Sheng-Ping Yang, PhD

Sheng-Ping Yang, PhD

Professor of Economics, Marcia Page and John Huepenbecker Endowed Professor in International Business and Entrepreneurship

What are your areas of research and teaching expertise?

As an economist in the fields of Industrial Organization, Investments, and Applied Econometrics, my research has been mostly focused on the empirical analysis of strategic behavior and market dominance, capital market efficiency, and behavioral economics. The main topics of my publications vary widely and interdisciplinarily, including empirical analysis of asset pricing, structure-conduct-performance paradigm, student ethic awareness, efficiency wage theory, and selectivity bias in survey estimates. My current research is about investigating the short-run and long-run dynamics between exchange rates and stock prices and the path through which monetary policy shocks impact on these markets in small open economies.

What is your teaching style?

Throughout my twenty years of teaching, I developed the perspective that my job as a college professor is not only a way of imparting knowledge to students but also a commitment to inspire them through mentoring and career exploration. I aim to prepare students to become productive and dedicated citizens, and I believe the most important principle of effective teaching in economics is to help students develop an economic way of thinking and use their economic insights to deal with issues and challenges. My mission as a teacher is to equip students with a professional manner and knowledge, allowing them to accomplish their career goals and become valuable members of society. Ultimately, the core of my teaching philosophy is engaging students with critical ideas and guiding them to understand matters of rigor, relevance, and relationship.

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Describe your "lightbulb moment."

Students often describe me as energetic in teaching and knowledgeable in the topic I teach. When teaching, I often find myself eager to communicate my own enthusiasm on the subject to students. I attempt to demonstrate to students the value of learning the materials and encourage students to question and develop their critical thinking on the subject. I always find a way to generate enthusiasm in the class by making connections to the real world that students are longing for and allowing students to use their growing competence on the subject.

What do you enjoy outside the classroom?

Thirty minutes of daily exercise, including running and weightlifting, is a way that I relieve my stress at work. I enjoy going to my son's soccer games and spending time with family. I enjoy interacting with students and being involved in student organizations. I founded the Finance Club in 2013 and have been its advisor since then. Over the past five years, the club has hosted annual banquets, speaker panels, and events to promote financial education to students. As an advisor of the club, I coordinated a campus-wide Study on Collegiate Financial Wellness (SCFW), which is a national survey of college students examining financial attitudes, practices, and knowledge. I also offer advice and consultation to the investment club on a regular basis and coordinate the stock market game competition for the club every year.

Do you have an academic mentor?

Dr. David I. Rosenbaum, who is my PhD advisor, not only prepared me for research but also inspired me to become a great college professor. His personal understanding and patience, as well as his professional insight and ability, formed the foundation of my academic career.