Errata for Operating Systems and Middleware

This web page lists errors that have been discovered in the first edition of Operating Systems and Middleware: Supporting Controlled Interaction, by Max Hailperin. (Please see the main page for information on the revised edition.) Please report any additional errors to the author at Other comments are also welcome.

The errata are listed below in order of page number.

When a line number is negative, it means to count lines up from the bottom of the page. Line numbers do not count the header (or footer) line containing the page number. Other than that, all textual lines are counted, even if they are tables, figure captions, section headings, or textual lines that contain graphical images. Any graphical image not contained in a textual line is not counted, even if the image contains text within it.

Many thanks to everyone who has reported errors. Dan Zingaro deserves to be singled out for special recognition. Thanks!
xv-11Replace "arms length" by "arm's length".2011-08-08
18-3 to -1Replace the last two sentences by "The full text is available on their web site."2009-07-31
2323Replace signal.h by unistd.h2007-09-14
36-5Replace pthread_kill by pthread_cancel.2010-04-27
45-5Replace "perfomance" by "performance".2010-05-23
49-11Replace "situtations" by "situations".2010-05-23
50-16Replace "(such as Linux supports)" by "(which Linux uses unless the the group scheduling feature introduced in version 2.6.24 is enabled)."2009-09-11
54-3Replace "feasibilty" by "feasibility".2010-05-27
56-11Replace "priorites" by "priorities".2010-05-27
647Replace "staightforward" by "straightforward".2008-04-12
67-1Replace "occuring" by "occurring".2010-11-14
6919Replace "a least" by "at least".2010-05-27
6926Replace "programing" by "programming".2010-05-27
11710Replace "is deadlocked" by "contains a deadlock".2009-09-27
136-6 to -1Windows Vista introduced Transactional NTFS (TxF), which obsoletes this information, even ignoring research prototypes.2009-09-28
1629-10Replace the options by data=journal, data=ordered, and data=writeback2007-09-27
170-1Insert "areas" after "memory".2010-12-10
196-17Insert "frame" after "physical page".2010-12-12
2013Replace "worth" by "justified by".2010-12-12
205-10Replace "suggest" by "suggests".2010-11-29
207-4Replace "process's" by "processes'".2007-10-13
207-1Replace "decide" by "decides".2010-08-23
210-8Replace "member" by "members".2010-11-29
227-3Replace "this program" by "the launcher program".2010-12-04
230-8Insert "the" between "without" and "ability".2010-08-23
239-15Replace "that fact" by "the fact".2010-08-23
293-3Replace "the data blocks" by "data blocks".2010-12-31
295-20Replace "eventally" by "eventually".2010-08-23
29910Replace "nodes" by "entries".2010-12-31
3043Replace "unique" by "single".2009-11-03
305-1Replace "unique" by "single".2009-11-03
31212Replace "systems" by "systems'".2010-12-25
312-13An important example of a shadow-paging filesystem was overlooked: ZFS.2007-06-25
330-16Replace "network" by "Internet".2011-01-01
364-6Replace "any one" by "anyone".2011-01-01
367-10&-16Replace "ethereal" by "wireshark".2008-07-22
368-3Replace "corrections" by "correction".2011-01-01
373-7Replace "method" by "message".2011-01-06
37618Replace "Inter-Orb" by "Inter-ORB".2011-01-04
38715-16Replace "two ACLs with each topic in the hierarchy: one specifying the users or groups that may publish, and the other specifying"
by "an ACL with each topic in the hierarchy; the ACL specifies the users or groups that may publish and".
38717Replace "security" by "protection".2011-01-06
390-9Replace "arms-length" by "arm's-length".2011-08-08
39411Replace "ethereal" by "wireshark".2011-01-04
400-1Replace "can not" by "cannot".2011-01-06
40311Replace "other than" by "that runs without".2011-01-08
4095Replace "is above" by "dominates".2011-01-08
4362Replace "High performance" by "High-performance".2011-01-09
43717Insert comma after "USENIX".2011-01-09
44020Insert space between "D." and "H.".2011-01-09
441-3Insert "u" between "Rag" and "nathan". (This also means bibliography items 115 and 116 are in reversed alphabetical order.)2006-08-20