Class of '46
April 2000

Dear Gustie Friends of ’46,

Take a look at the other side of this page. Does that page from the Weekly of May ’46 bring back any memories? Gosh we were young, foolish and fancy-free! How we have matured.

We have a great chance to get together with other Gustavus friends who were on campus during the so-called War Years and struggled with getting an education at the time of the world crises in Europe and Asia.

The Alumni Office has invited anyone attending Gustavus during those years, including V-12 fellows, to a wonderful weekend on the campus on May 26-27. Many interesting activities have been planned including visits with some of our professors.

Most activities will be held in the new Charles Jackson Campus Center so it won’t involve a lot of walking across campus.

I was at Gustavus Saturday for the Association of Congregations and took part in the dedication of this new center. What a wonderful addition to the campus. The food service center is a marvel in itself.

The strong support and tradition of Gustavus is shown in the remarkable rebuilding of the campus since the tornado of ’98. Except for young trees dotting the grounds and absence of Johnson Hall, everything looks fine.

Read over the enclosed program and make plans to join us for a fun and invigorating weekend at Gustavus. Registration materials have been mailed.

Looking forward to seeing you all,

Arlene "Red" Sorenson Higgins ’46

April 2000


Wow! This is my first communication to you in the new millenium. Have you become accustomed to the date on your checks? It is quite a change for me and I have to really concentrate when using dates on written information. That may be a sign of aging, ha?

I hope this finds all of you, who were having health problems when I last wrote, getting back to your normal activities and looking forward to spring. We, here in the Midwest, are so anxious for rain and fresh flowers. We just spent some time in California where you, who live there, are so blessed to enjoy sunshine and flowers all the year long. I must admit your weather was a bit cool.

This "news flash" is to announce the grand reunion of the 50-year club and the V-12/5. Now, you realize that covers our class and many of those who attended in our era. The detailed reservation form for the reunion will be coming to you soon in a separate mailing. Arlene Sorenson Higgins is working with the alumni staff in preparing a really relevant program of activity and gathering events. It will all be held in the new Jackson Campus Center, which means that we will not have to walk from building to building. The chapel event will be the only event which requires moving out of the Center. They were so kind to even ask us about what type of menu we would be pleased with and so the alumni staff has been very thoughtful. Circle your calendars for May 26-27. Contact your friends and groups, whom you would love to "sit down with" and just chat about your travels on this journey of life, since we were students at Gustavus. We all have stories and I am sure we would love to share them with those long ago fellow students and also enjoy some good laughs about the entertaining events while at college.

The Campus Center was dedicated last week and the dinning room was named in honor of Evelyn Young ’33. There is a new International House being built. The new facility will support the mission of bringing an international perspective to the curriculum and prepare students to compete in the new millennium.

There will be an hors d’ oeuvres buffet and tribute gathering for Chaplain Richard Elvee on Tuesday, May 16, at 5:30 p.m. at Hotel Sofitel in Bloomington, MN. The cost is $25/person. You may make reservations with the alumni office by calling 800-487-8437.

The Cec Eckhoff Memorial, a sculpture by Granlund, will be dedicated on campus on Saturday, May 27th near Hello Walk.

I realize that you have been contacted by students from the college regarding your annual gift to your alma mater. I will remind you, on behalf of the alumni association, that it is necessary to make your decision before May 31st and if you have already made a commitment, we remind you that it will also be due on that date in order to credit this year’s donation. Thank you for your sincere participation and I compliment you all on how gracious you have been in sharing your gifts with Gustavus. I know you would be pleased to hear all the good things going on down there and all the lovely young men and women who are gaining so much guidance and wisdom by being a part of this spiritual and highly accredited institution.

Hoping to see many, many of you on May 26! We may need name tags to identify each other, but that is part of the richness of our lives!


 June Naplin Christensen

1946 Class Agent