Checklist for Requesting Accommodations for a Disability

  • Send documentation of your disability to the Academic Support Center.  See Guidelines for Documentation of a Disability to understand what constitutes appropriate documentation.
  • Fill out a Registration for Services Form, available from the Academic Support Center, and then meet with the Disability Services Coordinator to discuss accommodations.
  • Make your request for accommodation known to the Disability Services Coordinator in a timely manner, preferably within the first two weeks of a semester, or first three days of a January Term.  If requesting accommodations that require time to prepare, such as hiring of sign language interpreters, or arranging audio-books, request the accommodation with appropriate advanced notice.
  • Sign a Release of Information Form, available in the Academic Support Center, for accommodations that require disclosing a disability to a faculty member, college administrator, another student, or outside contractor.
  • At least three (3) days prior to a test that is to be taken in the Academic Support Center, schedule and confirm the test.  Also arrange for any special equipment needed during the test such as computers, slide projectors, graphing calculators, etc.

Gustavus requests that documentation of a disability is submitted in a timely manner. Two weeks prior to registering for the first semester of classes is the ideal time to submit such information to the Academic Support Center.  The Academic Support Center understands that some individuals may be first identified as having a disability during their college career.  Gustavus will do its best to accommodate needs mid-semester.