Class of '50
May 2000

Dear Classmates and Friends of 1950,

This letter may reach you just as you're preparing to leave for our reunion or wishing you could be there, too. Another letter will follow-up on the get-together, so you won’t feel you've missed as much.

First of all, I want to clear up some information regarding the scholarship fund that we would like to have as a class gift. More information might be available at our banquet, but this is to begin the thought process. Donna Benson Barnett graciously sent me the following that I saw no need to adapt:

One of the matters your Reunion Committee has been considering over the past months is the idea of a gift to the college that would be a lasting legacy from our class in honor of our 50th reunion. In working with the College Development Office we learned that scholarships are a pressing need in this era of soaring college costs, so the Committee has endorsed the idea of establishing an endowed scholarship fund as our class legacy to Gustavus. This is a gift that will keep on giving and will put us in personal contact with at least one Gustavus student per year.

Our goal is to raise at least $25,000 in the next year for the scholarship fund, at which time we can begin to offer a $1,000 Class of 1950 Scholarship to some worthy student each year. Actually $25,000 is a minimum goal; we would hope that we can raise more than this amount in the next fiscal year, and we can continue to add to this fund in years to come. Donations will need to be designated to the Class of 1950 Scholarship Fund.

You will be hearing more about this idea in coming months, and there may be opportunity to discuss it at the time of our reunion. If you have questions about the fund, they can be addressed to our class agents, Ralph and Yvonne Belin and Gloria Benson, to our Committee chair Donna Barnett, or to the Development Office. You have given generously to the Annual Fund in this our 50th reunion year, and we commend you for that. We hope you will find the prospect of a Class of 1950 Scholarship an exciting one and will give it your generous support also.

Donna's been busy since her return from a three-week tour of Australia and New Zealand, a trip she highly recommnends despite the 14-hour non-stop fight from L.A. to Sydney. So many interesting things to see and do, and the people are friendly. One disappointment was that her group's day at the Great Barrier Reef was cancelled. Instead they watched Cairns prepare for a category-3 cyclone that fortunately fizzled out before it reached shore. New Zealand is especially scenic and a pleasant place to visit because it isn't so crowded-I'm sure those of you who have been there would concur with her impressions.

Chuck and Faith Anderson of Young America, MN will be attending the reunion Friday night. The next day their granddaughter Shayna graduates from Bethel College in St. Paul and that's a "must" for their attention, understandably. Chuck and Faith were married at 7 p.m. the night Chuck graduated with us. He adds, "Yes, it was a busy day." His father, the Rev. N. William Anderson, performed the ceremony. Their children Dave x73 and Cindy are hosting a celebration at St. John's Lutheran Church in Young American on Sunday, June 4, from 2-5 p.m. Now, hear this: "All class members and their families are invited to attend if they RSVP to Cindy before June 1. Her number is 651-636-2885 in New Brighton. No gifts, but 'In Honor' direct to Gustavus and the class of '50 would be appreciated." Thank you for the invitation-what a thoughtful thing to do!

I really enjoyed a letter from Irene Carlson Moore of Brooklyn Park, MN. She doesn't think she and her husband will be able to make it to the reunion, but she included a delightful bird story. They have a duck sitting on 10 eggs about 10 feet from their front door. She was there last year also. The night before Easter Sunday, the papa duck came and spent all day Sunday with her then flew away again. I know families like to be together for Easter, but I didn't realize that extended to our feathered friends. Have those

eggs hatched yet? Should be fun to watch them head for the water-I presume you have some nearby. We'll miss you, but I understand how "iffy" things can be.

Allen Kroehler of Lancaster, PA, responded to the news of Dorothy Kaufman's death. She had been out there a few years ago on a family heritage trip and he helped her locate the church and the vast church cemetery--and the graves--in Brickerville, the northern end of their county, where some of her ancestors are buried. He adds, "Her family's Lutheran church had formerly shared facilities in their early years with a Reformed church, now a part of the United Church of Christ of which I have been a lifelong member and in which I am an ordained minister. Talk about a meaningful visit and a recurrence of the small-world aspect of our lives.

Dorothy Kaufman had planned her chemotherapy treatments so that she could attend our reunion-had her plane tickets and all arrangements made, when she died in her sleep. So many good memories flooded back from our college days when I heard the news. She will be sorely missed.

Allen Kroehler also has a picture of the 1949 SPAN group, taken after their return, showing Allen in lederhosen (leather pants) from Austria, George Forell. in lederhosen and a Tyroleian jacket, enjoying "pretended/rapt" attention of three other SPAN students-Dallas Young, Doris Jacobson, and Art Monke. Lloyd (Ole) Bergman was not present on that picture. I hope we get to see some of those pictures at the coffee hour after our banquet on Friday.

Speaking of George Forell, I've heard from both him and George Hall. Neither of them will be able to make it to our reunion, but they thanked us kindly for the invitation. I'll bring the letters with me. Forell's wife, Betty, had fallen and broken her hip, so George is the chief cook and housekeeper. George Hall is chaplain at a retirement home in Evanston, IL, and has nine preparations a week, but he doesn't "get around much any more." Forells live in Iowa City, IA.

My sister and I stopped in Rockford, IL to visit Dick Dye-Shirley Swanson Dye '51 died on their return trip from Texas a couple weeks before. Their daughter, Deb, had called me with the news just before we left for Indiana and Illinois. Along with other memorabilia of Shirley's life were the playbills from the Gustavus Theatre in which she performed so admirably.

I hope I've touched on all the news I had. The alumni office will add a list of all those who've made reservations so far. I'm looking forward to seeing you on Friday. Remember that our gift to the alumni fund must be in by May 31. At the last reckoning, only four classes were head of us in total giving. We should be able to beat them in this special year. At least, let's get that percentage of givers way up there. Please send in a gift right now or bring it with you. Thanks-ever so much.

Gloria Martell Benson

1950 Co-Class Agent