Class of '46
October 1999

Dear Gusties,

The autumn season has nearly passed back here in the Midwest. I am sure everyone who is a resident of this area will confirm that the foliage on our trees was absolutely magnificent this year. Many of us took special journeys to just inhale the beauty of God’s creation at this season. It was at times similar to Sigurd Olson’s quote, "It is more than a person can stand!" We hope you had the privilege of season change wherever you live.

It is that time of year when schools greet new students and begin to gather for study and fun. Gustavus has a full capacity of new and return students this year. The enrollment is 2,490 and they tell us that this is the largest group that has ever enrolled at this campus.

It was so inspiring to be on campus on September 18th for our class agents’ meeting. The campus is in the process of remodeling and building which certainly impresses one as to the future planning. The new Campus Center will house the Evelyn Young Dining Room, Book Mark Store, post office and health service. The renovation of the old dining service building will house many needed offices for use by students and faculty. I tell you the cafeteria area is a far cry from the 1940’s. They can choose a number of menus for each meal! A contrast from our one meatball!!! It is a very convenient space, which will be conducive for a variety of purposes.

Gustavus is in the top 80 of the overall quality listing for national liberal colleges according to US News and Report and one of only four Minnesota colleges named a Top 100 Value in private colleges. I guess that means you get a fair value for your financial investment and the academic quality in education. Gustavus has a strong sense of community; "Hello walk" is still intact. Ethics and English composition are emphasized. They try to stress "good grammar usage" in any course in which a student is enrolled.

Here are some dates of Gustavus events that you may want to add to your calendar:

Starting next year, all class reunions, except for the 50-Year Club and the 50th Anniversary Class, will be held in the fall at Homecoming, scheduled for Friday and Saturday, September 29 & 30, 2000. Classes celebrating reunions at Homecoming will include ’55, ’60, ’65, ’70, ’75, ’80, ’85, ’90 & ’95. Reunion dates for the 50-Year Club and the Class of 1950 are May 26 & 27, 2000, Commencement Weekend.

The Gustavus Library Associates Once upon a holiday … A Royal Affair, is Saturday, November 13 at the Radisson South Hotel, Bloomington. Information and registration material was inserted in the Summer Quarterly.

Christmas in Christ Chapel, Even so, come, Lord Jesus, is December 3-5. A ticket order form was inserted in the Summer Quarterly.

Alumni Chapters will be meeting again this year so mark your calendars today: Washington, DC, November 5; Boston, November 6; Chicago, December 11; Atlanta, January 31; Marco Island, February 5; Tucson, February 7; Phoenix, February 8; Sun City, February 9; Seattle, March 3; Bay Area, March 4; Los Angeles, March 5; San Diego, March 6; Denver, March 7.

We love to have you send us information on your life’s events as the students are being trained to contact you as the year continues. I did try to contact a few of you, but many of you were not home and some of you are moving around.

I did speak to Doris Johnson Briere, who lives in sunny Arizona. She was proud of a granddaughter who was selected to be a debutante from her school as a participant in a charity ball in the San Francisco area.

Donald Johnson and his wife Betty celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. I suppose there are many of you who have similar records of marriage.

We read, in the summer issue of the Quarterly (page 32), about Millie Hoorn Engberg’s sharing an interesting piece of art, with Gustavus, which was created by her father in 1910.

Arlene Sorenson Higgins just returned from a trip to Tuscanny where she was fascinated by the interesting art and the hilly countryside.

I was happy to receive Doris Nelson Johnson’s note telling me that she, Janet Johnson Breneman, Esther Hedman Lindberg and Wanda Comstock Grande had met together at Gustavus and enjoyed each others fellowship.

I know that many of you classmates have grandchildren who are students at Gustavus at this time and I hear they are all thrilled with their college experience. Doesn’t that warm your hearts? I will never live to see that of my grandchildren as I have just had the privilege of adding another granddaughter to our nest.

We share our prayers and blessings on all of you who are going through difficult health problems at this time and hope that you will find peace and comfort in the days to come.

Gustavus is very appreciative of all the faithful alumni who share their financial gifts with them. When you see and hear all the joy which our alma mater brings to new generations it makes one grateful that we have the opportunity to share in these new generations of Gusties and so we encourage you to put Gustavus on the "top" of your holiday gift list. You all did so well this past year that our class got some awards for doing a good job, thank you for your graciousness. Have a blessed year and an even better Millennium!


June Naplin Christensen

1946 Class Agent