The French Major

It is required to take FRE-251 and seven other courses numbered above it, approved by the adviser from French offerings. Courses must be graded C or higher to fulfill the requirements for the major. In addition, the last semester before their graduation, majors must register for FRE-099 and must work on their senior protfolio. The senior protfolio is a final semester-long project, for which students write a series of relfective papers and other activies that will evidence the student's competency in the following areas: (a) Aural Comprehension; (b) Speaking; (c) Writing; (d) Literatures; (e) Culture. Since the portfolio includes a collection of selected papers/exams completed in courses for the major, students in courses numbered 252 and above are strongly advised to save all papers and exams for this courses. Students will be provided with details about the portfolio process upon declaring the major, which sould be done no later than the first semester or the junior year.