The Three Crowns Curriculum

Asking the big questions—together.

The Three Crowns Curriculum (or 3CC) is a unique way to fulfill general education requirements at Gustavus. Through it, a select group of students complete their gen eds through a sequence of interdisciplinary courses designed to bring them together each semester. A deep sense of group interconnectedness forms quickly among Three Crowns students, and—according to our alumni—lasts a lifetime.

3CC begins with “CUR 100: Transformations, Values, and Identity,” taught by full-time faculty who also serve as first-year academic advisors, and mentors throughout a student’s time at Gustavus. It culminates in the Three Crowns Seminar, which brings your learning community of 3CC peers together one more time to reflect on your own ethical and intellectual development.

3CC emphasizes connections between disciplines and ideas, past and present, learning and life, students and faculty, and between students themselves.

A theme of “the individual and community” is seen throughout as students examine the artistic, literary, religious, philosophical, and scientific heritage of the Western tradition within a global perspective. Together students consider the “big questions,” such as:

Three Crowns courses are small and discussion oriented. Field trips and retreats enrich a sense of belonging in each 3CC learning community. Faculty participate in off-campus events, giving students a chance to know professors informally. These shared experiences deepen the discussions and examination of values and ideas emphasized in 3CC classes.

Three Crowns courses and opportunities are only open to 3CC students. The program is available to any entering first-year student in any field of study, but limited to 60 students per entering class.