Java in Operating Systems Courses

Note: This web page made sense in the early days of Java, when several of us were struggling with how to use it in OS courses. At this point, Java is mainstream and this web page is an anachronism. Moreover, the contents of this page have become extremely dated; the last addition was made in December of 2004, but before that the next most recent was one in November of 2001, and before that nothing since May of 1997. This is because people stopped sending me things to add. Given that the premise of the page is anachronistic, that makes sense.

This is a list of resources for using the Java programming language in courses on operating systems principles. There are four main approaches I know of to using Java in such a course:

Given this variety of options, I expect the below list of resources to grow; please send me email if you have something I could add.

Enough preliminaries, here are the resources I know of so far:

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