Alumni Association


The mission of the Alumni Association is to facilitate among former students lifelong relationships with Gustavus and with each other that will enable alumni to actively advance and participate in the mission of the College.

Alumni Association Volunteers

Many alumni volunteer in numerous ways each year for Gustavus. Some are one-time or short-term engagements like hosting a gathering or speaking to students on campus, while others are longer-term commitments.  

The main volunteer groups managed by the Alumni Association staff are:

Alumni Association Awards

The Alumni Association is also pleased to annually honor remarkable individuals in the Gustavus family through the following awards.   

  • First Decade Award - for early professional achievement  
  • Distinguished Alumni Citation - for outstanding and exceptional professional achievement, such as to bring unusual honor to the individual in his or her field of endeavor.  
  • Greater Gustavus Award - is the highest award given by the Gustavus Alumni Association. It is awarded to those "who by deed, have notably advanced and aided Gustavus Adolphus College."  
Name Title Phone
Glen Lloyd Director 507-933-6517
Robyn Rost Assistant Director, Reunion Giving 507-933-6514
Ben Smith ’08 Assistant Director of Alumni and Parent Engagement 507-933-7595
Maggie Hedlund ’09 Manager of the Gustavus Annual Fund 507-933-6513
Megan Myhre ’11 Alumni Engagement Coordinator 507-933-7701
Chris Duhaime ’12 Assistant Manager of the Gustavus Annual Fund 507-933-6519
Philly Kauffmann Administrative Assistant 507-933-7511
LuAnn Schloesser Administrative Assistant 507-933-6664

Contact Information

800-487-8437 800 West College Avenue St. Peter, MN  56082 Fax: 507-933-6270