Class of '51
February 2001

February 2001

Dear Classmates,

The months in the New Year are going by rapidly. Our 50th class reunion on May 25 and 26 will soon be here.

The campus has changed since we were students. Be sure to register and get a map of the campus when you arrive. Old Main is still there, at the top of the hill. A beautiful 14" x 11 " drawing of it will be available for contributors to our Endowment Fund. We contributed at a reunion planning committee meeting, had it framed, and have it hanging in our home. Looks great!

If you have not seen the new chapel, you will be thrilled by its beauty! We saw the steeple first go up when the chapel was constructed and then we were in St. Peter when it was restored after the tornado. The cross on the steeple came down again-but it is back in place for our Reunion Memorial Service.

There are two new buildings that are of personal interest to me. One is the Folke Bernadotte Memorial Library. My aunt, Odrun Peterson ’29, was Gustavus librarian for 25 years and helped with its design before she retired. It includes all the modern technology.

The other building is the Campus Center building; a portion that contains the student cafeteria called the Evelyn Young Dining Room. My mother worked in the cafeteria for Mrs. Young for over thirty years. It was a great place to work for some of us. This building also includes the Hillstrom Museum of Art.

Explore the other new buildings also, and you will be amazed, thrilled, and proud to have been a part of this progressive College.

Another reason to feel good about Gustavus is that it is a college that cares about others. Many of you may have seen on TV the Gustavus students helping with relief efforts in El Salvador following that country's devastating earthquake. They were taking a class in El Salvador when the quake struck and rather than come home, they stayed to help.

Then, recently, I received a newsletter from the Delta Phi Omega Sorority telling about the community service projects that they had helped sponsor. These included food drives and Toys for Tots. Other campus organizations were involved in these as well.

One of our own classmates, Stan Benson, has spearheaded the cleanup at Resurrection Cemetery, located just southwest of the campus. The tornado took all the trees and toppled many of the tombstones. Tombstones were reset and many new trees planted. It looks nice again.

Many more unsung heroes that are part of our class have been involved in acts of caring in their local communities and elsewhere. Thanks to you all.

In the most recent publication of Augustana News from Augustana Care Corporation in Minneapolis there was a picture of Dr. Ted Conrad ’25, and his family Art and Dorothy (Conrad) Gaard. Some of you may have taken Greek from Dr. Conrad. Glad to read that Dorothy and Art will be at our reunion.

It's exciting to hear that distance is not keeping former classmates from attending the reunion. I have heard that these people will be at the reunion. Ken and Lois (Anderson) Quist will come from Atlanta. Charlotte Johnson will return from Anchorage, Alaska. Elaine (Johnson) Walker and husband, Don, will be coming from California.

We can't forget those coming from Minnesota, including Edith Peterson Vogt from Olivia and Carolyn Peterson Ruggles and her husband, Henry ’50. The Ruggles are fellow members of Roseville Lutheran Church so we see them on a regular basis.

In recent obituaries we were saddened to read about the death of Ted Wolf in Scottsdale, AZ. Our sympathies to his wife, Myrna Thorsell Wolf.

Sorry we missed seeing the Home and Garden TV Network show on January 14th of Marilyn Barnes Robertz family home in St. Peter. The home was restored by Mark ’65 and Judy Ahlstrom. It was part of a series called "Restore America."

If any of you are fans of "Jeopardy," the TV game show recently had this question "It follows the name Gustavus in the name of a St. Peter, Minnesota College." The guess was "Augustus." No one got it right. We, as alumni, need to do a better job of publicizing our school.

Reminder to you allĀ¾ make your motel reservations now. A list of motels was in the June 2000 class letter. If you wish, take advantage of the free dorm rooms that will also be available. If your luggage is too heavy, students will be available to help you. No excuses for not attending.

If you have not sent in the "Golden Anniversary Booklet Information Sheet" from the Alumni Office, please do so by March 15. For your convenience another one has been enclosed with this letter. If you have already returned yours, you may discard it. Information from those sheets will be put into an anniversary booklet and the Alumni Office will mail them to us sometime in April.

Also, please note that this is the same date (March 15) that the personal accounts or memories need to be sent in to Marilyn Robertz. These personal accounts will also go into the anniversary booklet. If you do not send one by this date nothing will be put in the book. The personal accounts will be used, in the format they are received. So if it is hand written please write legibly. Marilyn Robertz's address is:. 524 Capitol Drive, St. Peter, MN 56082. Phone: 507/931-3883.

As another reminder, we ask that you bring with you to the reunion any photos, mementos, awards, copies of books and music, etc. that you have created and would like to share. Tables will be available for display and browsing. If you have extra display needs please inform Marilyn Robertz who will arrange for accommodations.

In response to the questions of "will I recognize others?" there will be a time for getting reacquainted. Maybe hair is a different color (if there is hair) or size and shape have changed. But if a name is not immediately recalled, remember we are allowed to have a "SENIOR MOMENT."

See you soon!

Florentine Peterson Anderson

1951 Guest letter writer