  It was a delight to meet Sara Titus (Advancement Associate) on campus. 

            At our Atlanta alumni party given by Linda Bailey Keefe ’69 (Atlanta Chapter Agent) we met Steve Hogberg ’69 (fine fellow) and many other friends from years past.

Dave Hilding wrote, "This April we're going to Peru for a short visit…after we're done with the Olympics here in Salt lake City.  Our house will be full with enthusiasts who want to see the Olympics.  Minnesota is going to be well represented by contestants."

Louise Borg Bergmann, Oxnard, CA, wrote, "Again, many thanks for your part in our 50th anniversary celebration.  I'm still substituting at the organ bench in Ventura County.  My husband and I are planning a short China tour over Easter time, and I'll be going to the American Guild of Organists Convention in July which will be in Philadelphia."

Ken Eastlund, Hillsdale, NJ, writes, "Retired from 3M Company 1/1/98 after 46 years sales consultant for Converters, Inc., Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania."

Bill Domning, Phoenix, AZ, wrote on his form, "I think that I am the only member of the class to work with nuclear weapons―mfg.?  Developed new fire testing regime, which led to installation of smoke detectors in habited dwellings.  Eight patents.  I designed and shepherded the construction of a church―Calvary Lutheran―Arvada, CO.  Have significant other that follows me around."

Irene Carlson Sundberg, Moline, IL, wrote on her form, "Have done after-school tutoring for five years at my church.  With the change of programs, am now helping second grade students in math.  Volunteer aid at the Crippled Children/Easter Seals Foundation."

Edith Peterson Vogt, Olivia, MN, had lots of relatives who attended Gustavus including three children and four siblings!

In September, there were over 200 alumni back for Class Agents and the National Campaign Council meetings.  I was a "double agent" attending both.  It was really exciting.  Just think of what Gustavus will be like when there is an adequate endowment fund.  St. Olaf's has about twice the endowment that we do.

My husband, Paul, had Cajun clam chowder at Gustavus.  Now I can't get him past St. Peter without stopping at the "caf" (the Market Place)!

Cards from paintings by Carol Hoorn Fraser (1930-91) are in the BookMark, thanks to her husband, John.  There are very small gift cards, regular size greeting cards, and now 12 note cards with envelopes.  There are four images; two of them are glorious fall colors.  John wrote, "originally from Minnesota, Carol Fraser moved to Halifax, Nova Scotia in 1961.  During her career she explored various media.  We have chosen to reproduce some of her extraordinary watercolors.  For more information about this artist, please visit our web site

Shirley Magnuson Winey plays the organ in church.  She thinks of St. Lucia Day every December.  She enjoyed it as a student.  She had a wonderful, first trip to Sweden last August and met some relatives.

Marilyn Hollinbeck Hales enjoyed receiving fantastic photos of our class.

Metro Lutheran article (dated Sepember 2001):  President Axel Steuer said, "Lutheran colleges still provide 50-60% of all Lutheran clergy.  Students may not even know they'll be at seminary when they start at Gustavus, but something happens to students after they arrive on this campus, something that makes them think seriously about going that route."

The article continued,"Lutheran college presidents talk more about 'stewardship' than 'fund-raising' and see people of means as individuals looking for places and ways to do something with their money."

I'm putting the finishing touches on this letter as we near St. Peter.  It's 9:00 a.m. and another exciting day at Gustavus is about to begin!  (GACAC today!)  Hope to see some classmates as usual!

Have a great spring and summer.  Please send news so the autumn letter isn't too "skinny!"  I'm still waiting for some of you to visit us at Pike Lake.  We're listed in the Duluth phone book.

Please raise our percentage of participation this spring!  Gustavus is alive and beautiful!

Sincerely yours,

Dorothy Johnson Lutz

1951 Class Agent

P. S.  Now for some other campus news written by a current Gustavus student:

Campus News:

Hi!  This is Tracey Hanson ’02 again writing from the Alumni Office.  For those of you who haven’t previously heard from me, I am a senior double majoring in Communication Studies and Business Management.  I am a seasoned Alumni Office veteran, as this is my fourth (and final) year here.  After not having taken a J-Term class, spring semester and the homework it entails has been hitting me hard.  Contrary to popular belief, the “senior slacker” final semester has been just the opposite for me.  My time at Gustavus has flown by, especially this final year.  The fact that it is March and I am still without a job is beginning to be a constant thought in the back of my mind.  It also seems to be a constant thought in the minds of my parents, although it seems closer to the front of theirs!  Spring semester has also been the final opportunity to be all together with classmates; so much time has been spent socially with roommates and friends.

As I will be graduating in June, this will be the final time you receive updates from me.  I now will also move into the alum category and step into the real world.  I’m not sure I’m completely ready for the change, but I’m darn sure that I better get ready because it’ll be here before I know it!  Here is some news from Gustavus.

Interim President Named: The Board of Trustees of Gustavus announced that it has selected The Reverend Dennis J. Johnson ’60 as the interim president of the College.  The Rev. Johnson succeeds Dr. Axel Steuer, the thirteenth president of the College, who announced January 21st that he was resigning at the end of the current academic year after having served as president for the last 11 years.

In 1985 he accepted the position as Vice President of Church Relations of Gustavus Adolphus College and in 1996 was named Vice President of College Relations.  During his tenure in the College Relations position, he twice served as interim Vice President for Development.  Previously, he served on both the Gustavus Board of Trustees and the Alumni Board.  He retired from Gustavus in 2000.  In the last year, he has served as the Bishop’s Associate for the Minneapolis Area Synod of the ELCA.  Dennis and his wife have two children.

Hello Walk On-line Alumni Community ( has been launched and Gusties of all ages are invited to join this meeting place for anything from small talk to debate to caring conversations.  Hello Walk at Gustavus is the sidewalk running from Uhler Hall on the north side of campus past the front of Old Main to Pittman Hall on the south side, which, for decades, was the main “artery” and gathering point on campus.  Even though the campus landscape has changed, the spirit of Hello Walk continues with you joining the conversation on the virtual Hello Walk.  Associate professor of political science Chris Gilbert will guest host a discussion on politics for the months of May and June.  Check it out at

Reunion Weekend for the 50 Year Club and Class of 1952 is May 31 & June 1.  A schedule of events and registration material was sent in April.

The Gustavus Alumni Fund closes May 31 – help us reclaim 50 percent participation and our national recognition for alumni giving.  All gifts, no matter what the size are appreciated.

Homecoming 2002 & All Sports Reunion Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Intercollegiate Athletics is September 21.  Homecoming Weekend will include reunion gatherings for classes of 1957, 1962, 1967, 1972, 1977, 1982, 1987, 1992, 1997 and 2002.  Class reunions will be held in Bloomington at the Radisson South Hotel Friday evening, and Homecoming events including class and all-sports reunion events will return to campus for activities Saturday.  A schedule of events and registration material will be mailed in August.  A schedule will be published in the summer and fall issues of the of the Quarterly.

It has been an extremely successful winter sports season at Gustavus.  Women’s hockey won the MIAC regular season championship with an undefeated record and advanced to the Frozen Four National Tournament, finishing third in the nation. The men’s and women’s swimming and diving teams both won MIAC titles, the first time in Gustavus history.  The women’s Nordic ski team won its first MIAC championship.  Men’s basketball placed second in the MIAC during the regular season and MIAC playoffs, and advanced to the Sweet Sixteen before losing to number one ranked Carthage College.  Men’s hockey finished second in the MIAC regular season and playoffs.  Women’s basketball finished fourth in the MIAC and advanced to the conference playoff for the first time ever. The women’s indoor track team finished second and both the men’s Nordic ski team and men’s indoor track teams placed fourth in MIAC action.  The women’s gymnastics team advanced to the NCGA National Championships.  Five Gustavus coaches were named Coach of the Year in their respective sports – Jon Carlson (women’s swimming & diving), Mike Carroll (women’s hockey), Mickey Haller (women’s basketball), Scott Jerome (women’s Nordic skiing), and Brett Petersen (men’s hockey).

Evelyn Sponberg Young’s 90th birthday celebration

The Twin Cities Chapter of the Alumni Association invites all Gusties and friends of former Gustavus food service director and 2002 Alumni Fund Chair Evelyn Sponberg Young ’33 to her 90th birthday celebration on July 25, 2002 at Mt. Olivet Lutheran Church, 5025 Knox Avenue South, Minneapolis, at 6:30 p.m. with a 7:30 p.m. program.

Evelyn will be serving her famous Red Velvet Cake and all guests will receive a loaf of her famous Swedish rye bread. A book of remembrance will be compiled as a gift for Evelyn.  Please send remembrances and stories of Evelyn to Alumni Office, Gustavus Adolphus College, 800 West College Avenue, St. Peter, MN 56082.  Reservations should be made with the Alumni Office at 800-487-8437, e-mail at or visit our web site at, alumni, events.

NOBEL CONFERENCE® XXXVIII, The Nature of Nurture – The Early Years, will be held on campus October 1 & 2.  The conference will explore the forces that are most important in shaping a child’s personality, gender identity, and language acquisition and learning ability.  History, discoveries, research, and clinical studies will all be surveyed to draw a better understanding of biological forces and environmental influences on brain development.

For more news and information about Gustavus, check out the web site at