Class of '40
April 2006 (Part B)

Dear Classmates,

Spring has sprung in Minnesota.  As you well know, it is such a beautiful time of the year.  No doubt your income taxes are paid.  Now you can sit back and read messages from classmates at Gustavus.

A big thank you to each person sending a greeting.  When others arrive, Carl Lofgren and I will continue to share them with you.

Jane and Newton Johnson have spent many winters in Tucson, Arizona.  They sold their home recently.  Fairmont will be the right place to enjoy their many good friends.  He is 87 and says he is feeling his age.  (That sounds familiar!)

Ruth and Dale Lund will celebrate their 60th anniversary on August 3.  They are happy to attend grandson’s graduations and weddings and give thanks for Gustavus.

Elaine Allerson Benson writes from Northfield, Minnesota that she has three teenagers living with her.  Their mother, Elaine’s youngest daughter, had an amorism and had four brain surgeries in September of 2005.  She is recovering―but slowly.  Elaine, we remember you and yours in our prayers.

Doris and Occie Rolander write from Seattle that they enjoy their pleasant living facilities.  Occie needs help of a wheelchair.  Doris is his special cheerleader.

Millie Gulberg Gilbertson spent Christmas in Arizona with Becky class of ’68.  Debbie, class of ’74, spent last week with Millie.  She will have Easter with Rachel, class of ’66.  Millie has seven grandchildren and seven great grandchildren.  She will be in Christ Chapel in September for the wedding of her grandnephew.  The bride and groom are Gustavus graduates.  Millie, you must win the prize, for family involvement at Gustavus.

Anita Berg of Shreveport, Louisiana, daughter of Christian and Anna Marie (Sandahl ’37) Swenson, wrote to tell us her father died on February 24, 2006 and her mother died on March 7, 2006.  Anna Marie had this message on her kitchen wall: 

“God is to continue to create

Christ to continue to redeem

Through my daily work.”

And Christian wrote in 1969 the following message.

“I believe that if we are to continue as a democratic society

the general citizen must be scientifically literate.  It is the

responsibility of science departments in general and physics

departments in particular to bend their efforts toward making

educators and counselors aware of the cultural significance of

science, and of its importance as a directing factor in all

aspects of our society.”    ~Christian N. Swenson, 1969

I hope to attend some of the activities at Gustavus during reunion/commencement weekend.  However, it is best to take one day at a time.

It was fun to share thoughts and activities of former classmates.

With happy memories and much love,

Evelyn Strom Pearson

1940 Co-class Agent