Accessibility Resources

If you wish to receive services through Accessibility Resources, here is what you can expect from us and what we expect from you:

Student Responsibilities Accessibility Resources Staff Responsibilities
To receive assistance through Accessibility Resources, students must identify themselves by making an appointment with our staff. Call 507-933-7227 or stop by the Center for Academic Resources and Enhancement located in 107 Anderson Hall to make an appointment. Develop personalized accommodations based on student needs as determined through self-report and documentation if applicable.
Provide information about how your academic performance is impacted by your disability. Also bring any supporting medical or educational (IEP, 504 plan) documentation. Keep information about you confidential. We have the right to disclose information with faculty and administrative offices on a need-to-know basis only. You may also sign a consent to allow Accessibility Resources staff to communicate with other professionals.
Be open to diagnostic testing/assessment for disability if more information is needed. Refer student for diagnostic testing/assessment if more information is needed.
Follow procedures for using accommodations. Inform students of procedures for using accommodations.
Keep Accessibility Resources staff informed of changes to your needs to ensure appropriate accommodations. Alter accommodations and services to students as needs changes.
Communicate with professors regarding your accommodations and learning needs as soon as possible, preferably during the first week of the semester or after making an initial appointment with Accessibility Resources. Engage in ongoing self-advocacy. Model and teach self-advocacy skills as necessary.
Meet institutional and program standards. Inform student of academic policies and standards that apply to them.