Directions to Max Hailperin's house from campus

Walking, by a nearly straight path

  1. Take the path between Norelius and the guest house, leading to the back (loading dock) driveway of Norelius. Follow that driveway to Capitol Drive.
  2. Turn left from the driveway to Capitol Drive and follow it across Grace Street to the high school.
  3. You've arrived at a dead-end driveway at the uphill part of the high school; go just far enough downhill on Grace Street to reach the main through driveway at the base of the high school, which goes by the name of Lincoln Drive.
  4. Take that driveway (Lincoln Drive) along the base of the school to Broadway, and cross Broadway.
  5. On the far side of Broadway, there is a footpath that continues more or less in the direction you've been heading; take it.
  6. After going straight along the footpath for a couple blocks, it will stop being a footpath and start being 9th Street. Keep going straight (north) on 9th.
  7. When you see North Intermediate School on your right hand side, you know you are almost there. At the end of North Intermediate, you cross Traverse Rd. Our house is on the far side of Traverse Rd., on the right of the intersection, at 825 W. Traverse Rd. It is a fake colonial with some white columns and an area of red brick.

Driving, by the main roads

  1. Leave campus by the north exit (near track and Norelius).
  2. Turn left from the exit road onto Sunrise Dr., northbound.
  3. At the second stop sign, turn right from Sunrise onto Traverse Rd. (Additional landmark: First Lutheran Church will be on your right.)
  4. Immediately after the next stop sign on Traverse, our house is on the left, at 825 W. Traverse Rd. It is a fake colonial with some white columns and some red brick.

In either case

Call 507-931-2072 if you have any trouble.