Alumni Association Board of Directors

The 21 plus member Board of Directors establishes policy and reviews and critiques programs and activities conducted by the Alumni Relations staff that support the mission of the association and the College. The Board determines Association awards, selects new board members, and considers any other matters which need formal approval.

Board Selection

New board members shall be elected by a majority vote of existing Board members. All efforts will be made to have the Alumni Board be representative of the Alumni Association in class year, vocation, gender, and residence.

Board Expectations

Board members serve a three-year term with the option of serving a second term. Members are expected to:

  • Talk about Gustavus at every available opportunity.
  • Encourage high school students to look at Gustavus.
  • Talk with other alumni about past, present, and future positive Gustavus experiences and ways they can be involved.
  • Be enthusiastic supporters of Gustavus.
  • Set an example to consistently support the College financially and with service, especially during the board term.

Standing committees of the Alumni Board are Classes, Communication, Emeritus, Executive, Nominating, Recognition and Students. Current President of the Board is Chris Rasmussen '88. View past Board presidents and past board members.

Current Board Members
Photo Class Year First Name Maiden Last Name City State
1975 Catherine Asta Edina MN
2000 Jean-Paul Bigirindavyi Saint Louis Park MN
1997 Kara Buckner Saint Louis Park MN
1962 Sandra Luedtke Buendorf Saint Peter MN
1969 Mike Bussey Wheaton IL
1981 Edward Drenttel Inver Grove MN
1989 Mike "Duebs" Dueber Saint Paul MN
2008 Adam Eckhardt Minneapolis MN
1997 Theresa Gienapp Saint Paul MN
1994 Derek Hansen Minnetonka MN
1989 Keith Jackson Minneapolis MN
1976 Stephanie Kendall Minneapolis MN
1984 Damon Larson Parker CO
1969 Jane Norman Leitzman Saint Joseph MN
1976 Ginny Kirkegaard Leppart Eden Prairie MN
1984 Gordon Mansergh Decatur GA
1956 Kay Rethwill Moline Saint Peter MN
2004 Dan Myers Minneapolis MN
1995 Brian Norelius Lindstrom MN
2010 Matt Olson Minneapolis MN
1988 Chris Rasmussen Berwyn Heights MD
1964 Sharon Peterson Robinson Kasota MN
1993 Paul Schiminsky Las Vegas NV
2009 Marisa Schloer Savage MN
1985 Scott Swanson Edina MN
1995 Sara Tollefson Tollefson Currell Saint Paul MN
2012 Matthew Wasson Edina MN
1986 Kristin Johns Young The Woodlands TX

Ex Officio to the Board of Trustees/Past President: Jeff Heggedahl '87

Emeritus Member: Moose Malmquist ’53

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