Class of '45
January 2000

Dear Gusties of ’45

Were you caught up in the "Y2K Millenium" bug? Not so this Gustie, whether from indolence or superior knowledge…at any rate, Paula and I trusted that all things would work, and if it was to be we would awake to write new dates in our checkbooks (the ones to the Gustavus Fund first, of course!).

It must have been because we so enjoyed the Nobel Conference and the friends we saw and visited with that I was so weak as to agree to Elder’s proposal that I write this letter. We truly did enjoy Nobel, and understood quite a bit of what was discussed! No doubt these will be the topics in the 2000 years ahead. As always Gustavus did a beautiful job of accommodating all of us, and showing off a truly lovely campus as well. We drove to St. Peter and approached from the east, which we never do—and from there the visibility of the campus on the hill is truly a special experience—we had never seen it from that perspective. Perhaps my mother saw it like that when she attended Gustavus!

Paul and I had been on campus in July when the second annual V-5, V-12 Reunion was held. At that time it already was landscaped and lovely, but by October there was a truly settled look to the campus. If some of you are V-5 or V-12ers you shouldn’t miss a reunion if another one is held. It was great fun—and we all heard many stories about a Gustavus that was just a little different.

I hope you are all as enthusiastic as we have been about the "new" look of the Quarterly. It is really stunning. And it is full of interesting and pertinent articles about a school we can be justly proud of. I hope you promote our school—we can do it better than ads, for we’ve been a part of, and I hope, added to the real spirit of Gustavus.

Campus News:

The Gustavus campus is in the midst of January term with over 20% of the student body away from campus this month participating in internships, study abroad programs, student teaching or studying at other domestic institutions. On campus there are many unique classes being offered such as Archeology and the Bible and Analyzing Japan in addition to numerous classes and programs around a J-Term 2000 theme - Focus on Women's Studies. Next year January Term will focus on environmental studies. Winter sports, fine arts and extra-curricular activities are also in full swing. Even though there is little snow at Gustavus the new Nordic Ski Team is preparing for competition. The band and choir are preparing for southern tour destinations—the band to Florida and the choir to Texas.

Construction on campus continues as the new Campus Center will be finished in February with the completion of renovating the former dining service building. Many offices will then move to their new location in the Campus Center including Admission, Dean of Students, Student Activities and Residential Life. Construction of the new International House-Swedish House, a new residence hall/international center to replace Johnson Hall and the Swedish House that were destroyed in the March 1998 tornado, will begin this spring. Construction on an outdoor track and new soccer field stadium will begin this summer. If you have not been back to campus lately, you are encouraged to make a visit to see these exciting changes.

If you can not make it back to campus, but want to stay connected, check out the Internet site at The college is thrilled to recently have hired a web coordinator who has been busy updating the Gustavus home page. Look for more changes to alumni services on the web coming this spring.

You are invited and encouraged to attend these upcoming alumni events:

Naples gathering February 5 (Marco Island gathering cancelled)
Tucson Chapter gathering February 7
Phoenix Chapter gathering February 8
Sun City Chapter gathering February 9
Seattle G.I.V.E. project February 19 and Seattle Chapter gathering on March 2
Bay Chapter gathering March 4
Los Angeles Chapter gathering March 5
San Diego Chapter gathering March 6

Helen and Paul Baumgartner, Gustavus music faculty will perform two piano recitals in the Twin Cities on March 12, 1:30 p.m. at Cross of Glory Lutheran Church, Brooklyn Center and March 19, 7:00 p.m. at Wayzata Community Church

50th Anniversary Class and 50 Year Club reunions - May 26-27

A reminder that all other reunion classes (1955, 1960, 1965, 1970, 1975, 1980, 1985, 1990 and 1995) will have their reunions at Homecoming on September 29-30.

Gustavus War Years Reunion For classes of 1944-’47 and Navy V-12

May 26 & 27, 2000. You are invited to return to campus this spring as guests of the Alumni Association for a special reunion of the Gustavus War Years classes. Social events, seminars, concerts and other activities are planned for an exciting weekend. Navy V-12 members are also invited to share in the reunion activities. Registration material will be sent in early April, but mark your calendars and encourage your Gustavus friends to attend today.

A new method of giving to the College is now available! Lutheran Brotherhood created a highly successful and popular program for Lutheran churches called Simply Giving and has just extended this opportunity to Gustavus and other Lutheran colleges. Simply Giving is an automatic bank draft program that allows you to make regular monthly gifts from a checking or savings account to the College. You do not need to be Lutheran to participate, there is no cost to you or the College for this service, and you can make changes at any time. For so many people, it is much easier to give $50 a month than to write a $600 check once a year. Please call Heather Nancarrow at (800) 726-6192 or (507) 933-7518, or e-mail her at to request more information.

News Notes:

Ruth Benson Johnson writes that she and Donald have built a new house in town, after 47 years on their farm. They are enjoying seven grandchildren, ages 2 to 18. Their new address is: 350 Wiggin Street, Walnut Grove, MN 56180.

Marjorie Dahl Hennessy is still painting—and that doesn’t surprise any of us, does it. She had two paintings accepted in the National Competition for a one year tour ("Annunciation 2" and "Descent From the Cross 5") and three pieces presented a in thesis at Luther Theological Seminary by a grad student: "Crucifixion 13," "Transfiguration," and "Flowers are the Peculiar Language of Christ" (from "Rejoice in the Lamb"). And grandchildren are a major part of her life as well.

Mary Ann (Peters) Anderson reports that Paul and I and six of our family, kids and grands, spent four breathtaking days in the BWCA in late May before the horrendous storm. We paddled, carried our own packs, and slept in the tent, on the ground, just like the rest of the gang! For a few of us it was our first experience in the Boundary Waters, and it lived up to every expectation. In August our entire family always has a weekend together at some Minnesota site we haven't visited before. This year it was Taylors Falls, and it was a great way for the 12 of us to be together.

The other highlight was a trip to Columbus, Ohio where we spent a brief time with Paul's 2nd officer from Navy days in the Pacific—we heard some wonderful tales!!

Thanks, Elder, it's been enjoyable to chat with my '45 classmates. Don't forget to send news items when you send your gifts to Gustavus, both are much appreciated.


Mary Ann (Peters) Anderson

1945 Guest Letter Writer