Class of '42
January 2004

Dear Classmates,

I don't know about you, but I do believe there really is such a thing as "a still small voice."  And it is not only in the religious context where we probably heard that phrase.  They come to life at odd moments:  when you're waiting for the coffee to announce its readiness, when you're waiting for the washer to complete the spin cycle, when you're…you get the point.  And once in a while, all of a sudden and you wonder where it came from, you might be propelled back to something related to some Gustavus experience.

It happens to me for sure when the Gustavus Quarterly comes in the mail.  It might be something in the column by the new president, or a picture of a building that wasn't there when we were.  And it might happen in church, too…in a sermon, a hymn - again, you get the point.

And those brief Gustavus "recalls" are always positive.  They cheer the heart and leave you with a good feeling even if it's only a flash.

Well, so much for the romanticizing.  I think what I'm trying to say is that wherever you are Gustavus is still a big part of your life - a good part, because Gustavus had to do with what's best in you today.

The past few days I've really felt all of the above because Art Renquist passed away January 7th and a host of memories came rushing back.  His daughter was taking him to the doctor and he died in the car.  He leaves 6 children, 11 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild.

Art was "top of the class" in any activity in which he was engaged: at Gustavus, Columbia Law School, in the Navy during World War II.  He earned the Silver Star, nine battle stars, and a special commendation from the Secretary of the Navy for his 15 patrols.  On some of the latter ones he was the captain.  At one time he was the youngest Lieutenant Commander in the Navy.  Imagine!  At about 23, he was skipper of a submarine.  Later he went on to head the law department of Northern States Power Company.  And in our many times together, he brought forth memories of Gustavus and Gustavians.  And that's where the still small voices come in.

My epitaph:  Art was a great guy.

Campus News

Building a Greater Gustavus Reaches Target

Gustavus celebrates reaching the $100 million target for the Building a Greater Gustavus capital campaign.  The campaign includes reconstruction projects following the 1998 tornados, the creation of the Center for Vocational Reflection, growth of the Christ Chapel Endowment, the C. Charles Jackson Campus Center, the Curtis and Arleen Carlson International Center, the Barbro Osher Svenska Huset (Swedish House), the new soccer and track complex, and more than 100 new scholarships.  Efforts continue to raise funds for campaign projects, such as Old Main renovation, Gustavus Alumni Fund, and further endowment growth.  Special thanks! goes to the volunteers and donors who contributed their resources to assist current and future Gusties. 

January Term

The theme for this January Term is "Undergraduate Research and Creativity," to promote course offerings and activities in all fields, not just natural sciences and fine arts.  In addition about 375 students are on travel programs abroad in such places as Europe, Australia, Malaysia, Fiji, and Israel.  Also, 180 students are participating in internships and career explorations, now so essential for many students in securing a job, no matter what career field. 

New Gustavus Video

Have you been to campus lately?  Can you remember your first time seeing Gustavus? The Admission Office has created a new video/DVD for prospective students to take a look at the College. Take a look online if you wish at <>.

Fine Arts

The Gustavus Symphonic Orchestra will take a 16-day concert tour to China performing in such places as Beijing, the Great Wall, and Tianjin.  The Gustavus Choir will take a 10-day concert tour to selected cities in North Dakota, Colorado, Nebraska, and Minnesota, and will also present a concert in the Twin Cities on Friday evening, January 30, 2004, 7:30 p.m., at Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, in St. Paul.  The Gustavus Wind Orchestra, formerly the Gustavus Band, will tour during Spring Break.

Extraordinary Place

Gustavus is among leaders in Academic All-Americans.  The College Sports Information Directors of America have recently released a list of institutions with the highest number of Academic All-Americans over the past three years. Gustavus ranks 14th out of all programs competing at the NCAA Divisions I, II, and III, and NAIA levels.

Extraordinary People

Peter Krause '87 returned to Gustavus in November to meet and conduct workshops with students.  Krause has been nominated for Golden Globe, Screen Actors Guild and Emmy awards for his role as Nate Fisher in the critically and commercially acclaimed HBO drama, "Six Feet Under."  With the hope that the day would focus more on the students than on his newfound fame, Krause spent the afternoon doing acting work with classes and theatre and dance majors.

Great Teaching

In case you missed the note in the Fall 2003 issue of the Gustavus Quarterly, we are asking alumni to send in short reminiscences, tributes, and anecdotes about professors who made a difference in their education - "the teachers and mentors who have made a lasting impression, who have imparted life lessons, whom you remember for their wit, or their mastery, or their encouragement, or their exacting standards . . . or their idiosyncrasies." We are planning to focus an upcoming issue of the Quarterly on "great teaching" and would like to hear from those who experienced the classes of those great professors.  Send your paragraphs and stories to either Randall Stuckey '83, director of alumni relations (, or Steve Waldhauser '70 (, managing editor of the Quarterly, or in the mail to the College.

  • Upcoming Chapter Events
  • Washington DC, Gustavus gathering - February 6
  • Atlanta, Georgia, Gustavus gathering - February 26
  • Tampa Bay, Florida, Gustavus gathering - February 27
  • Naples, Florida, Gustavus gathering - February 28
  • Vero Beach, Florida, Gustavus gathering - February 29
  • Sun City, Arizona, Gustavus gathering - March 19
  • Phoenix, Arizona, Gustavus gathering - March 20
  • Tucson, Arizona, Gustavus gathering - March 21

Among other things...our classmates are great volunteers:

Hazel (Fossum) Arndt has been busy with Habitat for Humanity and served on committees building several H for H homes.  In November she was on the team of women that built one of those homes.

Pearl (Horman) Johnson volunteers at the famous Glensheen Mansion in Duluth as a docent.  Still a golfer, she didn't make a hole in one in 2003.  Good luck in 2004.

Mike Nielsen for the past ten years has a route on which he collects used glasses for the Lion's Club, which are sent overseas to needy people.

Marv Palmquist and wife, Elaine (Bexell '43), are on their way to Tanzania where he will preach in the first parish he served in the Augustana Mission Field in 1945.  His home congregation in St. Croix Falls is sending money to provide a meal to the people of the parish on the day he preaches.  Their daughter will go along on their mission to help rebuild the church.

So much for this January class letter, but with this note…Thanks for your support of the Alumni Fund.  We are a little behind this year so "if you haven't reported in," as Edgar Carlson '33 reminded us, please do so.

Blessings and have a Happy New Year.

C. Eddie Johnson

1942 Class Agent