Class of '42
November 2006

Dear Classmates:

I think it was a couple of months ago that we attended a special dinner in Alumni Hall at Gustavus geared to bring us up-to-date on the importance of the scholarship programs of the college.

We heard directly from about eight students from freshmen to seniors.  They were a treat to hear.  In one way or another each one mentioned that they couldn’t have enrolled at the college if it hadn’t been for the financial help they received.

We also learned that very few students pay the full cost.

The students we heard were lively, serious, entertaining and thankful they were at Gustavus and they said so.

The audience was also grateful they had a part in assisting these young people prepare for their futures.

When the dinner was over we headed back from the Alumni Hall toward Evelyn Young Dining Room.  We bumped into a smiling student who asked if we were on campus for something special.  I told him I was a class agent from the Class of ’42 and that we had just met and heard some of the students who were beneficiaries of the scholarship programs of the college and that we were thrilled to hear them.  It had been a great evening.

Then this handsome young student blurted out, “Then you are the people I have to thank.”  He went on to say he came from a small farm near Rochester and that there was no way his family could help him go to college.  I thanked him for saying what he did and that I would pass on his gratitude to our class.

So let me emphasize:  Your gifts to the Alumni Fund are part of making a difference for some young people.  I thank you, the college thanks you and lots of Gustie students thank you.

I hope you will feel good about this information.  Your gifts make a difference.  And isn’t that the purpose of life?

When you stop to think about it, I’m sure you’ll agree this college generation will be asked to deal with some pretty tough problems in their days ahead.

And you are helping them to prepare for their futures through your gifts.

Isn’t that what Thanksgiving and Christmas are all about?

The envelope enclosed will carry a part of you into the future and you can feel good about that.


Gustavus Designated an “All Steinway School

Steinway and Sons, makers of what many would say are the best pianos, has added Gustavus to its “All Steinway Schools” list.  This is an exclusive list of just 66 colleges, universities, or conservatories in the world.  To be considered for the Steinway designation, a school must first have at least 90 percent of its performance, practice, and teaching pianos be Steinways.

Gustavus Excels in Fitness and Dining

Men’s Fitness magazine has named Gustavus as one of the top 10 colleges in America for fitness.  Among the things considered in the rankings were nutrition and dining choices, whether physical fitness is included in the curriculum, and availability of workout equipment.  They also examined individual student responses to questions on topics such as alcohol consumption, tobacco use, fast-food indulgence, and exercise habits.  On a related note, the Gustavus Dining Service was listed in the top 10 in a U.S. News and World Report survey on the best campus food in America.

Gustavus Alumni Professional Apparel

Check out the two new oxfords on sale online through the Gustavus Book Mark.  The Book Mark is offering a women’s and men’s long sleeve shirt in a variety of colors and sizes.  The shirt features an embroidered three crowns and Gustavus.  A great idea for holiday shopping for your favorite Gustie.  Check them out online only at

Athletic Hall of Fame Induction

On Saturday, September 30, Gustavus inducted the following people into the Athletic Hall of Fame:  Deborah Jungwirth Borman ’87 - Volleyball, Tina Pulido Draper ’87 - Gymnastics, John Huepenbecker ’80 - Football, John Jambeck ’62 - Swimming, Deanne Sand Johnson ’89 - Tennis, Dick Kumlin ’55 (posthumously) – Basketball, Dan Prochnow ’78 - Golf, Jerilyn Ree ’88 - Basketball, and Stacey Rodman ’89 - Swimming.

Honor Roll of Donors

If you haven’t had a chance to find yourself online, please go to to check out the 2005-2006 Honor Roll of Donors.  The Honor Roll of Donors recognizes those who made gifts to Gustavus between June 1, 2005, and May 31, 2006.  To find your name or check your class results, just point and click from your home or office computer.  For those who do not have access to a computer, you may call toll-free 866/487-3863 to receive a copy in the mail (supplies are limited).

Gustavus Legacy Award for Gustavus Admission

Mark Anderson, Vice President of Admission and Student Financial Assistance, is pleased to announce the Gustavus Legacy Award for new students beginning with the incoming class of 2007.  Renewable awards of $2,500 per year are given to new students whose siblings are current Gustavus students or graduates or whose parents or grandparents are Gustavus alumni.  Scholarship recipients must have a high school grade point average of at least 3.5 or an ACT of 26 or an 1170 (Critical Reading + Math) on the SAT.  For more information contact the Admission Office at 800/GUSTAVU(S) or email <>.

Upcoming Gustavus Events

  • Washington DC Area Gustie Gathering – December 3 to watch the Vikings
  • Christmas in Christ Chapel “An American Odyssey” – December 1-3
  • Jacksonville Chapter Gathering – February 11
  • Orlando Chapter Gathering – February 13
  • Tampa Bay Chapter Gathering – February 15
  • Naples/Marco Island Chapter Gathering – February 17
  • Tucson Chapter Gathering – March 16
  • Phoenix Chapter Gathering – March 17
  • Sun City Chapter Gathering – March 18


1942 Class Agent

P. S.  I can’t let this letter go without paying tribute to two great Gusties who passed from our scene recently.  Both were from ’41 but all of us knew them, some a little, most a lot.

Arthur “Batch” Johnson was not only an exceptional student, he was a great athlete.  You’ll remember he starred on the football field, the basketball court and the track.  He earned more than a dozen letters and still managed to graduate near the top of his class.  He was a great guy and my best friend.  I miss him.  Say a prayer for Dee (Borgstrom) Johnson.  Batch passed away August 16.

Another shining light of the Class of ’41 was Joyce Westrom Hilary.  We attended her memorial service at Central Lutheran Church in downtown Minneapolis.  Joyce was a good friend of everybody.  She greeted everyone with the brightest smile.

Music was her life even before she came to Gustavus she was a church organist and continued as accompanist for the Gustie Choir and later for Central Lutheran and the Frederick Hilary Chorale with her husband directing.  She was a lovely person and an inspiration to our sons when they were young.