Class Officers

Class Officers are volunteer representatives from each class who are a liaison between their class and the College. They assist the College by writing class letters, encouraging support of the annual fund, and promoting class reunions and other Gustavus gatherings. If you are interested in serving as a Class Officers, please contact Alumni and Parent Engagement at 800-487-8437 or by e-mail.

Current Class Officers
Year Role First Maiden Last City State E-mail
1940 Communication Chair Millie Gulberg Gilbertson e-mail
1940 Annual Fund Chair Carl Lofgren Bloomington MN e-mail
1940 President Evelyn Strom Pearson Minneapolis MN e-mail
1941 President Charles Lusk Wickenburg AZ e-mail
1942 President Eddie Johnson e-mail
1943 President Bernhard Erling Saint Peter MN e-mail
1949 President Milt Brostrom Saint Peter MN e-mail
1951 Annual Fund Chair Ray Lundquist Golden Valley MN e-mail
1951 President Dorothy Johnson Lutz Saint Peter MN e-mail
1951 Recruitment Chair Jack Norman Buffalo MN e-mail
1952 President Barb Eckman Krig Minnetonka MN e-mail
1953 President Tom Boman Duluth MN e-mail
1953 President Marv Larson Plymouth MN e-mail
1954 Annual Fund Chair Roger Carlson Minnetonka MN e-mail
1954 Communication Chair Vic Carter Newark DE e-mail
1954 President Woody Chaffee Saint Peter MN e-mail
1954 Recruitment Chair Dianne Anglemyer Clinton e-mail
1954 Reunion Chair David Johnson Minneapolis MN e-mail
1954 Recruitment Chair Betty Lundgren Schlotthauer Arden Hills MN e-mail
1954 Annual Fund Chair Paul Vollan Spicer MN e-mail
1956 President Mimi Johnson Eisele Grand Rapids MN e-mail
1956 Reunion Chair Bob Erdman Saint Paul MN e-mail
1956 Communication Chair Kay Rethwill Moline Saint Peter MN e-mail
1956 Recruitment Chair Donald Roberts Saint Peter MN e-mail
1957 Communication Chair Marlys Mattson Nelson Shoreview MN e-mail
1958 President Owen Sammelson Saint Peter MN e-mail
1958 President Carolyn Lund Sandvig Minneapolis MN e-mail
1958 Communication Chair Sonya Harbo Talus The Woodlands TX e-mail
1959 Annual Fund Chair Carol Miller Hammarberg Philadelphia PA e-mail
1959 Communication Chair Carol Johnson Heyl Winona MN e-mail
1959 President Jerry Hoffman Minneapolis MN e-mail
1959 Recruitment Chair Ben Johnson Saint Cloud MN e-mail
1960 President Paul Tidemann Minneapolis MN e-mail
1961 Reunion Chair Elsa Cornell Saint Peter MN e-mail
1961 Annual Fund Chair Stu Johnson Saint Peter MN e-mail
1961 Communication Chair Virgene Grack Sehlin Golden Valley MN e-mail
1961 President Bruce Warner Plymouth MN e-mail
1962 Communication Chair Norman Anderson Delano MN e-mail
1962 Communication Chair Gail Lindsey Breen Charlotte NC e-mail
1962 Recruitment Chair Ben Leadholm Minneapolis MN e-mail
1962 President Hap LeVander Woodbury MN e-mail
1962 Reunion Chair Janyce Helgeson Olson Richmond VA e-mail
1962 Annual Fund Chair Terry Skone Deerwood MN e-mail
1963 Communication Chair Gary Anderson Hugo MN e-mail
1963 Recruitment Chair Bill Lahti Apple Valley MN e-mail
1963 Reunion Chair Ginny Larson Minnetonka MN e-mail
1963 President Jussi Tammi Holland MI e-mail
1963 Annual Fund Chair Paul Tillquist North Oaks MN e-mail
1964 Reunion Chair Elizabeth Johnson Ekholm Mendota Heights MN e-mail
1964 Communication Chair Linda Leonardson Hallman Minneapolis MN e-mail
1964 Recruitment Chair Helen Brostrom Ihrig Saint Peter MN e-mail
1964 Annual Fund Chair Jim Peterson Minneapolis MN e-mail
1964 Communication Chair Sharon Peterson Robinson Kasota MN e-mail
1964 Reunion Chair David Spong Chanhassen MN e-mail
1964 President Joanna Carlson Swanson Edina MN e-mail
1965 Annual Fund Chair Paul Hammar Side Lake MN e-mail
1965 President Beverly Nordskog Hedeen Plymouth MN e-mail
1965 Communication Chair Linn Ostberg Minneapolis MN e-mail
1965 Reunion Chair Arlyn Tolzmann Elgin IL e-mail
1966 Communication Chair Bill Laumann Saint Peter MN e-mail
1967 Communication Chair Marcia Sylte Belisle Burnsville MN e-mail
1967 President Steve Emerson Fergus Falls MN e-mail
1967 Reunion Chair Jeanne Mingus Tolzmann Elgin IL e-mail
1968 President John Moorhead Minnetonka MN e-mail
1968 President Kris Lundberg Moorhead Minnetonka MN e-mail
1968 Communication Chair Paula Navarro Afton MN e-mail
1968 Reunion Chair JanaLee Sponberg Alexandria VA e-mail
1969 President David Leitzman Saint Joseph MN e-mail
1969 Communication Chair Jane Norman Leitzman Saint Joseph MN e-mail
1970 Annual Fund Chair Linda Gilkey Lichty Apple Valley MN e-mail
1970 President Scott Lichty Apple Valley MN e-mail
1970 Recruitment Chair Craig Nelson Saint Peter MN e-mail
1971 President Bruce Johnson Saint Paul MN e-mail
1971 Annual Fund Chair Mary Parkin Rasmussen Fargo ND e-mail
1972 Communication Chair Todd Dokken Minneapolis MN e-mail
1973 Annual Fund Chair Betsy Lee Duncan Mount Prospect IL e-mail
1973 Annual Fund Chair Gregg Duncan Mount Prospect IL e-mail
1973 Reunion Chair Matthew Peterson Edina MN e-mail
1974 President Rob Linner Edina MN e-mail
1974 Communication Chair Rita Ferguson Maehling Plymouth MN e-mail
1974 Communication Chair Chris Mathieu Fair Play SC e-mail
1974 Reunion Chair Jan Michaletz e-mail
1974 Annual Fund Chair Russ Michaletz Edina MN e-mail
1974 Reunion Chair Bob Peterson Tulsa OK e-mail
1975 Reunion Chair Betsy Bloomquist Lundgren Mendota Heights MN e-mail
1975 President Kristin Peterson Duluth MN e-mail
1975 Annual Fund Chair Philip Richardson Chicago IL e-mail
1976 President Bruce Olson Brooklyn Park MN e-mail
1977 President Dave Dreelan Olson Edina MN e-mail
1977 Reunion Chair Rad Royer Aitkin MN e-mail
1978 Communication Chair Nancy Erickson Withers Eden Prairie MN e-mail
1979 Annual Fund Chair Jon Brunsberg Mendota Heights MN e-mail
1979 President Boofie Longley Graham Pacific Palisades CA e-mail
1979 Reunion Chair Nancy Miller Johnson Northfield MN e-mail
1979 Communication Chair Paula Larson Penrod Portland OR e-mail
1979 Communication Chair Deb Johnson Rosenberg Eden Prairie MN e-mail
1981 Communication Chair Lori Rutter Anderson Edina MN e-mail
1981 Recruitment Chair Denise Connly Fleming North Oaks MN e-mail
1981 President Steve Heim Edina MN e-mail
1981 President Leslie Nielsen Hastings MN e-mail
1981 Communication Chair Jane Breckner Pederson Scottsdale AZ e-mail
1981 Recruitment Chair Linda Norman Reding Maple Grove MN e-mail
1981 Annual Fund Chair Betsy Schaller Eagan MN e-mail
1982 Reunion Chair J.C. Anderson Edina MN e-mail
1982 President Richard Olson Edina MN e-mail
1983 Reunion Chair Susie Heim e-mail
1983 Communication Chair Cande Carlson Roberts Eden Prairie MN e-mail
1983 President Brad Somero Phoenix AZ e-mail
1984 President Carole Arwidson Minneapolis MN e-mail
1984 President Ken Ericson Eden Prairie MN e-mail
1984 Recruitment Chair Laurie Berge Hagen Elizabethtown KY e-mail
1985 Communication Chair Susan Johnson Chwalek Monticello MN e-mail
1986 Recruitment Chair Melinda Moen Batz Bloomington MN e-mail
1986 Communication Chair Sara Hansen Lakewood CO e-mail
1986 President Dan Murray Oakdale MN e-mail
1987 Recruitment Chair Lee Fahrenz Aurora IL e-mail
1988 Recruitment Chair Woody and Woody Bachman Saint Peter MN e-mail
1988 Communication Chair Kaari Olson Frondal Apple Valley MN e-mail
1989 President Scott Anderson Eagan MN e-mail
1989 Reunion Chair Mike "Duebs" Dueber Saint Paul MN e-mail
1990 Annual Fund Chair Dan Michel Chicago IL e-mail
1990 Reunion Chair Scott Nelson Medina MN e-mail
1990 Communication Chair Lee Reinsch Saint Paul MN e-mail
1991 President Jeff Steinle Minneapolis MN e-mail
1992 President Annie Marshall Baltimore MD e-mail
1994 Recruitment Chair Dan Currell Saint Paul MN e-mail
1994 President Gretchen Anderson Zinsli Owatonna MN e-mail
1995 Communication Chair Beth Wiberg Barbosa Saint Paul MN e-mail
1995 Recruitment Chair David Berg Rochester MN e-mail
1995 Reunion Chair Karen Boschee Chenvert Saint Louis Park MN e-mail
1995 Annual Fund Chair Joseph Gaugler Maplewood MN e-mail
1995 President Sara Tollefson Tollefson Currell Saint Paul MN e-mail
1996 Communication Chair Jennifer Krempin Bridgman Alexandria VA e-mail
1996 President Andrea Solomon Seattle WA e-mail
1997 Communication Chair Kari Binning Minneapolis MN e-mail
1997 Communication Chair Martha Malinski Minneapolis MN e-mail
1998 President Gigi Wait Dobosenski Saint Peter MN e-mail
1998 Recruitment Chair Erik Eckman Lake Elmo MN e-mail
1998 Reunion Chair Alicia Sutphen Schimke Chanhassen MN e-mail
1998 Communication Chair Shannon Sinning Mankato MN e-mail
1999 Recruitment Chair Gretchen Seifert Chaska MN e-mail
2000 President Corey Bartlett Sartell MN e-mail
2000 Communication Chair Nissa Stolp Fell St. Peter MN e-mail
2000 Annual Fund Chair Kelly Colvin Smith Oxford 0X3 7AE e-mail
2001 President Hal DeLaRosby Tacoma WA e-mail
2002 Reunion Chair Katherine Medbery Medbery-Oleson Shoreline WA e-mail
2002 Reunion Chair Karen Warkentien Oglesby Eden Prairie MN e-mail
2002 Recruitment Chair Toby Stalter Alexandria VA e-mail
2002 Annual Fund Chair Mike Wilken Carver MN e-mail
2003 Reunion Chair Drew and Drew Hasty Cumberland WI e-mail
2003 Communication Chair Carmen Mayo Hugo MN e-mail
2003 President Leslie Wilcox Rosedahl Saint Paul MN e-mail
2004 Communication Chair Sarah Nelson Conlon Kasota MN e-mail
2004 Reunion Chair Dan Myers Minneapolis MN e-mail
2005 Reunion Chair Anne Shipley Jewison Medina MN e-mail
2005 Communication Chair Liz Zappetillo Lewis Lynden WA e-mail
2005 Annual Fund Chair Jessica Nelson Lake City MN e-mail
2006 Reunion Chair Anders Eckman Minneapolis MN e-mail
2006 Communication Chair Matt Forbes Stanford CA e-mail
2006 Recruitment Chair Hannah Johnson Fridley MN e-mail
2006 Communication Chair Logan Martin Cottage Grove MN e-mail
2006 President Matt Swenson Saint Paul MN e-mail
2007 President Barry Cattadoris St. Paul MN e-mail
2007 Recruitment Chair Mike Cicchese Oakdale MN e-mail
2007 Annual Fund Chair Travis Michelson Willmar MN e-mail
2007 Reunion Chair Erica Brown Ramer Plymouth MN e-mail
2007 Communication Chair Ben Richter Chanhassen MN e-mail
2008 Reunion Chair Erin Larson Bang Lakeville MN e-mail
2008 President Donny Bechtle Rochester MN e-mail
2008 Recruitment Chair Adam Eckhardt Minneapolis MN e-mail
2008 Annual Fund Chair John Michaletz Minneapolis MN e-mail
2008 Communication Chair Katelyn Nelson Eden Prairie MN e-mail
2008 Recruitment Chair Ben Ollila Circle Pines MN e-mail
2009 Reunion Chair Chris Edelbrock Seattle WA e-mail
2009 President Shawn Grygo Roseville MN e-mail
2009 Communication Chair Maggie Hedlund Shakopee MN e-mail
2009 Recruitment Chair Nicole Parris Jacobs Yuma AZ e-mail
2010 President Mariah Bierl Minneapolis MN e-mail
2010 Communication Chair Cathryn Nelson Breutzmann Omaha NE e-mail
2010 Communication Chair Jenny Broman Bloomington MN e-mail
2010 Annual Fund Chair Sara Schnell Elenkiwich Minneapolis MN e-mail
2010 Communication Chair Derek Holm Saint Paul MN e-mail
2010 Annual Fund Chair Matt Olson Minneapolis MN e-mail
2010 Recruitment Chair Matt Schueffner Saint Paul MN e-mail
2010 Reunion Chair Alison Utke St. Louis Park MN e-mail
2011 Communication Chair Haley Carpenter Ashburnham MA e-mail
2011 Annual Fund Chair Phil Helt Grain Valley MO e-mail
2011 Reunion Chair Bergit Nerheim Minnetrista MN e-mail
2011 Communication Chair Jackie Schwerm Shoreview MN e-mail
2011 President Emma Strand e-mail
2011 Recruitment Chair Emily Thayer Saint Peter MN e-mail
2011 Recruitment Chair Justin VerMeer Minneapolis MN e-mail
2012 Recruitment Chair Katie Conroy Minnetonka MN e-mail
2012 Communication Chair Chris Duhaime Shakopee MN e-mail
2012 President Jen Fox Saint Paul MN e-mail
2012 Reunion Chair Lisa Klass Richfield MN e-mail
2012 Annual Fund Chair Anna Swenson Lincoln NE e-mail
2012 Reunion Chair Matthew Wasson Edina MN e-mail
2013 Annual Fund Chair Nicole Amegashie Brooklyn Park MN e-mail
2013 Reunion Chair Katie Batz Bloomington MN e-mail
2013 Recruitment Chair Laura Grossmann Minnetonka MN e-mail
2013 President Karla Leitzman Saint Paul MN e-mail
2013 Reunion Chair Tam Meuwissen Ithaca NY e-mail
2013 President Ben Miller Coon Rapids MN e-mail
2013 Communication Chair Tyler Mulcahey Minneapolis MN e-mail
2013 Recruitment Chair Beth (Elizabeth) Schmidt MN e-mail
2013 Annual Fund Chair Laura Schnell Corcoran MN e-mail
2013 Communication Chair Sarah Strand Woodbury MN e-mail