Class of '49
February 2000

Dear 49ers,

Our class agent, Pete Erickson, called me at the end of last year to ask if I would be a guest writer for the class letter. I wasn’t home?my wife answered?she told Pete, yes, I would be happy to. So here I am?perhaps I should have had her write this, but she is a class agent for the retired community, with the title coordinator for retired academic and administrative personnel (affectionately known on campus as the CRAAP lady), and thus writes her own class letter.

Anyhow, it’s a fun time to be in St. Peter and on campus. It may be different wherever you are, but so far we are enjoying a wimpy winter in southern Minnesota. We just returned from a month in the Southeast, experiencing the ice storm in Atlanta (with damage to the car from falling trees) and freezing weather at an Elderhostel on Hilton Head Island, followed by some cold, but dry days on the Gulf at Destin, FL. So it was good to get back to the above normal temps here.

By now you should have received the Quarterly with a lot of the happenings on campus being reported. The new Campus Center is nearly completed, with the dedication of the building, taking place on April 8, in conjunction with the annual meeting of the GACAC (Gustavus Adolphus College Association of Congregations) on campus.

As you remember from our 50th anniversary reunion last spring, the class of ’49 made a special gift of over $50,000 toward the Campus Center with a room being designated as the 49er room. As of now, the 49er conference room is finished and already being used for various committee meetings. Next time you are on campus, make a point of looking up the 49er room on the lower level of the Campus Center, adjacent to the information desk.

Speaking of being on campus, why not plan on returning on May 26 & 27, for the 50-Year Club, War Years and V-12 reunion? There will be the 50-Year Club dinner on Friday evening and the Alumni Banquet on Saturday evening, along with reunion seminars on both days featuring Election 2000 and politics, music of the ’40s, and Nature Notes with Jim Gilbert. As members of the 50-Year Club, the price is right?complimentary housing in the college residence halls and meals in the Evelyn Young Dining Room. I’ll enclose the tentative schedule now with final info and registration coming in May.

Let me close with a contribution from our classmate Rey Bjurstrom, who shall be given the title "49er Poet Laureate."


By Rey Bjurstrom

Hail to the class of Forty-niners
As we sit in our armchairs and recliners
Remembering a glorious day in May
When we collected our diplomas and went our separate way

We vowed we would conquer the world
With our knowledge and Gustie banner unfurled
We strived for fame and success
Which we accomplished more or less.

But being a GUSTAVIAN meant more than being the best
It meant caring for all of the rest
For we remembered the camaraderie
We had from the days at G.A.C.

On "Hello Walk" we greeted each other as we would pass
In front of Old Main on the way to our next class
At G.A. no one went unrecognized
For Gustavians we were all deputized

The spirit of Gustavus is not fixed in the past
It lives in Gustavians from the first to the last
Sharing in learning and stretching the mind
And striving for the good of all mankind

From the class of forty-nine to the class of ninety-nine
We take our place in the academic line
We share common goals to define
And in being a Gustavian a sense of honor and gratitude is mine

Thank you, Rey, and Go Gusties!

Milt Brostrom '49
Guest writer