Class of '45
April 2005

Dear Gusties of ’45:

Each time we have enjoyed an issue of the Class of 1945 class letter as written by a class member other than the class agent, I am very thankful that the Alumni officers continue to urge us to follow that procedure.  A sincere “thank you” to Ken Kirby for his reminiscence insight from the ’40s, which we enjoyed in the January letter.

My Phonorama activity this past year was mostly carried out in 2005 and I was pleased to make contact with all but a couple of you.  However, since I was calling late I found that student volunteers had already made contact with several of you.  It was encouraging to hear from some of you that responses had already been made to a student volunteer.

A recent message from Randall Stuckey ’83, Director of Alumni Relations, informed us that currently contributions to the Alumni Fund for this year had reached a sum about equal to that which had been received at that date the previous year.  Equal:  That sounds good until we note that since May 30, year 2004, 585 new graduates joined our ranks.  Just equaling last year won’t do it.  We have to pull together to achieve our goals.

I guess it’s not surprising if new graduates take a little time in getting adjusted to thinking of themselves as voluntary supporters of their alma mater.  Many of them are busy paying back loans for a while.

I confess that I really never got into the idea of alma mater support until I retired; and I could lay that to the fact that I never received a phonorama call until retirement; and that can be laid to the fact that we never had a telephone in the places we lived for 36 years in Tanzania and Kenya.  To what lengths some people will go to avoid a Phonorama call!

What we are aiming at is 100% participation in the Alumni Fund.  Any ONE of us can thwart that goal.  Together we can bring it to a reality.

And that brings me to a closing plug for getting together as many of our class of ’45 as are able to travel on this, our 60th anniversary.  Even if you attended the 2004 reunion you will find more new developments on campus this year.  There is the new dormitory nearing completion―some 200 occupancy; another building in process also, called Mattson Hall, which will house the nursing and education departments; the renovation of Old Main interior is in process.  And then there is the waterfall, which was constructed after the ’04 reunion.

And now, thanks for the following news notes:

Genevieve (Quam) Anderson has been retired since 1982 and now lives at RealLife Cooperative at 170 Emerson Avenue East, #323, West St. Paul, MN  55118.  Husband, Russell ’42 is retired superintendent of Dist. 197 West St. Paul where he served for 24 years.

Jean Swanson Hulstrand lives at 720 Emerson Avenue East, #119, West St. Paul, MN  55188.  She writes, “My hobbies are sewing, reading, learning how to use the computer.  Travel, has dwindled since my husband died; travel has been mostly short trips.  The co-op where I live has 97 units, and I find this a great place to live.  We have social activities and many nice people.”

Audrey Hallen Kinney writes, “I graduated with the class of ’45; in retirement I continue to reside in Glenwood, MN for eight months of the year and in Gro Valley-Tucson for the other four months.”

Paul ’47 and Mary Ann (Peters) Anderson sent us some great reminiscent pictures and article about an exhibit at the Minnesota Historical Society in which they had part.  Look for her submission at the end of this letter.


Elder Jackson

1945 Class Agent

P. S.  The Alumni Office will add some campus news here:

Campus briefs

Gustavus has been known for its strong tradition of alumni participation in annual giving.  Gusties support their Alma Mater in many ways and show their pride with their gifts.  All alumni and current students have benefited from previous and current support.  Gustavus will be as strong as its alumni want it to be.  The 2005 Alumni Fund closes May 31.  Make sure you are included with many members of your class and other alumni that have chosen to keep Gustavus strong.  Three easy ways to give – send your check to the Alumni Office (by using the enclosed envelope), call 866-487-3863, or on-line at 

Alumni Awards

The Gustavus Alumni Association has announced 2005 award recipients.  The Greater Gustavus Award to George Torrey ’55 for his lifetime volunteer service and philanthropy to the College. Distinguished Alumni Citations to G. Barry Anderson ’76, Apple Valley, MN, associate justice, Minnesota Supreme Court; Deanna Nelson ’64, Cary, NC, president/founder, BioLink Life Sciences, Inc.; Rick Webb ’73, Edina, MN, owner of Ciao Bella, Zelo and Bacio Restaurants; and John Wirth ’75, Pacific Palisade, CA, writer/executive producer, Paramount Studios.  First Decade Awards to Joe Gaugler ’95, Lexington, KY, assistant professor, Department of Behavioral Science, University of Kentucky College of Medicine; Debbie Lightly Mascaro ’95, Fargo, ND, research scientist, North Dakota State University Center for Nanoscale Science and Engineering.


The Gustavus women’s hockey team finished third at the NCAA national championship after winning the MIAC title, the men’s basketball team won the MIAC regular season title and conference tournament and advanced to the NCAA national tournament, the men’s swimming and diving team won the MIAC title and placed seventh at the NCAA national tournament and had seven swimmers earn All-America honors and the women’s team had four swimmers earn All-America honors.

Bricks and mortar

Southwest Residence Hall is being constructed across the Campus Drive from the arboretum on the west side of the campus and is scheduled to be finished by June.  The L-shaped facility is configured with apartments for four and six and will accommodate nearly 200 students.  A hostel space for summer programs and confirmation retreat groups is included in the residence’s plans.

With the new Southwest Residence Hall coming on-line, the College will be taking down Wahlstrom Hall to make way for future residential construction.  Crews will start the dismantling process in July with asbestos abatement, and the Kasota-stone residence hall will be razed in August.  Alumni returning for reunion and commencement festivities on May 27–29 will be able to take a last tour through the building’s public areas, stairwells, and walk-through sections following a “decommissioning” ceremony to be held on Saturday morning, May 28.

Construction crews working on the renovation of Old Main discovered a cistern under the basement flooring in March.  Gutting the interior has provided evidence of layers upon layers of remodeling done over the years, including an old stairwell in the middle of the building and what appears to be an attempt to raise the third-floor ceiling.  The Old Main project, which includes the installation of an elevator in the northwest corner of the building, is scheduled to be completed in August.

The education and nursing departments have been relocated to the newly erected Mattson Hall, which is sited just west of the Schaefer Fine Arts Center and Prairie View Residence Hall, on the south side of the campus.  These departments will remain there until a new social science center is built at some point in the future.

Upcoming Events

  • Association of Congregations Meeting – April 23
  • G.I.V.E. Community Service Day – April 30
  • Class of 1955 and 50-Year Club Reunions – May 27 & 28
  • Commencement – May 29
  • Alumni Fund closes – May 31
  • Reunions on Homecoming – October 7 & 8
  • Nurses Reunion – October 8

Mary Ann (Peters) and Paul ’47 Anderson write:  “Enclosed you will find information about an exhibit at the Minnesota Historical Museum in St. Paul.  Interestingly enough, it also pertains to the history of Gustavus.  Remember in 1947 when the war was over and vets lived in trailers?  We were one of those couples, and just happened to snap a pic of Paul carrying me over the threshold of one of those trailers!  I responded to an article in the Historical Society paper―and now that snapshot is a part of a new exhibit.  Just had to share…”

war times



war times


Here also are a few other pictures of those days…

war times war times
war times