Class of '43
January 2001

Westbrook, MN

Dear Classmates of ’43:

Bernhard Erling has asked me to write the second of the three letters sent out each year to Gustavus alumni. And so I send you New Year's greetings as we begin the year 2001. A few people regard this as the actual start of the new millennium rather than a year ago. I would dispute that claim, but regardless I believe this year is significant for many of us born in the year 1921, as we will soon be Octogenarians. Bernie tells me that he is a couple of years younger and presumably there are a few more that may be slightly younger. However, I suspect a majority of the class will soon be celebrating their 80th birthday.

Perhaps this might be an appropriate time to do some reflection as to how our lives might have differed had we gone to a different college or not to any college at all. This is not to say that we would not have productive, satisfying lives, but there could be a multitude of changes. We might have had a different vocation, ended up living in a different setting, perhaps a different mate and certainly a different set of friends. We must conclude that Gustavus has had a major impact on our lives. And so we thank God for giving us life and for the good things we enjoyed as a result of our Alma Mater.

It has been interesting to observe how the College has changed in the past six decades. Bernie indicated in the fall letter that the capital expenditures in the past couple of years totaled 85 million dollars. Having visited the campus three times in the past year I must say that the many additions and the beauty of the grounds overwhelm me. Those in charge need to be commended for a well managed institution. But we also must give due credit to the continued support of the growing list of alumni and friends of the College. Your help remains a vital link to continued success of Gustavus Adolphus. Recently some of you were contacted by the Fall Phonorama volunteers and responded well. Others can expect to hear from the institution either by phone or letter as the year unfolds. We hope you are able to respond favorably as well.

Some Class News:

As indicated in your last letter I had the great pleasure of spending a few hours last summer with Dr. James Breneman who was a good friend in college. Jim grew up in Trimont where his father published a newspaper. He and his brother, Wayne, attended Gustavus in the early ’40s. Both were known for their outstanding singing voices. They joined Glen Spetz ’42 and Ted Palm to form the Quartet known as "The Collegians." Jim attended the University of Minnesota Medical School and established The Breneman Clinic, a good-sized practice, in Galesburg, Michigan. Now retired, he became renowned for his expertise in the area of allergies and rheumatology.

Howie Olson's daughter, Linda ’85, a Gustavus graduate, teaches at Li Po Chun United World College in Honk Kong.

Aldrich Bloomquist has a huge stamp collection that requires a lot of attention as well as time.

Gene Farrell, of our class, seems to have lost contact. If anyone knows of his location, please notify Al Bloomquist, other Kappa Sigs, or the Alumni Office.

Remember the cartoons of "Gus and Adolph" which were used to announce LSA events? Gordon Nelson was the cartoonist. Now a retired pastor living on Cape Cod he also has spent some time in Wasghington, D.C. and served as an election observer in Guatemala.

Since the last letter we have been informed of the death of Betty Lou Pearson Gruber who was married to Clem Gruber, class of ’42. They had two children, Kristin ’71 and Rolf ’74. She served as the principal's secretary at Fred Moore Jr. High School in Anoka from 1960-84.

News about Hildur Henrickson Kull was usually included in the 1942 class letters as she was married to Donald Kull of that class. Donald has been gone for two or three years. Hildur has a daughter, Kathryn, who has her Ph.D. in biology and is presently in Switzerland supervising the testing of pharmaceuticals. Stanley, one of their sons, is a Philadelphia attorney and Robert, another son, is a mechanical engineer who has been in Australia.

Arne Anderson writes as follows: Regarding his departed wife, Jeanette Hatlestad Anderson. "Jeanette went to the University of Minnesota when the children were responsible and acquired credits toward a Master's degree so she could teach senior high classes. This kept her busy for many years at Minneapolis Southwest until illness led her to retire. We have four grandsons and two granddaughters. I miss Jeanette very much!" We remember Jeanette as a talented thespian. I had the good pleasure of sharing some scenes with her in an all college play "The Whole Town's Talking " directed by Francis Gamelin ’38 in 1942.

A little personal note. Our youngest daughter, Martha, together with her family, are starting their third year in Bostwana, Africa. They reside in Gabronne. Her husband is a consultant to Daytex, which offers support to USAID in several Southern African countries. While there, she has completed her doctorate and hopes to receive that honor in May. Martha has remained on staff at S.I.T. (School for International Training) in Brattleboro, Vermont.

Campus News

The Gustavus campus is enjoying another busy and exciting January Term with 2300-plus students enrolled for credit! We are offering over 100 January Term courses, including 16 travel courses (plus 36 international courses through our UMAIE consortium). There are also 15 courses on the special Environmental Studies theme for J-Term 2001. Some of these courses include, Chemistry in the Environment, The Literature of Winter, Geographical Issues in the Third World, Global Environmental Change, Amazonia: An Eco-Historical Perspective, GIS in Environmental Analysis, The Changing Face of Agriculture, and Environmental Journalism. Next year (2002) the January Term theme will be "Global Village" and will feature both international and domestic diversity focused courses. After that J-Term themes are planned for "Service-Learning" (2003) and "Undergraduate Research" (2004).

You are invited and encouraged to attend these upcoming national chapter alumni events. Invitations are sent to alumni in chapters. For more information, please call the Alumni Office at 800-487-8437 or look on the web at

  • Seattle Chapter, Gustavus Choir Concert, January 13
  • Portland Chapter, Gustavus Choir Concert, January 15
  • Bay Area Chapter, Gustavus Choir Concerts, January 17-19
  • San Diego Chapter, pre-concert dinner and Gustavus Choir Concert, January 21
  • Los Angeles Chapter, Gustavus Choir Concerts, January 22 & 24
  • Sun City Chapter, pre-concert dinner and Gustavus Choir Concert, January 25
  • Phoenix Chapter, pre-concert dinner and Gustavus Choir Concert, January 26
  • Tucson Chapter gathering on January 27
  • Albuquerque Chapter, Gustavus Choir Concert, January 28
  • Santa Fe Chapter, Gustavus Choir Concert, January 29
  • Denver Chapter, Gustavus Choir Concerts, January 30 & 31
  • Rapid City Chapter, Gustavus Choir Concert, February 1
  • Sioux Falls Chapter, Gustavus Choir Concert, February 2
  • Twin Cities Chapter, Gustavus Choir Concert, February 4, Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church, 12650 Johnny Cake Ridge Road, Apple Valley, 3:30 p.m.
  • Gustavus Band Home Concert, February 4, Christ Chapel, 7:30 p.m.
  • Gustavus Choir Home Concert, February 10, Christ Chapel, 7:30 p.m.
  • Marco Island gathering February 24
  • Vero Beach gathering February 25

Reunions 2001

50th Anniversary Class and 50 Year Club reunions will take place on campus, May 25-26 for the Class of 1951 and the 50 Year Club. Registration material will be mailed in April.

A reminder that all other reunion classes (1956, 1961, 1966, 1971, 1976, 1981, 1986, 1991 and 1996) will have their reunions at Homecoming on September 21-22. Class gatherings will take place in the Twin Cities at the DoubleTree Hotel, Minneapolis Airport at the Mall, on Friday, September 21. Homecoming activities will take place on campus on Saturday, September 22.

Will you help Gustavus remain strongly church related? Encourage your ELCA congregation to join the Gustavus Adolphus College Association of Congregations. There is no cost. For more information, call the Office of Church Relations at 800-726-6194 or e-mail Craig Johnson at

A Final Note: Some of you might have heard about the tilted spire atop Christ Chapel. This structure was supposed to withstand 150 mile-an-hour winds. It was only subjected to 30-mile currents. The good news is that workmen have been able to bring it back to its proper position and expect to have it reinforced shortly. For the present, the Chapel is not being used. The diagnosis was metal fatigue. Something new every day.

We thank you for your continued interest and involvement in Gustavus.

Sincerely yours,

Elmer Anderson

1943 Co-Class Agent